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Coordinates Jewelry (How to find coordinates for my longitude and latitude jewelry)

Coordinates Jewelry (How to find coordinates for my longitude and latitude jewelry)

Are you looking for an item of jewelry with a little more soul? Something more meaningful than just your average, run-of-the-mill, no-personality jewelry? Jewelry is significantly more important if it holds some sort of emotional attachment for the owner. Think of all the jewelry you own -- what makes it special to you? Did someone you know well give it to you? Did you get it for yourself because there was a meaningful message or symbol on it that spoke to you? Maybe you have a connection to the jewelry maker and that’s what makes that necklace special to you. Or perhaps you got it at a meaningful location, like on vacation in Italy.

Well, the thing is…

Jewelry is significant to us for a variety of different reasons, and coordinates jewelry is one example of jewelry with meaningful messages. Coordinate jewelry is a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is crafted specifically with you in mind. Coordinates jewelry for her allows her to commemorate a meaningful location so that she can keep it with her always. It can be difficult to find meaningful gifts for the ones you love. If you’re looking for something a little more sentimental, personal, or substantial, then handcrafted, custom-made jewelry with engraved coordinates is the way to go. Why? Because coordinates jewelry represents our best moments in life.  


What is Coordinate Jewelry?

coordinates jewelry

Custom coordinates jewelry is an excellent way to celebrate a person, time or place. Longitude and latitude jewelry always hones in on a specific location, but there are a lot of different things, people and events that we associate with different locations. For instance, when you think of a close friend, your parents or your extended family, oftentimes what comes to mind is an image of their home, where they live or where they frequently spend their time. For families who are separated with miles in between them, latitude longitude jewelry is a great way to keep them close to you despite the distance.

Are you in a long distance relationship and want to find a way to make that distance a little less? GPS coordinates jewelry lets you feel a little closer to that special someone every time you look at it. Whether you hope to be closer to a person, a time in your life or a place, coordinates jewelry helps you feel just a little more connected. Longitude and latitude jewelry commemorates more than just physical location.


What Longitude and Latitude Jewelry Commemorates

longitude and latitude jewelry

Honor Someone

  • Long distance relationships
  • A lost loved one. Perhaps where they lived or where you spread their ashes.
  • Best friends living in different states, countries or continents
  • Family members who live far away
  • A pet who passed away
  • Where you first met your spouse

Remember Special Events

  • Wedding
  • High school or university graduation
  • Proposal
  • Anniversaries
  • Your first job
  • Birth of children

Celebrate A Memorable Place

  • Your “happy place”
  • Your first home
  • Honeymoon location
  • A memorable vacation spot
  • Where you grew up
  • Where you hope to live

    How to Find Coordinates For My Jewelry


    Whether you’re looking for someone else or for yourself, getting GPS coordinates jewelry with the wrong coordinates is like misspelling your newborn’s name on their birth certificate. The process to fix either mistake is tedious, time-consuming, costly, and just the teensiest bit embarrassing. You don’t want to make that mistake. So, how do you avoid it?

    Well, there’s a few things to consider:


    First, what are GPS Coordinates?

     gps satellites

    GPS coordinates are alphanumeric characters that are used to express a specific geographic location on Earth. The Global Positioning System (or, GPS) is a “constellation” of 30 different satellites that orbit the Earth. GPS coordinates, then, are points of intersection on a grid system, either on a 2-dimensional surface or in space (3-dimensional). These GPS coordinates are usually expressed by the combination of latitude and longitude.


    But, what is Latitude and Longitude?

    latitude and longitude

    Together, latitude and longitude compose a set of numbers that identify the unique position of any address point on Earth’s surface. Latitude is defined according to the equatorial reference plane, marking the horizontal positioning of the geographic location. The Equator is a latitudinal line that divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Latitude points range from +90 degrees (or, 90 degrees North) to -90 degrees (or, 90 degrees South).

    Longitude is defined by meridians, or the half-circles that run from pole to pole, marking the vertical position. The Prime Meridian is a longitudinal line that divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Longitude points range from +180 degrees (or, 180 degrees East) to -180 degrees (or, 180 degrees West).


    What are the Different GPS Coordinate Formats?

    gps coordinates

    GPS coordinates format is defined in 2 different ways: how the degrees are divided and how the direction is expressed. The degrees can be divided into minutes, or even further into seconds. The direction can be expressed with letters (“N” for North, “S” for South, “E” for East, and “W” for West), or with the minus sign (-)to indicate South and West. 

