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Partner with us to create a successful


Receive your own landing page like this one!

Having your own group's landing page will help build the foundation to a successful fundraising campaign. Here are the features your own landing page will have:

• Custom website url

• Custom landing page design (like this one)

• A group video introducing your fundraiser (if desired)

• A section describing your fundraiser and how much you need to raise

• Group pictures (if desired)

• A list of jewelry for your supporters to choose from

• We will work with you to add any other features to your landing page

Why use Sincerely Silver for your fundraiser?


30% of every purchase goes towards your fundraiser. Our products range anywhere from $20 - $100. That is a lot of moola going towards your fundraiser. 


There are no upfront costs and no order minimums. This make it easy for organizers and supporters to participate in your fundraiser.


We build you a custom fundraising page with your group's name, logo and details (See example here). We can also make custom necklaces that are relevant to your group. For example, we made a "Senior Babe" necklace for a high school fundraising campaign

Expert Reps

An expert rep from Sincerely Silver will work directly on your fundraiser campaign. They will launch your campaign, support you through the duration of your campaign with any questions you have. They will monitor it's success and work with you after the campaign is over.

Meaningful Products

Instead of selling chocolate, donuts, coupon books or popcorn, sell something meaningful. Our jewelry is both beautiful and meaningful. It is a product that people actually connect to and want.

Easy as 1,2,3

Setting up a fundraiser campaign couldn't be easier. All you have to do is provide a little bit of detail about your goals and who you are and we'll take care of the rest!

How does a fundraiser work?

How to start

Starting a fundraiser with Sincerely Silver is easy. Simply tell us the details for the fundraiser and we'll do the rest! We'll create a custom fundraising page for you, we'll handle all incoming orders and we'll deliver every order to each participant. 

What's included in your fundraiser?

• A custom landing page for your fundraiser

• A group code that tracks every incoming sale for your fundraiser

• An email template making it easy to share your fundraiser through email

• A button to share on Facebook

• A graphic for Instagram

• A graphic for Pinterest

• A button to share on Twitter

When does your group get paid?

Your group will get paid for all incoming sales every two weeks!

If the duration of your fundraiser is shorter than two weeks then you will get paid at the end of your fundraiser. We can pay through check, card or Paypal.

Fundraiser Product List

Use Group Funderaiser Code: "Team24"

Your group will receive its own personalized coupon code and your organization will receive 30% of every sale.

Senior Babe Necklace
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dainty initial necklace

You can choose any piece of jewelry from our website and it will go towards the fundraiser


Receive your FREE fundraiser starter kit

We do all the heavy lifting to get your fundraiser up and running.






How much goes towards our fundraiser? 

     30% of every order goes to you! You will receive 30% of the revenue generated by your fundraiser. 

How often do we get paid? 

     You will receive payment every 2 weeks throughout the life of your fundraising campaign. 

How do we get paid? 

     We can pay you through a check, a credit card or Paypal.

Where can we run a fundraising campaign? 

     Anywhere in the United States. We are a national company and can support a fundraiser anywhere in the United States.

Are there any order minimums or a cap on how many orders Sincerely Silver can handle?

     No and no. We do not require any minimum on orders and we can handle any order volume that comes in through a fundraiser.

What does it take get set up a fundraiser? 

     All we need from you is a few details about your group: group name, industry, fundraiser goal, duration of fundraiser and contact information.

How quickly can a fundraiser be set up with Sincerely Silver?

     Once we have the basic information about your group and fundraising goals we can have your custom fundraiser page built and launched within 3 days. From there, you can specify the date you would like your fundraiser to launch and how long you would like it to last. 

How does our organization get the word out about our fundraiser? 

     Sincerely Silver provides a number of tools you can use to spread the word about your fundraiser. We have the custom landing page that participants can go to read about the fundraiser. The page will also have a Facebook share button, Twitter share button, a downloadable image to use for Instagram and Pinterest, an email template button to easily share your fundraiser through email, and a downloadable flyer that you can print and hang on a bulletin board or hand out. These tools will allow you to have a campaign that will far surpass any other fundraising companies or options. 

How do we get credit for any incoming sales? 

     For each of the ways you share your fundraiser (as listed in the question above), it will include a group code that the participant will input during checkout. This will record the sale as coming from your campaign. You will get credit for every incoming sale your campaign brings in! 

Have more questions? 

No problem! Please email us at and we will answer right away!