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Gold Name Necklace


A beautiful name bar necklace that makes the perfect gift for mom! FChoose any names and we'll print them onto this lovely bar necklace in a easy to read, contemporary font. This necklace has so much potential! You can put your name with your significant others, your parents names, your children's names if you happen to have two, two pet's...


A custom gold name necklace with you or your loved ones name or any word that holds significant meaning to you. This necklace and more can be found in our Name Necklace Collection! Name plate necklaces originated as a coming of age jewelry piece for young Hispanic and Black women. Not only was it a gift of maturity (owning your...


A lovely gold plated Carrie necklace from our Name Necklaces Collection! Be the fashion icon you were born to be like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City! Carrie Bradshaw was known for her head turning style and legendary looks. Now you can be too with this must have 18k gold name plate necklace! Rock the classic Carrie name as...

Gold Name Necklace Collection

Looking for a name necklace and not sure which metal to choose? You can’t go wrong with a gold name necklace! After all, who doesn’t love the Carrie necklace? Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, we’ve fallen in love with the gold name necklace, and for good reason!

When you wear a gold name necklace, you are commemorating the person whose name is on the necklace, and also making it stand out with gorgeous gold. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, there is no better way to celebrate a person’s individuality and sense of uniqueness than with a gold name necklace!

What’s more —

The gold name necklace makes for a great necklace to layer! There’s no doubt about it — layering is in. If you want to create a layered necklace look to die for, you should do two things:

  1. Get a gold name necklace
  2. Read our blog post, How To Layer Necklaces (Absolutely Everything You Need To Know!)

    Custom Gold Name Necklace

    Here at Sincerely Silver, we offer custom gold name necklaces. Our custom gold name necklace means that you can customize it any way you see fit. Our primary focus is on creating jewelry that is unique to the wearer, which is why we stray from standard mass production. Instead, each jewelry item is made, engraved and assembled by hand by our professional jewelry team. We hope to create jewelry items made just for you. There are a lot of different customization options and personalization options.

    Read below for ideas!

    Personalization Options

    The great thing about any item of jewelry you see on our site is that you can personalize it any way you want! Whether you’re looking for yourself or for someone else, a gold name necklace makes for a wonderful gift, keepsake or everyday accessory.

    Looking for gift ideas?

    Whether you’re looking to get gifts for mom, bridesmaid gifts or anniversary gifts, you can be sure that a gold name necklace is the way to go!  

    • Your name
    • Spouse’s name
    • Pet’s name
    • Son/daughter’s name
    • Your family last name
    • Parent’s name
    • Deceased family member’s name
    • Sibling’s name
    • Best friend’s name
    • Nickname

    High Quality Jewelry

    In addition to the fact that you can personalize your gold name necklace any way you want, we also use high quality materials to ensure that when it gets to you, your jewelry item is perfect. We put each and every one of our jewelry items through a 3-step polishing process to make sure it is completely flawless when you receive it.

    Ready to get started on your gold name necklace?

    Contact us today so we can help you create your next favorite accessory.