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Gemstone Meanings (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby & More!)

Gemstone Meanings (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby & More!)

We’re back with more gemstones and their symbolisms! With all the gemstones in the world, we couldn’t just stop at one article! As we explained in Gemstone Meanings pt. 1, each gemstone has its own unique deeper meaning and healing properties. While some gemstones may be similar, there are different variations on what they represent and what they can do. Here we’ve listed more gemstones for you to uncover to help you decide what type of stone will be best for you. Whether it's to be worn or displayed in your home or work space, these gemstones are not only meaningful, but beautiful too!


 What does Emerald mean?

gemstone meanings


For all our May babies out there, this gemstone is for you! Emerald is a widely popular gemstone known for its stunning green shade and iconic cut for engagement rings. In The Wizard of Oz, it was the Emerald City that everyone wanted to go to. Emerald’s appearance dates back to as early as 4000 BC and was worshipped by the ancient Incas. Emerald’s hold value in the bible, in the Islamic faith, the Hindu faith, with the ancient Egyptians, and the Romans. Emerald’s were believed to have good luck, reveal truth, promote fidelity, increase love and devotion, and represented fertility and rebirth.

Emerald’s have long been a stone of glamour with royalty and celebrities. Cleopatra had her own emerald mine, Marlene Dietrich was a repeat wearer of the stone, our favorite jewelry icon- Elizabeth Taylor- was given many different emerald pieces by her lover Richard Burton, Grace Kelly’s engagement ring was that of an emerald cut diamond, and even Jackie Kennedy wore a glamourous emerald ring.

Today, the emerald is not only a gorgeous stone to be worn as jewelry, but also can have significant benefits to your health and wellness. Emerald has been said to be a heart stone, or rather it is a strong protector of it. It can open your heart chakra and make you more susceptible to receiving or giving love. In this way, emerald can be beneficial in relationships, dispelling suspicion, paranoia and negative feelings towards your partner, allowing you to focus less on any fabricated doom and open up those good, loving feelings. Emerald’s can also help soothe heartbreak over a failed relationship, or help you cope over the loss of a loved one.  

Emerald’s promote truth and wisdom, giving you the sight to really evaluate any troublesome situations with clarity and seeking the truth you need. This can apply to a lot of things: a romantic relationship on the rocks, tension in the workplace, bad blood between friends or a family member, etc… 

The stone is great for self love and creativity. When you’ve lost your sense of self, are going through a depressive time, or are lacking creative flow, emerald’s can give you the boost you need. An emerald can help lift you up and spark your mind with creativity and desire for activity. With its connection to the heart chakra, the emerald with open your heart to recognizing your talents and see yourself as someone you admire. It helps stimulate your personal growth to help you find yourself and be set forth on the right path.

Emerald’s are the perfect stone for self love, romantic or unconditional love, and growth whether it be personal or in another matter. For best results, wear emerald over your heart to access your heart chakra and open yourself up to receiving and returning loving feelings to the world. 

Similar Stone: Rose Quartz


 What does Sapphire mean?

gemstone meanings


Those born in September will know sapphire all too well as it is their birthstone! Sapphire’s name of origin translated literally means “blue stone”. Sapphire was highly regarded in ancient times, being worn as a talisman of protection and used as a healer or preventative of poisons. Some historians have even claimed that the Ten Commandments were inscribed on slates of sapphire and not stone. Sapphire has always been a gemstone of royalty worn throughout the ages, from the rulers of ancient Greece, to Princess Diana of Wales in the eighties. Sapphire since has become a very popular choice for engagement rings.

Surprisingly not all sapphires are blue, it just has always been the association. Other colors sapphire can appear as are: blue, pink, green, black, yellow, orange and purple. It is important to note that sapphires do not come in red. Rubies are almost completely similar they are also stones from the Beryl family, but the red color is what sets them apart.

Sapphire, above all, is a protection stone. It will keep you safe from attacks on your emotions, your credibility and reputation, your spiritual energy, and occasionally physical ailments. 

Sapphire has been known to be a confidence booster, making you a better speaker and making you more influential to the people around you. You’ll know what to say and the perfect time to say it to make any situation a more positive one. Your increased influence will make you more desirable to be around, bringing people with likened energies and interests in your field and putting you on the path to successful business, relationships, and friendships.