    Degrees, Minutes and Seconds (DMS)
    Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DDM)
    Decimal Degrees (DD)
    The degree is broken down into minutes and seconds. 1 degree = 60 minutes; 1 minute = 60 seconds. The seconds are then divided into decimals:
    Empire State Building
    40°44'54.8"N 73°59'08.5"W
    The degree is broken down into minutes. 1 degree = 60 minutes. The minutes are then divided into decimals:
    Empire State Building
    40°44.9134' N 73° 59.1416' W
    GPS coordinates are written as decimals of degree:
    Empire State Building
    40.748557, -73.985693

    When you’re choosing your coordinates jewelry, consider which format (DMS, DDM or DD) looks best on the size of jewelry you are getting. DMS coordinates are popular due to the mix of letters, signs and numbers. However, DD format is the shortest and tends to suit smaller jewelry better, like coordinate rings.

    The different formats are believed by some to convey different specificities. If you’re looking for a super specific location, like the exact table you ate at at a restaurant 10 years ago, then you need the degrees, minutes AND seconds -- you need DMS format. Some people say that without all 3 of these items, your physical location becomes more general to include a wider area. However, other people say the opposite -- no matter how you decide to display your GPS coordinates (DMS, DDM or DD), each format of the converted coordinates will get you to the same point, basically.


    How do I find Coordinates for my Coordinates Jewelry?

    how to find coordinates

    Option #1: Google Maps

    If you're curious about GPS coordinates and want to find them yourself, Google Maps is by far the easiest coordinate finder. Follow these easy steps to find numbers-only DD format:

    1. Open Google Maps
    2. Find the location on the map
    3. Right click on the location
    4. Select “What’s here?”
    5. A rectangle appears at the bottom of the screen with the name, state, city, zip code, and the coordinates in numbers-only DD format
    6. To convert your GPS coordinates from the DD format to the other 2 formats, this is a great tool.

    Option #2: Sincerely Silver's Coordinate Builder

    Here’s how to find coordinates for your custom coordinates jewelry:

    1. Decide on a meaningful location
    2. Pick a type of jewelry: necklace, bracelet or ring
    3. In the Coordinate Builder on each coordinate jewelry product page, type in the address you want for your coordinates jewelry
    4. Hit "Get Coordinates"
    5. Copy and paste the coordinates into the "Special Instructions For Seller" box when you checkout 
    6. Let us do the rest!

      Longitude and Latitude Jewelry Options

      So, you know you want custom coordinates jewelry now, but you’re not sure whether to have it on a ring, bracelet or necklace. Just depending on what look you are going for or the specific outfit you plan on wearing, the wrong style of jewelry could feel uncomfortable. For instance, if you pair a cotton shirt with a bejeweled statement necklace, the resulting look could be somewhat confusing -- are you going for BOLD or comfy & casual? So, if you want to avoid a fashion faux pas, make sure you find the right style of jewelry (ring, bracelet or necklace) and the right design for your outfit (slender or chunky).

      Check out some of these examples of custom latitude and longitude jewelry:

      Coordinate Rings


      coordinates wrap around rings

      Dainty coordinate rings like these ones are a modern and stackable way to keep a meaningful location close to you, always. These wrap around rings are adjustable and can be fitted to any size finger!


      Custom Coordinates Bracelet

      custom coordinates bracelet


      This coordinates bangle looks minimalist and sleek! It is absolutely perfect to stack with other bracelets or wear solo for a simple statement!


      Custom Coordinates Necklace


      custom coordinates necklace

      Custom GPS coordinates engraved on state necklaces take the personal touch to the next level. Since GPS coordinates cannot include a large area like that of a state, getting custom GPS coordinates engraved on a state of your choosing allows you to remember the specific location (like the Empire State Building), while also reminding you of the state you love and call home (New York).

      Custom Coordinates Bar Necklace

      custom coordinates bar necklace

      A custom coordinates bar necklace like this one is a simple way to keep a special location close to your heart.

      We hope you got some great ideas for your latitude longitude jewelry! Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have regarding GPS coordinates jewelry. If you’re super excited by any of the examples in this post or on our website, let us know so we can begin crafting your one-of-a-kind custom coordinates jewelry! Feel free to let us know your thoughts, likes and dislikes in the comments section below!
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