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Firefighter Necklace


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Here, you see our well-crafted firefighter necklace, which can be engraved onto a sterling silver, gold or rose gold bar. It hangs on an 18” chain and is part of our Occupation Gifts Collection.

Are you a firefighter and are you looking for a way to commemorate your wonderful occupation? Well, the wonderful thing about this sterling silver firefighter necklace is that it can be customized specifically to you! We can engrave your name beneath the thin red line on your occupation necklace.

But, what does the thin red line symbolize?

The term “thin red line” originated during the Crimean War in 1854. Since then, the term “thin red line” has come to refer to any military unit that is standing firm against an attack.

Today, the thin red line primarily symbolizes the fire department and firefighters who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. Firefighters place their lives second in order to protect and save others. Being a firefighter is more than just a job; you have to be courageous and set your fears aside in order to save others.

Whether you are looking for someone else or for yourself, this firefighter necklace will make for a wonderful gift and will definitely be cherished by the wearer.


--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Size: 1.25" Wide
Metal: Sterling Silver, gold or rose gold
Chain: 18" chain



You have the option of choosing between three different metals. We have sterling silver, gold and rose gold. 



We take our time with each and every piece to make sure you receive a high quality piece of jewelry that you expect. Each of our pieces go through a 3 step polishing process. 


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