Sapphire instills self control and a sense of insightfulness. Sapphire will keep you calm and protect you from any impulsive decisions that will affect you negatively. With the insightfulness sapphire inspires, you’ll have a better sense of who you are and what you want to be so you can better focus on accomplishing your goals. Being more insightful also makes you more receptive to others intentions and emotions, making it easier to understand people. 

Sapphire can make you more vulnerable and honest, in the sense that you are more of an open book to those around you and have no hidden agendas buried within. You’ll be more straightforward with what you want, making these things easier to gain instead of wasting time hoping for change. Sapphire will inspire you to be more honest with your feelings and opinions so that others will better understand you and know what your intentions are. 

For best results, keep a sapphire crystal displayed prominently in your home or any place you’d like to feel its energy. Alternatively, sapphire can be worn as any form of jewelry or be kept on your person for safe keeping. 

Feel like the world is your candy store and nothing can keep you down with sapphire!

Similar Stone: Amethyst


 What does Ruby mean?

gemstone meanings


Ruby is a very passionate gemstone. It’s fiery red color promotes romance, sexuality, confidence, power and high energy. The ruby has always been highly regarded since ancient times. In India, rubies were seen as a jewel of high social status and even broke down the clarity and color of rubies into class systems. In ancient China, wearing a ruby meant you were a high military rank or that you held high stature in nobility. Ruby is a stone referred to quite a bit in the bible. In 1939, the release of The Wizard of Oz spiked the interest in rubies due to the iconic ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in the film. 

Ruby is considered a high energy stone more than likely because of its rich red color. Ruby gets its name from the latin word, “ruber” which translated literally means red. Red is the color of love, anger, and passionate feelings, thusly, ruby represents emotions on extreme ends of the spectrum. Ruby is also associated with blood, fire, life force, vigor and courage. 

Ruby is a stone of the heart chakra, and an excellent energy booster. Rubies stimulate the heart chakra and can help balance the body and blood flow. The ruby gemstone can sharpen the mind and make you more motivated in reaching your goals or finishing projects. Ruby grants you energy and a zest for life. Rubies work on all extremes. In this case, being a positive energy booster to get you to where you want to be but may not have the physical or emotional energy to do. Ruby fills you with a lust for life that you were lacking and adds a spring in your step.

Ruby alongside being a heart chakra stone, is a very strong love stone, if not the most well known love stone. As aforementioned, rubies work in extremes, making ruby the perfect stone to wear or keep around for a spark in romance, rekindling a romance that has lost its fire, increasing sexual energy or desire, or bringing new romance after a despairing heartbreak. In fact, ruby is the gemstone of choice for both the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary gift!

Rubies have also been said to be a good shield stone. Like its sister the sapphire, a ruby can make an invisible force field protecting you from negative energy and unwanted conflicts. Some say ruby is a great stone to ward off evil spirits, prevent home invasions or fires and reduce nightmares. 

For best results with ruby, wear ruby over your heart to stimulate your heart chakra and watch the passion for love and life kick in.

For a stone that will ignite you, give your heart to rubies!

Similar Stone: Garnet


 What does Turquoise mean?

gemstone meanings


Turquoise is undoubtedly one of the oldest gemstones to date, with a long history of trade and spiritual use. It’s bright blue-green hue, opaque sheen and smooth touch has made it a long desired gem and a popular choice for jewelry in Native American and Southwestern culture. Turquoise was sought after by the Egyptians, Native Americans, Persians, Chinese, Aztecs and Incas for its power of protection, luck, wisdom and even immortality. Native Americans to this day use turquoise as a spiritual stone to protect burial grounds and call upon the spirits. They believe that wearing real true turquoise (not dyed Magnesite, a stone used to mimic Turquoise for jewelry sales) would make you one with the universe, calling it the universal stone.

Turquoise has always been a protective stone, used to keep good will amongst those who wear it, and protect them from harm. But turquoise is also a stone of tranquility and calming to those who wear or keep it around. Turquoise can heal the hearts of those who have otherwise been scorned. It is a great emotional healer. Turquoises tranquil blue color is easy on the eyes and mind which would make sense why people use it in times of stress or trouble. 

