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25th Anniversary Jewelry


  For an anniversary this momentous, no simple trinket will do. Finding something silver is easy. But finding something unique as she is? We’ve got you covered. Where words fail, a soundwave necklace with your one of a kind message or favorite song lyric will make a statement...quite literally. Send us a short voice recording or simply the words you...

The 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone and one of the most notable ones, as it is the celebration of silver. The silver tradition dates back to the 2nd century BC when the Germanic people would celebrate their 25th wedding anniversaries by presenting their wives with a silver wreath. Nowadays, the 25th anniversary is celebrated by gifting each other silver items like cuff links, flatware, frames or most commonly, silver jewelry. 

Silver is so much more than a shiny metal. Silver is tied to the moon and is considered a feminine metal. It exudes love, luck, wisdom and persistence. Decorated in silver, your loved one will radiate with a celestial glow and inner strength.

To celebrate 25 years of marriage together, present your spouse with the gift of silver. Silver chains, silver plated jewelry, silver bar necklaces, silver pendants, any and all will do. Silver is a subtle, yet lovely material that exudes beauty, strength, and love. Here's to another 25 years when we celebrate gold!