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Necklaces For Girlfriend


 I love you, Always and Forever, My Moon and Stars, You'll be in my Heart,  Love of my Life... these are just a few suggestions of things you can have inscribed on this beautiful gold handwriting bar necklace from our Handwriting Necklace Collection. We take your actual handwritten, sentimental message and engrave it onto this lovely gold bar for the handwriting...


A dainty disc necklace engraved with your own custom coordinates and a dainty heart in the middle of the disc. Let us know the coordinates or the address for the coordinates. --------------------NECKLACE DETAILS-------------------- Size: 1/2" WideMetal: Gold (Sterling Silver and Rose Gold options as well)Chain: 18" (or a custom length upon request)    PERSONALIZATION We can engrave the coordinates for any...


Whether its your first anniversary, your fifth, or your fiftieth, this infinity necklace is the perfect gift for a girlfriend or wife! This anniversary necklace is personalized with each of your names and anniversary date! It comes in beautiful gold, silver, or rose gold! The chain can be adjusted to three different lengths: 16", 18", and 20". As you know,...


This dainty two disc necklace makes the perfect meaningful gift for any wife/girlfriend. The larger disc is engraved with "forever & always" and the smaller disc is engraved with your custom initials.   --------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------   Process You can leave the engraving details for each disc in the notes to seller box on the checkout page! Please specify what you...


Where It All BeganA custom coordinates necklace using any location you want! This dainty disc necklace makes the perfect anniversary gift. This necklace comes engraved with any custom coordinates that you'd like, along with "where it all began" engraved along the bottom.  --------------------NECKLACE DETAILS-------------------- Size: 5/8" WideMetal: Sterling Silver, Gold, or Rose GoldChain: 18" (or a custom length upon request)    PERSONALIZATION...


A custom gold name necklace with you or your loved ones name or any word that holds significant meaning to you. This necklace and more can be found in our Name Necklace Collection! Name plate necklaces originated as a coming of age jewelry piece for young Hispanic and Black women. Not only was it a gift of maturity (owning your...


Here you see our beautiful personalized 14K yellow gold initial necklace with an 18" chain. It is part of our Initial Necklaces Collection. Initial necklaces and monogram necklaces have become very popular due to the fact that they speak to the personality and sense of individuality of the wearer. Are you looking for a unique necklace to add to your...


Here you see our custom made vertical bar necklace made out of solid sterling silver. This vertical name necklace silver is part of our Personalized Necklace Collection, as well as our Name Necklace Collection. The wonderful thing about this sterling silver name necklace is that we can personalize it with any name you want! The unique cut-out design of this...


It's your birthday! Happy happy birthday from all of us to you! You deserve a cute as heck everyday necklace to commemorate the day you graced us with your presence! This cute and simple disc pendant comes in gorgeous gold and is personalized with the digits of your birthday inscribed in roman numerals (extra fancy).  When people see this lovely pendant...


Here you see our sterling silver open heart necklace hung on an 18" chain. This heart necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection because its simple and elegant style allows it to be paired with all your other necklace styles! An open heart necklace can symbolize so much. For instance, the heart necklace in general symbolizes deep love and...


Here you see our dainty Gold Crescent Moon Necklace. This simple and elegant necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection because it is so easy to pair with other necklaces of varying styles and makes for a great necklace for your everyday wear. Whether you are looking for yourself or for a gift for a loved one, this gold...


This is our custom soundwave necklace engraved with the song of your choice. It is a solid sterling silver necklace with an 18" chain and is part of our Soundwave Jewelry Collection. Do you have a favorite song? What about a favorite poem? Or even, a favorite passage from a book? Well, thanks to soundwave technology, we can transform your...


A dainty letter name necklace with the name or word of your choice. You can choose the length of your necklace and the type of metal you would like it made out of. The metal options are silver, gold or rose gold. The tiny initial pendants are about 8 mm tall, so it is very dainty and cute! It makes...


A beautiful name bar necklace that makes the perfect gift for mom! Choose any names and we'll print them onto this lovely bar necklace in a easy to read, contemporary font. Each name is separated with a dainty heart. This necklace has so much potential! You can put your name with your significant others, your parents names, your children's names...


This is a beautiful personalized rose gold initial necklace that hangs on an 18" rose gold chain. This gorgeous monogram necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection because its simplicity makes it easily paired with everyday attire and any other necklace styles! The wonderful thing about this rose gold monogram initial necklace is that you can customize it with...


Your very own custom name plate necklace, made with lovely rose gold. Personalized with any name or word you would like. This necklace comes from our Name Necklace Collection, and is the perfect addition to your personalized jewelry arsenal. Layer this with delicate chains, simple pendants and accessorize with other rose gold jewelry you have such as earrings or simple...


From now until forever... This dainty custom date infinity necklace from our Personalized Necklaces Collection is the perfect way to remember your anniversary, recognize a birthday, remember a lost loved one, or any other memorable date that you would like represented. The infinity symbol is a piece of imagery that can mean a lot of different things depending on who you...


