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This is a custom made GPS coordinates bracelet; it is part of our Coordinates Bracelet Collection and we can engrave any location you would like. Is there a meaningful location to you? Throughout our lives, as we move through different stages, certain places affect us due to the people we met and bonded with there, and the memories we created....

Bracelets Collection

Sometimes, necklaces can get in our way and they can even feel somewhat restricting hanging around our necks. If that’s how you feel or you would rather line your arms with beautiful and unique bracelets, then you’ve landed on the right page. Personalized bracelets are a fast growing trend, and for good reason. In general, bracelets are an excellent way to showcase something meaningful to you, without the weight of it hanging around your neck. If you’re looking for a personalized bar bracelet, you’ve come to the right page: here at Sincerely Silver, we specialize in custom made jewelry so whether you see what you want on our page or not, we can make it.

Did you know:

Bracelet styles have come a long way since their inception and they can be found in almost every civilization in every time period. The word “bracelet” is derived from an ancient Greek word that roughly translates to, “of the arm.” Though the exact history of the bracelet is debated among scholars, it is believed that early humans wrapped animal hides around their wrists as trophies. In a quest to find the oldest bracelet, archaeologists discovered an obsidian bracelet in Turkey that was dated to 7,500 B.C! The level of craftsmanship of this piece led archaeologists and scientists to the conclusion that the civilization that had made this piece had been making jewelry, and bracelets specifically, for quite some time.

Fast-forward to present day: custom bracelets are everywhere! There are so many different styles and designs you can have engraved on a custom bar bracelet that you can create a piece entirely individualized to you! Think of what is meaningful to you: is there a certain date, name, quote, phrase, or even a set of coordinates that sticks out in your mind? Now think of pairing that design with a sterling silver or a gold bar bracelet and imagine how elegant you will feel wearing your personalized bracelet, designed just for you.

Custom Made Bracelets

You really can’t go wrong with a custom made bracelet. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, family member or yourself, custom bracelets for her are made to speak to that particular individual and showcase their personality and passions in a way that no other kind of jewelry can do. With a personalized bar bracelet, you have the ability to say exactly what you want to say and keep it close to you, always.

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High Quality Jewelry

Here at Sincerely Silver, we specialize in high quality jewelry and custom made designs. Whether you see the design and style you are looking for on our page or not, we can make it! Our dedicated team works to ensure that the vision you have of your jewelry can be made into reality. We send each of our jewelry items through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks to make sure that your custom bracelet is flawless when it gets to you.

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