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What to Sell for Fundraisers (Jewelry)

What to Sell for Fundraisers (Jewelry)


When creating a product catalog for a fundraiser you're putting on, you're faced with the challenge of deciding what it is you're going to sell. It's got to be something related to your cause, or at least your brand. Not to mention it should be items you know people are going to buy. Jewelry is something that does exceedingly well for fundraisers! Here we've compiled a list of popular jewelry that will work perfectly for your product catalog if you're not sure what kind of products you should sell for your fundraiser! Let's dive in!


Senior Babe Necklace

If you're running a fundraiser for a high school. This cute and sassy "Senior Babe" necklace is a great choice for all the senior girls that will contribute funds towards your cause. Perhaps you're raising money towards a new school building, or getting new books. Maybe the school wants to make a donation towards a particular charity. Whatever the case is, this gorgeous sterling silver necklace is a great addition to your product catalog!






Dainty Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces are all the rage right now and this dainty sterling silver initial necklace is no exception! Any woman at any age or any style can dress fabulously with dainty silver jewelry. Necklaces such as this pair nicely with other silver jewelry and can be worn casually every day or dressed up for a special event. Initial jewelry is a stand out accessory where the woman in question can claim ownership over her name and her personal brand. Your audience is going to absolutely love getting their own personalized initial necklace!






Circle Mountain Necklace

Wherever you go, wherever you're from, you can't deny the beauty of nature. Rolling hills, snow capped's something we can all agree is spectacular. Incorporating the beauty of nature into jewelry is a great testament to the grandeur of earth's most astounding features. This gorgeous sterling silver circle mountain necklace is a perfect reminder of the beauty of nature. It's a subtle but stunning addition to your everyday necklace collection and pairs well with other delicate silver jewelry. Adventure is out there! Take it with you always with this circle mountain necklace!






Dainty Anchor Necklace

Anchor symbolism has been popular for centuries. You see it in wall art, clothing, tattoos and yes, even jewelry! It can be simply a reference to nautical themes, or it can be a symbol for staying grounded. Wearing an anchor can be a reminder to stay humble, or to remember to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground in any situation life throws at you. The anchor is what keeps a ship from floating away, that being said, an anchor can remind us to bloom where we are planted or not to stray too far away from the right path. It's also a very cute looking accessory! If your fundraising audience is female, this will be a great addition to your product catalog as the perfect everyday necklace!






Moon Phase Necklace

This gorgeous bar necklace in stunning sterling silver is engraved with the phases of the moon. Bar jewelry on its own is super trendy and contemporary, but this necklace has a celestial element to it as well! The moon represents femininity, growth, and influence. So when someone wears this moon phase necklace, they'll be practically glowing with feminine energy, confidence and positive influence. Plus, moon phase accessories are very fashionable and perfect for anyone who practices astrology, tarot, or Wicca. This will be a perfect product for your fundraiser!






Butterfly Necklace

This gorgeous and dainty butterfly necklace is a must have accessory for any woman that loves wearing meaningful necklaces. The butterfly imagery itself is beautiful, but it is also significant. Butterflies can represent life after death (Winter turning into Spring), freedom, beauty, innocence, change, and transformation. If any of those words can apply to you, then a simple butterfly necklace is a great accessory to wear! A butterfly is a classic symbol for jewelry, especially for everyday wear. Your fundraiser audience will definitely love this addition to your catalog! 






Knot Coordinates Bracelet

A gorgeous gold open ended knot bangle with a personalized pendant. On it, have your fundraiser audience choose coordinates to a location that means the world to them. It could be their hometown, their country of origin, the place they were married, the place their child was born, where they met their best friend or significant other, the possibilities are endless! This bracelet is a perfect everyday wear accessory for any woman, and this bracelet tells a story! No ones coordinates numbers are going to be exactly alike so that's what makes them so special! These are perfect as friendship bracelets too! Another great find for your product catalog!






Tree of Life Necklace

This necklace is very versatile. It can represent your family tree, the beauty of nature, new life, connection, positive energy, and growth, just to name a few. It is a symbol that has been used in Celtic culture and the Wicca religion. But, you don't have to be religious or spiritual to enjoy and wear this tree of life necklace. Most wearers of this necklace will simple purchase it because they think its beautiful and speaks to them. It can be a pretty trinket, or a meaningful symbol. It is all dependent on the wearer. If your fundraiser has anything to do with nature or bettering the earth, this could be a great choice for you!






Mama Bear Necklace

For the mother with one cub or several, this is a perfect necklace to announce to the world that you are a proud, protective mama bear. Bears are known for being very protective of their young and for their immense strength. Any mother sifting through this catalog will fall in love instantly with this mama bear necklace. If your fundraiser is helping out single mothers, or you represent a school, you'll definitely have shoppers putting in orders for these. It's a clever take on the traditional pendant, and a great addition to your collection. 






Faith Cross Necklace

If your fundraiser has religious values, is a Catholic or Christian school/church, or you know your audience has religious beliefs. This subtle yet stunning faith cross necklace is perfect to sell for your fundraiser. It's simple and meaningful but not too overbearing. It's a perfect accessory for anyone that relies on their faith, is a member of the church, or has any type of spiritual affiliation. Faith requires you to believe in something before you've ever seen or heard it. Faith comes from a feeling deep within and if anyone feels this within themselves, they'll love to own a necklace that makes this statement. 








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  • September 26, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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