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11th Anniversary Jewelry


Nothing says, “I love you,” like a personalized soundwave necklace. Actually, a personalized soundwave necklace can say anything you want it to! Take anything from a simple phrase, to a meaningful song lyric and turn it into a unique piece of jewelry!  A soundwave is more than a random combination of scratches. A soundwave is like an invisible language. It...

For your 11th anniversary, not just any gift will do. The 11th wedding anniversary is celebrated with the sentiment of steel and what could better represent your love than a sleek and stunning stainless steel necklace?

Steel represents strength. think buildings, ships, or automobiles. Stainless steel is used in a a multitude of products and appliances because it is a strong, reliable material. At this point in your marriage, your bond has gone from as delicate as cotton or paper to strong, dependable and able to withstand anything that comes its way. Steel is nearly impossible to break, bend, or melt, and so is your relationship!

For her, stainless steel jewelry is the way to go. Try something plated, a stainless steel bar necklace or some kind of personalized trinket? Stainless steel is the perfect material for personalized engravings such as coordinates, sound waves, initials or a sweet message. For your 11th anniversary, gift her something lasting, strong and stunning. Stainless steel jewelry will do just the trick!