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Occupation Gifts


Here, you see our pretty Police Wife Necklace. This police officer’s wife necklace is made of sterling silver, hangs on an 18” chain, and is part of our Occupation Gifts Collection. Is your partner in law enforcement and you are so proud of all the work he or she does? Being a police office is more than just a job;...


This is a unique police necklace with the name of the police officer engraved onto a sterling silver, gold or rose gold bar. This is one of the best styles of law enforcement necklaces and makes for a great necklace for any police officer. Do you know a police officer who works hard and deserves to be recognized for their...


Here, you see our well-crafted firefighter necklace, which can be engraved onto a sterling silver, gold or rose gold bar. It hangs on an 18” chain and is part of our Occupation Gifts Collection. Are you a firefighter and are you looking for a way to commemorate your wonderful occupation? Well, the wonderful thing about this sterling silver firefighter necklace...


This is our pretty nurse necklace, which can be engraved onto a sterling silver, gold or rose gold bar. It hangs on an 18” chain, can be personalized with your name, and is part of our Occupation Gifts Collection. Do you know someone who just recently became a nurse? If you’re looking for fine jewelry for nurses or jewelry for...

Occupation Necklace Collection

Did you just land the job of your dreams? Or perhaps, someone close to you just got their dream job and you’re looking to get them something special to help commemorate the moment. Above, you see our unique collection of occupation necklaces, which features elegant and classy occupational gifts. In our collection, we have available an RN Nurse Necklace design, a Firefighter Necklace design, and a Police Necklace design. If you hold one of these occupations, or know someone special that does, show your appreciation with one of these personalized and meaningful occupation necklaces!

Are you looking for new job gifts and don’t have an occupation seen on our website? That’s okay! As a custom jewelry shop, we are dedicated to providing you with whatever is in your heart regarding jewelry designs. Contact us to let us know what you have in mind and our diligent team will work to bring your engraved jewelry designs to life. Custom engraved jewelry makes for great first job gifts or job promotion gifts since they are simple, elegant and wearable everyday to work!

Personalized Occupation Gifts

Engraved jewelry is the perfect occupation gift because you can custom design the jewelry item to your exact specifications! There are a lot of different occasions regarding occupations when an engraved necklace helps to commemorate the event. For instance, when your loved one lands a job that marks the beginning of their career, when they get promoted and have done a really good job, or when they leave one job to start their dream job are all excellent occasions to celebrate. There are also many different ways you can customize your engraved jewelry to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind occupation gift they will be sure to love. Consider including these personalizable items on your occupation necklace:

  • Name & Rank
  • Occupation
  • Symbol indicating the occupation
  • Color that symbolizes the occupation and/or your favorite color!

Whether you’re looking for you or for someone else, for new job gift ideas, job promotion gifts, or congratulations gifts for new job, custom engraved jewelry is the way to go. Handwriting engraved jewelry makes for great first job gifts because you can celebrate the individual’s achievement and the individual simultaneously with a gift geared towards them.

High Quality Jewelry

Here at Sincerely Silver, we specialize in high quality jewelry and in creating one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry. Whether you see what you are looking for on our page or not, you can be sure that we can make it. We are a custom jewelry shop and our dedicated team works to ensure that whatever design or idea you have in your heart regarding personalized occupation gifts, we can bring it into reality. Each and every item of jewelry is sent through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks to ensure that when it gets to you, it is flawless!

Contact us today to get started crafting your engraved jewelry and new job gifts!