You could consider turquoise to be a cure all for spiritual healing, there’s really not an ailment that turquoise isn’t good for. The stone is also a great tool for guidance. Turquoise is recommended for those that have to make difficult decisions. If you’re running a business and you’re not sure if you should take certain risks, turquoise can make you see more clearly and evaluate your options better. It can calm the stress of big decision making and lead you in the right direction. 

Turquoise can make you reflect on who we are and the path we are following. Turquoise may bring out some unpleasant memories of bad decisions or regrets, but the healing stone helps you to take those choices and turn them into lessons and promote acceptance in the person you are today. In addition to self acceptance, it can also make you more forgiving when it comes to those who have wronged you, giving yourself the opportunity for clarity and peace by letting go of past pain. 

For best results with turquoise, wear as a ring, as prayer beads, or as a necklace and keep it close to you to begin your spiritual cleansing. 

For a clean slate and peace of mind, wear turquoise!


 What does Citrine mean?

gemstone meanings


Citrine is famously known for being a manifestation stone. Taking your best intentions and heart’s desires and transferring that energy into a citrine stone will help bring those things to you. Perhaps not always in the way you’d expect or immediately, but citrine can work as a positive magnet for bringing those things you long for most to you. Citrine is associated with the sun, therefore stimulating positive and happiness chakras, not too different from the properties of peridot. Citrine will take your negative energy and transform it into positive energy, rather than make an invisible force field to block the bad vibes around you, it takes the bad and works it into good.  

Citrine is a great positivity creator and success maker. Because Citrine is a manifestation stone above all else, it will bring the people, wealth, happiness and success you need. Because citrine brings forth all this wealth, prosperity and good fortune, it in turn will spark your generosity and make you more giving to those around you. 

As for interpersonal relationships, citrine is great for smoothing over conflicts or long drawn out bad blood. It helps heal with heartbreak and is a great reflector of those who intend to do you harm or betray you. Citrine takes any bad energy that has resulted from these and helps you to personally heal and find the right things to say if there is any space for redemption.

Citrine is pretty popular for its magnetism towards wealth. This is the stone people gravitate towards when they are looking for an increase in salary or just some good luck financially. Keep a small shard of citrine in your purse or wallet to bring financial abundance your way!

For best results with citrine, wear as a longer necklace near your core (happiness chakras), keep displayed somewhere in the home, or in your purse or wallet. You can even buy a small sachet to keep your citrine stone and mix in with spare change to get the money flowing!

Similar Stone: Peridot


What does Alexandrite mean?


gemstone meanings


If your birthday lands in June, Alexandrite is one of your two birthstones (Pearl also shares the June spot). Alexandrite is also the gemstone of the 55th anniversary! Alexandrite doesn’t have quite as long of a history like that of sapphire or ruby because it was only barely discovered in the 19th century by Russian miners. Alexandrite gets its name from Prince Alexander II of Russia. Alexandrite was the highest acclaimed stone in Russia at the time because of its ability to shine as both a red and green colored stone simultaneously (red and green being the military colors of the time). Alexandrite became popular in the states after Tiffany’s got their hands on it. Russians believed Alexandrite to be a stone of good omen, today it is seen as a manifester of love, good luck, and abundance. It is also believed to connect and balance the physical world and the astral world. 

Depending on what has been done to the stone and the lighting, alexandrite can appear as more red, more green or even purple.

Alexandrite stimulates the crown chakra, the seventh chakra located on the top of the head. The crown chakra is the top of the funnel so to speak, giving the other six chakras their shared energy. Because of its connection to the brain, Alexandrite helps boost creativity, intuition and imagination. 

The stone can also warm the hearts of those who have lost their joy and are either far too disciplined for their own good, or just lost their spark. But more importantly, it inspires you to take a look in the mirror and realize that you are your own source of happiness. Alexandrite is a hopeful stone, able to bring light into those who have lost their hearts to darkness. Additionally, this is a great stone for those suffering from loss of a loved one or heart break. Alexandrite can be very comforting in these times and be a great influencer of seeing life as glass half full. 

