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14K Gold Jewelry


Here you see our beautiful personalized 14K yellow gold initial necklace with an 18" chain. It is part of our Initial Necklaces Collection. Initial necklaces and monogram necklaces have become very popular due to the fact that they speak to the personality and sense of individuality of the wearer. Are you looking for a unique necklace to add to your...


Pouring your heart out into a romantic love letter is an age old gesture of affection that is still effective today. Some of the most infamous figures in history used the love letter to court their future spouses, or to keep in touch while apart. And while it may not be common practice to write lengthy hand written letters to...


Our dainty satellite chain anklet makes the perfect addition to any outfit, especially during the summer! The super dainty satellite chain has gorgeous detailing and makes a super unique piece. These anklets are perfect for wearing either alone, or layered with your other anklet favorites! We offer this beautiful anklet in sterling silver & gold. The silver option is 925 sterling silver,...

14K Gold Jewelry is a classic sentiment of romance, friendship, and heartfelt gestures. Gifting your spouse, girlfriend, best friend, sister or mom with gold jewelry says a lot about how you feel about them. It can say that your bond is strong and resilient, or that your loved one is radiant and beautiful like that of gold. Gold jewelry is typical of the 50th wedding anniversary gift, due to its high stature and flawless qualities fit for those who have loved for so long. But it also makes for a sweet gesture of young love or unconditional love. Gold never spoils or rusts, just as your bond with your loved one never will. 

Gold can also represent success, triumph, striving towards a higher goal. It's no wonder gold is the desired metal in athletics and other competitions. Gold can be a luxurious metal, sporting glamour, grandeur and prosperity. Gifting someone with gold can mean you see them as a winner or simply they exude beauty high above anyone else. 

Gold has always been the representative of something or someone that is favored. The term, "Good as Gold" refers to something being positive or worthy. To show your higher favor towards your loved one, whether it be in a romantic way, a familiar way, or a sweet sentiment to a best friend, gold jewelry is the perfect gift for this type of sentiment.