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Roman Numeral Jewelry


Here you see our beautiful copper necklace personalized to your liking. This variation shows roman numerals with "Always & Forever" engraved, though you have the option to personalize this necklace and engrave any special message to your loved one. It is part of our Personalized Necklace Collection, as well as our Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection.   The Copper Wedding Anniversary...


This is a pretty roman numeral necklace rose gold that is part of our Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection. It hangs on an 18" rose gold chain, though you have the option to request a custom chain length. Do you have a particular date that holds a lot of meaning to you? There are many dates, days, and events that hold...


It's your birthday! Happy happy birthday from all of us to you! You deserve a cute as heck everyday necklace to commemorate the day you graced us with your presence! This cute and simple disc pendant comes in gorgeous gold and is personalized with the digits of your birthday inscribed in roman numerals (extra fancy).  When people see this lovely pendant...


Here you see our beautiful roman numeral bar necklace, which is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection and our Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection. With this custom roman numeral bar necklace, you can have engraved any date or number that is meaningful to you! Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, this sterling silver roman numeral bar necklace...


Whether it be for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, these numbers matter! The recipient of this beautiful gold bar necklace will be reminded of this special date every time they look at it! The roman numerals add a touch of tradition and class to the look and the gold bar makes for a very contemporary and...

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This is our beautifully crafted roman numeral bar necklace made out of solid sterling silver (.925 silver). It hangs on an 18” chain and is part of our Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection, as well as our Anniversary Jewelry Collection. Is your anniversary coming up and you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your special day with your spouse? With...

Roman Numeral Jewelry Collection

There are a lot of important dates in our lives that carry a significant amount of meaning. Are you looking for a beautiful, elegant necklace to keep with you always? Perhaps you are looking for a gift for your mother or daughter. Whether you are looking for yourself or for others, a roman numeral necklace is a great way to commemorate an important date in the recipient’s life. Here at Sincerely Silver, we specialize in custom-made jewelry, so each and every piece we make is unique and geared towards you. If you’re looking for a roman numeral date necklace, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the deal:

A custom roman numeral necklace is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry that allows you to keep a meaningful date close to your heart every single day. For a pop of color, consider a gold roman numeral necklace. With this exquisite style of necklace, you can pair it with other necklaces of varying lengths, or wear it by itself. Either way, you are making a statement every time you where your roman numeral bar necklace: you are saying, “this date means everything to me and I am proud to wear it close to my heart.”

Roman Numeral Ideas

In all of our lives, there are days that hold a lot of weight. Think back to a meaningful day in your life -- do you remember how you felt, how much you smiled, or how at peace you were? Perhaps you cherish every single day and it’s hard to find a time when you weren’t happy. Even still, there are probably some moments that stick out -- your wedding, the day you moved into your first home, or the birth of your first child. These dates are filled with joy, gratitude, and bliss.

As we get older and those days fall into our past, we still think fondly on the memories, but sometimes feel further from events that were so significant to us. With custom roman numeral jewelry, you can carry with you an ounce of that joy every single day; every time you put it on, touch it, or see it in the mirror, you will be transported back to that day and will feel just a little lighter and happier.

Check out these ideas for your roman numeral necklace:

  • Wedding Date
  • Your Birthday
  • Your Spouse’s Birthday
  • The Birthday of a Loved One
  • The Date of Your Wedding Proposal
  • Honeymoon Dates
  • Birthdays of Children
  • Birthdays of Grandchildren
  • Date Pet Adoption

  • Do you have something else in mind? That’s okay! Since we focus on custom-made jewelry, we can create whatever design you are looking for! Don’t feel like you have to stick to the dates we have listed -- if there is another date you have in mind, feel free to
    shoot us a message and we’ll get started crafting your one-of-a-kind personalized roman numeral necklace.

    High Quality Jewelry

    Here at Sincerely Silver, we specialize in custom-made jewelry of high quality craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry is painstakingly crafted and goes through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks. So, you can be sure that your roman numeral necklace will be completely flawless when you receive it!

    Contact us today to get started on your roman numeral necklace!