Here you see our beautiful roman numeral bar necklace, which is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection and our Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection. With this custom roman numeral bar necklace, you can have engraved any date or number that is meaningful to you! Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, this sterling silver roman numeral bar necklace...


Here, you see our one-of-a-kind personalized necklace. You can customize your necklace with any song lyrics, wedding vows, quotes or words that would delight your loved one. These special words will be engraved on a 7/8" solid sterling silver heart necklace. It is part of our Anniversary Jewelry Collection. Is your anniversary coming up and you want to find something...


Create a unique necklace for your girlfriend using your fingerprint engraved onto a heart necklace. This necklace is part of our Fingerprint Jewelry Collection  For more detailed instructions regarding how to make a fingerprint necklace and how to get fingerprints on your fingerprint jewelry, check out our complete guide!   ------------------ NECKLACE DETAILS ------------------   Size: 19mm Wide (4/5")Metal: Sterling Silver, Gold or...


A meaningful custom Morse Code bar necklace with your own secret message in silver, gold or rose gold. You can personalize this necklace with any word/phrase. We recommend keeping the message to about 9 characters. We can also engrave the characters in two lines if you want a longer message, so we would be able to fit up to 18...


This is our beautifully crafted roman numeral bar necklace made out of solid sterling silver (.925 silver). It hangs on an 18” chain and is part of our Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection, as well as our Anniversary Jewelry Collection. Is your anniversary coming up and you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your special day with your spouse? With...


  Here, you see our gold disc coordinates necklace, part of our Everyday Necklace Collection and our Coordinates Jewelry Collection. You can make this necklace your own by personalizing it with the coordinates from any meaningful location. There are so many different meaningful locations you can commemorate with this coordinates necklace! For instance, where you grew up, where you graduated...


"Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Way up High...There's a Land that I've Heard of...Once in a Lullaby..." This beautiful rainbow bar necklace necklace is the ideal everyday necklace for anyone! Rainbows hold so much symbolism, and are the topic of many songs, poems and otherwise. Rainbows can symbolize accomplishing goals (getting to the end of the rainbow), a fresh start (the rainbow...

necklaces for girlfriends


The Perfect Necklace for Your Girlfriend

Jewelry gifts for your girlfriend is an age old sentiment that goes back centuries. Courtship and wooing are the stepping stones necessary to go from friends to more than friends, and then from a couple to a married couple! While obviously true love can't be bought, it's the thought that counts and presenting your significant other (or someone you want to become your significant other) with a gift is a thoughtful token of affection that sends a message. It can say: I value you, I love you, You're everything to me, You come first ... just a few examples.


necklaces for girlfriend

Personalized Necklaces for Girlfriend

 At Sincerely Silver, we create jewelry pieces that are more than just a nice necklace for girlfriend. We create jewelry for girlfriends that tell a story! Simply choose the necklace style that you think your girlfriend would love and you can personalize it further with dates, her name or even a short message!


Here are some ideas of personalized messages to engrave on necklaces for girlfriends:

I Love You

Love you, XOXO

P.S. I love you

With all my love, [your name]

I Love You Baby

My Princess

To The Woman of my Dreams

[Her name, Anniversary date]

[Your Name + Her Name]

You Are My Everything

I will love you until the day after forever

Forever Yours

Love You to the Moon and Back

Let's Hangout Forever

Happy Anniversary Darling

Happy Birthday Baby

Merry Christmas My Love

You're My Person

Always & Forever

You Are My Dream

Life is Better with You

Always be My Baby




necklaces for girlfriend

Reasons for Necklaces to Get Your Girlfriend

Your Anniversary

Valentines Day

Her Birthday



Sweetest Day

To Officially Make Her Your Girlfriend

Because She Got a Promotion At Work

To Say I Love You for the First Time

To Cheer Her up During a Hard Time

To Make Her Smile

Just Because!


necklaces for girlfriend

Jewelry to Pair with Handwriting Jewelry 

Coordinates Bracelets

Wrap Rings

Handwriting Bracelets

Name Bracelets

Initial Bracelets

Quote Bracelets

Roman Numeral Date Bracelets

Inspirational Bracelets

Mantra Bracelets

Word Bracelets


necklaces for girlfriend

High Quality Jewelry & Process

At Sincerely Silver, we specialize in custom made jewelry and in creating high quality jewelry. Whether you see what you are looking for on our page or not, we can make it! Our dedicated team works to ensure that whatever you envision for your jewelry, it becomes a reality. We know there are a lot of jewelry department stores, but we offer craftsmanship in each and every item of jewelry we produce, as well as a personalized touch to create truly unique jewelry items, designed just for you or your loved one. To ensure that your handwriting bracelet is flawless when it gets to you, each and every item of jewelry we make goes through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks.


For more ideas, check out our larger collection of handwriting jewelryContact us today to get started crafting your one-of-a-kind necklace for your girlfriend!