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Gemstone Meanings

Gemstone Meanings

If you’ve ever seen someone’s home, desk, or any other personal space decorated in gemstones and crystals, you’ve probably wondered what the significance of it all is. They’re just rocks right? Actually, gemstones can have significant meanings, radiate positive energy, and can even have healing properties! For those who want to take that positive energy around with them wherever they go, they might wear a gemstone necklace, bracelet or earrings!  Before you decide what gemstones to wear or decorate your space with, you’ll have to decide what kind of benefits and energies you want. Here we’ve listed some of our favorite gemstones to get you started and what they can do…


What does Amethyst mean?

gemstone meanings


If you’re a February baby, then your birthstone is purple amethyst! Amethyst’s beautiful purple color made it a luxury stone in ancient times, as purple has long been the color of nobility and royalty. Because of its connection to royalty, Amethyst can be a great stone to keep around to promote wealth and prosperity. It is the stone of sobriety, or rather, a clear head. Ancient Roman’s would wear or have their valuables decorated in amethyst to prevent intoxication while drinking and to keep focus. 

Nowadays, keeping hold of amethyst or wearing amethyst jewelry can stimulate intellect and clear the mind. Amethyst has been known for its ability to promote critical thinking and help wearers to more properly analyze their problems or fears. 

Amethyst is a great problem solving stone, and overall a great healer for anxiety and irrational worry. It can also promote communication and and reignite passions lost in relationships. Amethyst is also a great healing stone for heartbreak. 

For best results with Amethyst, it is good to wear Amethyst jewelry close to the head as it is connected to your crown chakra. Headbands, hair clips, earrings, and such.

For clarity of mind, choose Amethyst!

Similar Stone: Sapphire


 What does Garnet mean?

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If you have a birthday in January, Garnet is your birthstone. Garnet has a variety of shades, most commonly red but can also appear purple in color. Garnet is a healing stone, said to clear the body of toxins or clear the mind of negative thoughts. Garnet is a good stone for promoting spiritual balance as well, overall able to cleanse the body, mind and spirit of any unwanted feelings or energies. 

It is said to be a very passionate stone, able to spark romance and boost sexuality in relationships. It can also open your mind up to long lasting love if you’re on the fence about diving into the dating pool and give you just the right push you need. 

Garnet can also help increase your confidence and help you achieve your goals. For those nervous about taking on new tasks or asking for a well deserved raise, it's a great tool to have on hand.  

For best results with Garnet, wear it as a pendant right above your heart as it is most recognized as a love stone.

For romance, confidence and spiritual, mental and physical healing, Garnet is the stone of choice.

Similar Stone: Ruby 


What does Jade mean?

gemstone meanings


The Jade stone is easily recognizable in Eastern culture and for it’s lovely green color. Jade is commonly worn or turned into sacred statues due to its promotion of balance and harmony. Jade is a gemstone of tranquility and can help balance out any contradicting feelings you may have. 

Jade is said to boost ambition and confidence. If you’re in a slump or lacking the confidence to fulfill your dreams or accomplish goals, Jade is a great stone to give you the jolt of energy you need.

Naturally, with its lucky green color, Jade has been used to promote wealth, particularly for those with financial problems like debt or poverty, or simply just for an increase.

For love and relationships, Jade will bring underlying conflicts to the surface and help you to find the resolutions you need to solve them. Jade can also quell any self sabotaging fears you have about your relationships and help you to relax and better focus on the here and now. It also boosts love and generosity with your partner.

For best results with Jade, it is good to keep it as a placeholder in your home. Place jade near some candles in a quiet space in your home and even surround it in coins to promote prosperity. It is said that if you place Jade in the south east part of a room it can aid relationships. Jade is commonly seen as a bracelet. Wear Jade to keep your mind, spirit and emotions balanced.

For balance and harmony, Jade is the stone for you!

Similar Stone: Citrine


What does Lapis Lazuli mean?

gemstone meanings


Lapis Lazuli is famously known for its beautiful blue color. It was the choice gem of the ancient Egyptians, and has been used as a healing and protection stone for centuries. Today, it is still considered a great protector of physical harm or other negative attacks, be it illness or maybe an unwanted conflict.

