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Gifts For Mom


 Are you a Mama bear? Perhaps you’re a new mom and your cub is always by your side. If you’re looking for a memorable way to commemorate motherhood, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous mama bear and cub necklace from our Animal Necklaces Collection. Here, you see a dainty mama bear necklace. It is a solid sterling silver necklace...


Here, you see our beautifully made custom bar necklace using your own handwriting. This is such a unique style of necklace because you can customize it and write any message you want! Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, there are so many great messages you can write that are meaningful. For instance, you could write, “I...


 I love you, Always and Forever, My Moon and Stars, You'll be in my Heart,  Love of my Life... these are just a few suggestions of things you can have inscribed on this beautiful gold handwriting bar necklace from our Handwriting Necklace Collection. We take your actual handwritten, sentimental message and engrave it onto this lovely gold bar for the handwriting...


This is a beautifully made custom bar necklace using your own handwriting. It is sterling silver, on an 18” chain, and is part of our Personalized Necklaces Collection, as well as our Handwriting Necklaces Collection. With this gorgeous memorial necklace handwriting, you can write any message you would like! The wonderful thing about this handwriting necklace is that you can...


This is a very pretty rose gold mama bear necklace on an 18" chain from our Animal Necklaces Collection. This charming mama bear necklace rose gold is a unique cut-out design using precision laser cut and high quality rose gold jewelry. Being a mom is a full-time job, but it is always rewarding to receive the love and affection of...


A personalized mama necklace in a cute dainty font, made in beautiful and trendy rose gold, sterling silver, or classic gold from our Name Necklace Collection. This is a necklace just for mom, & perfect for all moms! Do your kids call you something other than mama? No worries! We can make this dainty necklace with any name of your...


A beautiful name bar necklace that makes the perfect gift for mom! Choose any names and we'll print them onto this lovely bar necklace in a easy to read, contemporary font. This necklace has so much potential! You can put your name with your significant others, your parents names, your children's names if you happen to have two, two pet's...


A beautiful name bar necklace that makes the perfect gift for mom! Choose any names and we'll print them onto this lovely bar necklace in a easy to read, contemporary font. Each name is separated with a dainty heart. This necklace has so much potential! You can put your name with your significant others, your parents names, your children's names...


This is a premium mama bear with cubs bar necklace. It is available in solid sterling silver, gold, and rose gold and hangs on an 18" chain. This comes from our Gifts for Mom collection. Are you a mama bear or you know someone who is? Motherhood is such an important job and it should be celebrated! This mama bear...


This is a dainty mama cutout anklet, and it will make any mama's new favorite accessory this summer! This is such an adorable piece to add to your summer jewelry! This simple anklet is very dainty and available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. These anklets are so beautiful whether you wear them alone, or layered with your other...


This dainty mama necklace with initial discs makes the perfect gift for any mom! The larger disc is engraved with "mama" and the smaller disc(s) are engraved with any initials!   --------------------NECKLACE DETAILS-------------------- Disc NecklaceMetal: Sterling silver, gold or rose goldLarger Disc: 1/2"Smaller Disc: 9 mmChain: 16", 18", 20"-------------------------------------PERSONALIZATIONIf you would like something else engraved on your necklace we can...


This Tree of Life necklace is part of our Gifts For Mom Collection, as well as our Disc Necklace Collection. This gorgeous necklace makes for a wonderful gift for loved ones or family members! On this family tree of life necklace, a .925 sterling silver tree disc pendant hangs on an 18” sterling silver chain. Though featured in sterling silver,...


Here, you see our sterling silver nana necklace hung on an 18" sterling silver chain. It is part of our Name Necklaces Collection. Grandmothers play an important part in our lives. Grandmothers are an important source of wisdom and guidance in a child’s life. Many parents also turn to the grandparents for help and guidance in raising their children. Though...


Here is our pretty bar necklace with a mama duck and her ducklings. It is available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold, hangs on an 18" chain, and is part of our Animal Necklaces Collection. Are you looking for a unique gift for mom? Motherhood is such a difficult job and should be celebrated! Though there are so many great...


"I love you to the moon and back..." This lovely phrase is split up into two pieces on these individual Mother Daughter necklaces. These horizontal bar necklaces make the perfect gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, Christmas, Galantines Day, for someone moving away, or just because! These necklaces come in your choice of sterling silver, rose gold, or gold! You...


Mom's are our heroes, our protectors, our cheerleaders, and our best friends. Our mothers would do anything for us and are the people we can trust most in this world. A mom helps you take your first steps, encourages you to do the things that scare you, and teaches you everything you need to know. We wouldn't be who we...


This is a premium mom necklace that is custom made with a mama bear and cubs. It is sterling silver and on an 18” chain. Are you a mama bear or maybe a new mom? Or perhaps, do you know someone who is a mama bear or a new mom? Motherhood is such a difficult job but it is also...


