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Handwriting Necklaces


Bar jewelry is all the rage right now, and this lovely rose gold bar handwriting necklace from our Handwriting Necklace Collection is no exception! Say "I love you," or any other short and sweet sentiment on this gorgeous rose gold bar necklace! If not a message, personalize this necklace with a special date or your name (or the name of...


 I love you, Always and Forever, My Moon and Stars, You'll be in my Heart,  Love of my Life... these are just a few suggestions of things you can have inscribed on this beautiful gold handwriting bar necklace from our Handwriting Necklace Collection. We take your actual handwritten, sentimental message and engrave it onto this lovely gold bar for the handwriting...


This gold disc handwriting necklace is a beautiful and meaningful necklace. You can use your own handwriting or the handwriting from a loved one to create a signature necklace of a loved one’s handwriting. This personalized handwriting necklace is a gold necklace but you also have the choice of sterling silver and rose gold instead. It is part of our...


Here you see our rose gold engraved handwriting necklace. You can create a meaningful rose gold disc pendant necklace using your own handwriting or the handwriting from a loved one. This beautiful style of necklace is part of our Personalized Necklaces Collection, as well as our Handwriting Necklaces Collection. For this personalized handwriting engraved necklace, there are so many different...


Here is our premium made actual handwriting necklace using your own handwriting. It is part of our Personalized Necklace Collection and is on an 18” chain. Write any message you would like! This necklace can be very meaningful to the wearer. Are you looking for a gift for a loved one? This actual handwriting necklace will make for the perfect...


This is a beautifully made custom bar necklace using your own handwriting. It is sterling silver, on an 18” chain, and is part of our Personalized Necklaces Collection, as well as our Handwriting Necklaces Collection. With this gorgeous memorial necklace handwriting, you can write any message you would like! The wonderful thing about this handwriting necklace is that you can...


This is a premium made custom handwriting necklace using your own handwriting. It is sterling silver, on an 18” chain, and is part of our Personalized Necklaces Collection, as well as our Handwriting Necklaces Collection. With this disc necklace, you can write any message you would like and the end result can be very meaningful. When it comes to a...


Here, you see our beautifully made custom bar necklace using your own handwriting. This is such a unique style of necklace because you can customize it and write any message you want! Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, there are so many great messages you can write that are meaningful. For instance, you could write, “I...

Handwriting Necklace Collection

handwriting necklaces


Handwriting is one of the most personal forms of communication. In our modern world characterized by technology, the art of handwritten thank you notes, love notes, or handwritten messages in general remains a valuable form of communication. Though smart phones and computers have facilitated quicker communication, handwritten messages are valued as a personal form of connection that conveys emotions and affection in a way that text messages cannot. That is why jewelry with handwritten messages have become so popular today! When it comes to sentimental gifts, custom handwriting jewelry is truly one-of-kind.


 handwriting necklaces

 Did you know:

Custom handwriting jewelry first became popular in the form of custom memorial pieces, very similar to tattoos. Jewelry makers took the signature of a loved one who had passed away and created handwriting necklaces for the owner to remember their relative. Jewelry artist Brittany Isenberg got the idea to create a unique necklace using her grandmother’s handwriting after she had passed away. Isenberg cut out the word “love” written in cursive by her grandmother in a card and turned it into a pendant for her mother. The finished custom handwriting necklace was so beautiful that a trend began!


Creative Ways to Memorialize Loved Ones


Handwriting Tattoos

It isn't uncommon for people with lost loved ones or people in their lives that mean a lot to them (like a mother, father or child) to get tattoos of their handwriting. It could be their name or a sweet message you've kept all these years. Sometimes, parents will take their child's name from a school assignment and get it tattooed in their handwriting!

Handwriting Jewelry

As stated before, handwriting jewelry is a beautiful and unique way to memorialize loved ones whether they have passed on, or are still in our lives. Handwriting necklaces are perfect for recognizing a mother, grandmother, child, father, grandfather, best friend, or any other close loved one. Handwriting Jewelry doesn't just stop at necklaces though, it can be presented as bracelets and even rings!

Handwriting Print

Another creative way to honor your loved ones is with a handwriting print. Getting a hand written letter from your partner, mother, father, grandparent etc... and printing it onto a canvas to hang in your home! 

Framed Letter

If not a large canvas, taking an old letter and framing it is a great way to preserve it and keep it on display to remember a specific memory or or particular person. For example, if you've got old love letters from your husband or you found letters your grandparents sent to each other when they were young that would be a excellent way to keep them in good condition and display them rather then let them collect dust. Makes for a very thoughtful and creative gift.



custom handwriting jewelry 

Custom Handwriting Jewelry


The gift of a personalized handwriting necklace is one that is in its own class entirely. Perhaps a loved one recently passed and you are looking to keep a little part of them with you always. By creating a personalized handwriting necklace from their handwritten words, you can keep them close despite their absence. Are you looking for a unique gift to get your daughter for her birthday or for your mother for Mother’s Day? Something to convey the love and admiration you feel? Today, the trend that began with a handwriting engraved necklace has evolved to include short notes and messages of love for all your loved ones. A signature necklace of a loved one’s handwriting is a truly one-of-a-kind gift that you can’t go wrong with.


Occasions to Wear Handwriting Necklaces


For Everyday Wear

Birthday Party

Anniversary Celebration

Your Wedding

Someone Else's Wedding

Baby Shower

Bridal Shower

Mother's Day

Valentine's Day

Class Reunion

Family Reunion

Celebration of Life

Bachelorette Party




Dia De Los Muertos

Date Night with your Significant Other or Spouse

New Years Eve Party

School Dance



Bar/Bat Mitzvah


First Communion

Girls Night Out

An Office Party

Just Because! 


handwriting necklace ideas


Handwriting Necklace Ideas


I Love You

Love you, Dad

Thankful for all that you do, Love all of us

You’re the World’s Best Mom!

With All My Love, Mom

Love You to the Moon & Back!

Always With You

Forever & Always

Love You More

Friends For Life

Lucky to be Your Daughter

Mommy’s Sunshine, Daddy’s Pumpkin

You’re My Person

You’re a Warrior

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

You are one-of-a-kind

I will always love you

Stay Wonderful

Will You Marry Me?

Love of my Life

I'll Never Forget You

Let's Hangout Forever

My Sun and Skies, My Moon and Stars

Moon of My Life

Stay Strong

Happy Birthday!

Happy Anniversary!

Love You Unconditionally

Always in My Heart

Sister, Best Friend, Partner in Crime

I Choose You


handwriting necklaces


Jewelry to Pair with Handwriting Necklaces


Sound Wave Necklace

Coordinates Necklace

Coordinates Bracelets

State and Country Necklaces

Lariat Necklaces

Vertical Necklace

Handwriting Bracelets

Initial Necklaces

Wrap Rings


handwriting necklace process

Quality, Process and Materials


Whatever handwritten message you want to have engraved, our dedicated team here at Sincerely Silver will work with you to make it happen. Whether you were inspired by one of the above messages or you have one in mind, we specialize in jewelry with handwritten messages, so we are the team for you. We have a variety of materials available for your signatures necklace of a loved one’s handwriting, including: sterling silver, gold, or rose gold. Here at Sincerely Silver, we want your finished product to dazzle -- that’s why we put all of our jewelry with handwritten messages through a 3-step polishing process, as well as a multi-point quality check.

 Are you wondering how to make a personalized handwriting necklace?

Write your personalized message on a pure white piece of paper
Take a picture of it or scan it
Email the image to


    It’s that simple!
    For any questions, contact us today to get started crafting your handwriting necklace!

    handwriting necklaces