Lapis Lazuli is a good stone for staying sharp, problem solving, and staying on task. On days where you feel like the world is too loud and you can’t seem to get anything done, Lapis Lazuli is the stone to turn to to get your mind right. People who get easily overwhelmed by emotion can find great use in this stone too!

Lapis Lazuli is good at clearing space for more positive thoughts and feelings. With this stone you can remove all that negative clutter and make room for more of what you want in your life. Additionally, with all this extra space, Lapis Lazuli can give you more of an open mind to new ideas, making you more eager to try new things!

This stone promotes confidence and can make your aura more attractive to those around you. If you’re looking for love, this can be a very beneficial stone for you as it acts like a beacon to those who would be great potential suitors. Additionally, it can bring more like minded people into your circle with your magnetic personality. Ultimately when it comes to love and friendships, Lapis Lazuli works as an attraction stone.

Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone to keep with you if you’re bad with words or not the greatest at winning people over. It can give you the confidence you need to showcase that dazzling personality you’ve been hiding!

For best results with Lapis Lazuli, wear it as a necklace over your heart or as a choker close to your throat to open your throat chakra to make everything you say be just what you need to succeed in your job, relationships, or anything else you wish to accomplish.

Bring the things you want to you and know just what to say with Lapis Lazuli!

Similar Stone: Topaz


What does Moonstone mean?

gemstone meanings


Bring out your inner goddess with Moonstone! Named because of its pearlescent appearance and connection to the moon and the sea. People use Moonstone to give themselves self empowerment and balance. Moonstone is a great confidence stone, great for increasing your charisma, boosting sensuality, and strengthening courage. 

When researching Moonstone, you’ve probably seen a lot about the “inner goddess”. This is basically your true innermost self that Moonstone helps to bring out. Think of this like an alter ego, except that it’s who you truly are. Your most intellectual, confident, radiant, positive self. With Moonstone, you can draw out your inner light and bring it out into your daily life. 

Moonstone is a beneficial feminine stone. It’s great for balancing hormones and supposedly good at aiding with things like puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. In addition, Moonstone is also said to bring out your inner goddess as it pertains to relationships. Boosting sensuality and romance with your glowing aura. Ultimately making you feel more beautiful and radiant. 

Wearers of Moonstone can also expect to feel a lot more relaxed when it comes to day to day life, as Moonstone promotes release and simply just going with the flow. Think of life as the ocean, ebbing and flowing as the moon sees fit and keeping everything harmonious and balanced.

For best results with Moonstone, wear it as a pendant around your neck to showcase your inner glow and always feel like your most confident, radiant self.

To bring out your inner goddess and radiate confidence and sensuality, wear Moonstone!

Similar Stone: Phantom Quartz


What does Opal mean?

gemstone meanings


Opal is such a unique stone, with its pearlescent surface and dancing rainbow hues. Very popular in jewelry nowadays, Opal actually used to be a very controversial stone said to bring bad luck, and for the longest time the Opal industry crashed due to this ongoing spectacle that Opal was bad for you. Things turned around for Opal when the Australians introduced black Opal, making it popular once again. In the middle ages, women desired Opal jewelry because they believed it would keep their hair from fading or falling out. 

Opal is said to be a stone of devotion, love, and fidelity. A great stone to give a significant other. It’s a very emotional stone and can boost romance, sensuality, and desire. It’s been known to intensify feelings or love or sexuality and release inhibitions. 

Opal is often referred to as the “eye stone”. Since it sparkles so brilliantly, it is said that it can aid in matters of eyesight or, helping to see things more clearly, potentially opening up your third eye.

Black Opal is known for helping those who wear it to face fears or overcome anxieties. It’s a great stone to keep around if you are a person plagued with worry or irrational fears. Black Opal helps to dispel you of your worry and eliminate negative energies.

Because Opal reflects light, it is said that Opal is the perfect stone to bring positivity into an otherwise dark world. Those that suffer from depression, anger, or heartbreak can benefit greatly from keeping Opal around as a guiding light. Since it is a reflective stone, it is also a karmic stone, meaning that what you put out into the world will come back to you. So keep this in mind when working with Opal!

For best results with Opal, wear it as a ring on the middle finger of your right hand. This will make it easily accessible to stare into if you wish to access your third eye and cleanse your mind. 

