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About Us

Our Story 


Sincerely Silver was founded in 2015 as a small husband and wife business which has now grown into a national brand. Our jewelry has been featured in Vogue and Glamour magazine. Our goal is to be more than the average jewelry brand. We are trend setters, story tellers, and a name you can trust. We want to take your unique story, or the story of the person you’re buying for, and turn it into something beautiful you or your loved one can wear everyday and cherish. We want to create your favorite piece of jewelry you own and make it unique to you. We believe in transparency and quality, and above all, the women that inspire us. 



Our Products

Our jewelry is so much more than a once in awhile accessory. Our jewelry is for everyday wear, your go to look, and most of all, something that means a lot to you. While we like to keep on trend with the latest styles and colors, we also want to give you jewelry that will not only make a fashion statement, but have sentimental value. Everything from handwritten messages, to specific and meaningful coordinates, to symbols that not only make a pretty pendant but also mean so much more…  At Sincerely Silver, we strive to be more than your average jewelry store. Our jewelry tells an important story, your story!

Our necklaces are for the women that run the world: the dedicated mothers, the “always there for you when you need it most” sister, the loyal best friend, the girlfriend that keeps you grounded, the wife that inspires you… whoever it is in your life that deserves to feel beautiful and special in her own personalized necklace...


Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it always compliments what’s already there,” -Diane Von Furstenberg

Brand Values


We value your story 

Our customers are unique and true to who they are. They are the women that make us who we are today. The ones that raise us, love us, support us, start movements, inspire us, the ones that make the world a better place for all. Women of all colors, sizes, orientations, religions and beliefs, the women that stand strong and stay true to who they are, we want to tell your story with our jewelry. Everyone’s story is different, but nonetheless special. 


We believe every woman no matter what her background is, deserves a chance in life. Deserves to be appreciated, respected, deserves to be heard, deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin and defy stereotypes and beauty norms. When you wear our jewelry, it’s unique to who you are and not only looks fashionable, but says a lot about you and a piece of your history that deserves to be seen and demands to be heard. We value the women of the world for staying strong and defying expectations. You are our leaders, our heroes, our teachers, mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends, wives, daughters and so forth… stay true and stay you.  


Integrity & Quality

We stay 100% transparent with our customers. We want to give you nothing but the finest quality jewelry, specially handcrafted with your unique story in mind. We use true sterling silver, steel, gold and rose gold to craft our jewelry. We have a three step polishing process to make sure the final product is above and beyond when our customers receive it. We want you to have a necklace you’ll love, so we take time to hear you out and make any necessary changes needed to give you the jewelry you want. Our customers are our number one priority, we and we strive to give you only the best here at Sincerely Silver. 


Owners: Jared & Katya