Perhaps we can see alexandrite’s dual colors as a symbol for prosperity from the universe and prosperity in oneself. This may be one of alexandrite’s greatest messages of all. The stone not only brings you the energy you need to achieve wealth and abundance but grants you the ability to pull out the confidence and charisma you have within yourself. The balance of the two will manifest the good luck and wealth you desire or at least give you the tools to achieve it.

Alexandrite is a great stone for those looking for romance, looking to boost romance in their current relationship, or find the light in their otherwise jaded hearts. Those who have faced infidelity or bad luck in relationships may become hardened over time and lose their trust in romantic relationships and turn away from them all together. Alexandrite can soften their hearts and make them open to loving again despite a troubled past. For married couples or long term relationships, alexandrite helps you to see both sides of the coin. For some of us, it's hard to understand the perspective of others and we need to take a moment to step outside of ourselves and into the shoes of the person we’re quarreling with. Alexandrite does just that, helps us see the other side of things so that we may better understand the person we’re having a conflict with and can perhaps come to an agreement. This also works in non romantic relationships as well. 

For best results with alexandrite, keep near you to use it as a calming support either in your purse or as jewelry to keep by you at all times. Otherwise, place alexandrite somewhere in your home or your place of work to keep its energy flowing in your aura. 

Similar Stone: Emerald


What does Obsidian mean?


gemstone meanings


The obsidian stone is probably one of the most powerful stones to keep around due to its connection to all of the elements. It is one of the most strongly connected to mother earth and has been around since prehistoric times. Obsidian is born out of rapidly cooling lava from volcanoes, meaning it possesses the energies of water, fire, earth and air all at once. It has been used for tools, weapons, and for ancient crystal healing rituals. Depending on where you go to acquire obsidian crystal, it may be labeled as Royal Agate, Xaga, Glassy Lava, Volcanic Glass and Glass Agate. 

Obsidian is known as the “Stone of Truth” because of its ability to clear any blockage from your field of perception and deflect distractions that those wronging you may be using to keep their secrets. It can also help you uncover secrets within yourself, like understanding what path you’d like to take in life, resolving an identity crisis, or maybe translating any uncertain feelings you have towards a person or subject.

Obsidian keeps you focused. This stone will guide you on the right path towards achieving your goals and staying out of trouble. It will minimize distractions you encounter along the way. Any obstacles or cloudiness will be clarified so that you will continue to focus on what matters most without falling down the wrong path. Because this is a gemstone of truth, obsidian will also allow you to see your own flaws and wrongdoings so that you may learn from them and not repeat these processes. More than likely you are in a cycle of bad decisions, and obsidian will reveal these to you and help you break this vicious cycle. 

Obsidian brings good luck to you because it helps ward off negative energy and helps you think more clearly to make the correct decisions, ultimately bringing you wealth and prosperity. We have a tendency to stand in our own ways with our actions, but obsidian takes us by the hand and guides us to where we really need to be going to get the things we desire the most. Similar to other stones, obsidian boosts you with confidence and energy so that you will have the courage to accomplish your goals and stop putting them off for later. The strength of this crystal gives you just the spark you need to be productive while also eliminating distraction. 

Obsidian isn’t a love stone, but it is good for erasing bad feelings and calming down tension. If you have any negative emotions towards your partner or any resentment obsidian can help take that energy and turn it into a more clarified positive one. If you’re the kind of person that sees every person of the opposite (or same) sex as your partner to be a threat, even when their interactions are completely innocent, this can cause a lot of damage to your trust towards your partner and make you a jealous angry mess. Obsidian will help you think clearly and remind you that these suspicions are completely unfounded and are messing with your well being and allow you to chill out. Additionally, obsidian will help you keep things balanced in your relationship and not get too centered around your significant other. You’ll be able to keep a stable sense of self while also dedicating time to your partner in a healthy way. 

For best results with obsidian, wear as jewelry in any variety to stay close to you and cleanse your energy. Or, for interaction with your chakras, wear close to your third eye to stimulate the mind, or close to your navel to work the energies from your core.

To stay true to yourself, to others, and to uncover the secrets of the universe, wear obsidian!

Similar Stone: Lapis Lazuli


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What gemstones would you like to hear about in our next article? Comment your choice below!

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