For a stone that will lighten up your life and open up your mind, bring Opal into your life!

Similar Stone: Carnelian


What does Peridot mean?

gemstone meanings


Peridot is commonly known as the birthstone for August. Unlike the deep green hue of Emerald, Peridot is a lighter, brighter green shade that is very popular in modern jewelry. Aside from being a pretty green gem, Peridot has very strong celestial connections. In ancient Egypt, Peridot was a very popular gem amongst the Pharaohs, and was sought after for its healing and protective value. The Egyptians believed the sun gave the Peridot stone its healing energy and held it in high esteem. Consequently, August’s horoscope sign is Leo, a sun sign!

Because of Peridot’s connection to sunlight, it is referred to as a warm and sunny stone, full of positivity and light. It promotes confidence and bravery and can make your aura brighter and more welcoming. It’s predominant colors are green with yellow hues which is known to open you up to light, warmth and positivity. 

Peridot has been known to aid sleep, calm tension, suppress overthinking and worry. As well as help stop vicious, toxic cycles such as self sabotage or self destructive behaviour. Peridot is said to also aid in healing or detaching oneself from bad relationships whether it be family, friends, or a lover. Peridot is a great emotional healer. So much of what goes on in our brains can affect our day to day lives making us depressed, moody, sluggish, and discouraged. This stone helps to shine a light on the darkness we have enveloped ourselves in and furthermore helps us pull ourselves out. 

As far as chakras are concerned, Peridot is great for the heart chakra (your emotions) and the solar plexus chakra (your center energy). The heart chakra is located in the chest while the solar plexus chakra is located below the sternum and above the naval. It only makes sense that peridot, being a sun stone, would aid in boosting your solar plexus chakra, as it induces positive energy and warmth. Your solar plexus chakra is activated in moments when you need to be brave and exert self control. Thusly, if you feel like this chakra is blocked and you have trouble being more assertive, Peridot is a great stone to have!

For best results with Peridot, wear as a pendant above your heart or a longer necklace having it fall right above your naval where your center energy is held. If you have a belly button piercing, looking for jewelry with Peridot can also be beneficial.

Boost your center energy and find your inner strength with Peridot!  

Similar Stone: Sunshine Aura Quartz


What does Rose Quartz mean?

gemstone meanings


Undoubtedly the most popular gemstone as of recently. You can find Rose Quartz jewelry, stones, and other merchandise just about everywhere now. However, that doesn’t diminish its significance and healing properties.

The Rose Quartz gemstone is best known as the “Love Stone”. Partially for its soft pink color but mostly because of its ability to open the heart and throat chakra, as well as promote wellness in romantic, platonic, unconditional and self love. Having this stone on hand will bring loving energy into your aura and you’ll feel it everywhere you go. 

This stone is perfect for those who struggle with self love and insecurity. Rose Quartz helps to open your mind to the great things about you and to do away with the negative thoughts that trouble you and make you self destructive. 

For romance, Rose Quartz is said to be an aphrodisiac and give your love life an exciting boost! If your love life is getting stale or you’re losing the spark you once had with your partner, Rose Quartz is an excellent way to bring back that passionate energy and spice things up again! It can also stimulate emotional growth, dispel negativity and worry, and replace bad feelings with positivity and love. You’ll notice you are becoming more calm and balanced in your relationship and more focused on love than any irrational fears or arguments. 

This stone helps with matters of the heart both emotionally and literally. It has been said that this gemstone can aid in heart health and combat the things interfering with it such as depression. Rose Quartz is also said to be a great bonding gem for expectant mother and can continue to promote a healthy infancy after the baby is born. For heartbreak both romantic and otherwise, Rose Quartz is great for soothing the emotions that are plaguing you during this difficult time.

For best results, place Rose Quartz all around you, in your house, in your work space and close to your heart. Wear as a pendant near your heart chakra to carry its loving energy everywhere you go.

For romance and overall good feelings, leave it to Rose Quartz!

Similar Stone: Angel Aura Quartz


gemstone meanings

There are many more stones to explore and more many more meanings to discover! What gemstones would you like to see on our next list? Let us know in the comments below!

  • August 23, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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