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Vertical Bar Necklaces


This is a pretty vertical love necklace. This simple style of necklace is elegant and pairs with all of your other styles of necklaces. It is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection as well as our Pretty and Fashionable Necklace Collection.   This gorgeous love vertical bar necklace is a great way to express to others that you are a...

Vertical Bar Necklace Collection

In general, the bar necklace is a pretty trendy collection of jewelry that all the celebrities are wearing. Horizontal bar/pendant necklaces became super trendy recently -- if you flipped through a celebrity magazine, you could find a variety of celebrities wearing them. However, the vertical bar necklace has become even more popular than its horizontal version, and for a few reasons.

Well, first:

While it’s common to find horizontal bar necklaces with engravings and inscriptions today, this was not common when they were first made. The vertical bar necklace became more popular because you could often find them with coordinate engravings. A vertical engraved bar necklace became more meaningful to the general public because you could personalize this simple necklace. It’s become popular to wear an engraved vertical bar necklace with memorable coordinates, like the location of your wedding, proposal, first home, where your first child was born, or just simply an exceptional date night.

Is that it?

Nope! Another reason the personalized vertical bar necklace became so much more popular than its horizontal version is that it was much easier to wear with a variety of other styles of necklaces of assorted lengths and materials. The horizontal necklace was typically worn solo. However, the sleek vertical pendant makes it easier to layer in a multi-layer design different stackable necklaces. What are stackable necklaces? Think of layering multiple necklaces, all of different lengths, usually all of the same material (typically silver or gold), and all with a different unique pendant. It is common to see a choker necklace (14”), a princess (16”), and a matinee (20”) stacked together with at least one of them sporting a personalized engraving.

Check out some ideas for vertical bar necklaces:

  • Love
  • Cross My Heart
  • Good Luck
  • She Believed She Could
  • She Is Fierce
  • Let It Go
  • I Can & I Will
  • Always
  • Personalized Names
  • Custom Names & Dates

  • Feeling inspired by any of the vertical bar necklaces you see above? Our dedicated team can make anything you’re looking for when it comes to vertical bar necklaces. Are you hoping to get a loved one’s name or initial engraved on this classic style of necklace? With a vertical name bar necklace, you can carry someone with you every day, no matter the distance. A vertical bar initial necklace also allows you to carry a loved one with you, but in a more subtle way. If the flat, horizontal bar necklace is not your style, consider a sleek and dainty personalized vertical bar necklace that can be your canvas for all things meaningful to you -- your child’s name, your husband’s birthday, or the coordinates of your family home.

    High Quality Jewelry

    Here at Sincerely Silver, we specialize in custom-made jewelry and high quality craftsmanship. All of our jewelry goes through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks, so you can be sure your personalized vertical bar necklace will be flawless when it gets to you!

    Contact us today to get started crafting your one-of-a-kind vertical bar necklace!