This is a premium Mama Bear bar necklace. It is available in solid sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled, and 14kt rose gold-filled, and it comes on an 18" chain. Are you a mama bear, or do you know someone who is? Being a mom is arguably the most important job there is, so if you recently became a mom then it...


This is a set of three necklaces for the three generations! It comes with a larger heart, medium heart and small heart: one for the grandmother, the mom and the granddaughter. This generations necklace is gold, on an 18” chain, and is part of our Personalized Necklace Collection. Having multiple generations in your family is a wonderful thing: we learn...


This is a very cute and dainty You Are My Sun My Moon And All Of My Stars necklace. It is simple and pretty and hangs on an 18” chain. It is part of both our Personalized Necklace Collection and our Quote Jewelry Collection. This necklace is available in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. The dainty disc is precision laser engraved...


Looking for a gift for Mom? Perhaps something sentimental for your Grandma? Maybe even an Aunt? Look no further than this beautiful personalized engraved disc necklace! This custom circle disc necklace comes in three cute colors: gold, rose gold, or silver. You can personalize your necklace with the title of Mom, Auntie or Nana in a fun font with a...


Initial necklaces are all about personalization. Our initials tell the story of who we are, just barely scratching the surface. Initials are great everyday necklaces, and great gifts for loved ones. This circle disc initial necklace comes with any initial you would like as well as a special date. This can be a birthday, a memorial date, an anniversary date,...


"You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray..." This sentimental set of 2 Mother Daughter necklaces are the perfect gift for Mother's Day, your Mom's birthday, Christmas, or just because! This set includes a necklace for you and one for your mom, now you're twins! This set of necklaces can also be appropriate...


You Are My Sunshine gold bar necklace. This dainty gold bar necklace makes a beautiful gift for a loved one, whether its for a birthday, Christmas, an Anniversary, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, or just because! If this song means anything to you personally, or if you just really like the sentiment, then this dainty gold bar necklace is perfect for...

Gifts For Mom Collection

gifts for mom collection


There are few things as special as being a mom. Moms are always there for us to take care of us, listen to us, and provide us with insight and encouragement. It can be difficult to repay mom for all the hard work that she does for us, but that is why personalized jewelry for moms is the way to go. With personalized jewelry, you can write your own special message to mom to let her know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. We have a beautiful collection of jewelry for moms for you to choose from, or contact us with your ideas!



gifts for mom collection


Whether you're a new mom or not, jewelry is a great way to display that you are the “mama bear.” These pieces make great gifts for your mom, wife, or just for yourself as the mama. We have a variety of styles, designs, and metals to fit anyone's style. Choose from vertical bar necklaces, horizontal bar necklaces, cutouts, disc necklaces, and more to make this necklace exactly how you want it. Included with our necklaces for moms are generations necklaces as well. Display the love between a grandmother, mother, and granddaughter with these beautiful and unique pieces.



gifts for mom collection

Jewelry Gifts For Mom

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for mom or birthday gifts for mom, a personalized necklace designed with her in mind is the way to go. Though it can be difficult to decide on which gift is the absolute perfect one for mom, and especially to find gifts for mom who has everything, but you can never go wrong with mom jewelry. The best gifts for mom are ones that have meaning to her as the “mama bear.” Think of something that you and her share -- a quote or date, perhaps -- and get it engraved on one of our bar necklaces! If you’re at a loss for what are good gifts for mom, consider some of the designs we have on our website.


Gift ideas for mom:


Mama bear and cub

Bear and cubs horizontal bar necklace

Gold heart pendant

Silver heart pendant

Handwriting necklace

Nana necklace

Mama duck and ducklings

Gold generations necklace

Silver generations necklace

Marine wife


Occasions to Wear or Give Mom Jewelry:


Your Mom's Birthday/Significant Other's Birthday

A Baptism

Your Child's Birthday

A Baby Shower

Mother's Day


A Gender Reveal Party

The Birth of your Child or Grandchild

A Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot

Every Day!



gifts for mom collection


Jewelry to Pair with Gifts for Mom


Sound Wave Necklace

Coordinates Necklace

Coordinates Bracelets

State and Country Necklaces

Lariat Necklaces

Vertical Necklace

Handwriting Bracelets

Handwriting Necklaces

Wrap Rings


gifts for mom collection

High Quality Jewelry

Here at Sincerely Silver, we are dedicated to providing you with high quality jewelry you and your mom will be sure to love. Each and every one of your jewelry items is sent through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks to ensure that it is flawless when it gets to you. Whether you see what you are looking for on our page or not, we can make it. As a custom jewelry shop, we have the skills and expertise to create any design you are looking for. So, whatever design you have in mind for your mom, let us know -- the sky’s the limit!

Contact us today to get started crafting your personalized gifts for mom!