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Everyday Bracelets

Everyday Bracelets
everyday bracelets


Your everyday jewelry can say a lot about your personality, style, background, and even your favorite things! An everyday bracelet should be something stylish, personable, and true to who you are! Whether its a delicate chain or a cuff bracelet, the way it looks tells a story. From personalized discs, to gemstones, and even unique charms! What kind of story do you want to tell? Here we've compiled some of our favorite everyday bracelets with a deeper meaning and fashion forward style! Let's take a look!



Everyday Bracelets



Knot Handwriting Bracelet - Rose Gold 

A personalized open ended cuff bracelet tied in a knot with a rose gold pendant meant for a sentimental message. This knot handwriting bracelet looks stunning in rose gold and the center knot ties together the promise of friendship, loyalty, or love.






Knot Coordinates Bracelet - Gold

Whether it be your hometown, the place you met, the place you wed, or somewhere else, this unique coordinates bracelet is the perfect gift for any woman to remind her of a location that she'll never forget. 






Cut Out Coordinates Bracelet

Is there a place that means the world to you? Disneyland? Your home town? The place you met your significant other? The place you got married? These numbers tell a story. The story if your wedding day, where you were born, where your love story started, where you went to college and met your life long friends...






Gold GPS Coordinates Bracelet

Is there a meaningful location to you? Throughout our lives, as we move through different stages, certain places affect us due to the people we met and bonded with there, and the memories we created. If you’ve moved from a place that is special to you, possibly leaving a loved one behind, then a great way to commemorate that wonderful location is with a custom coordinates bracelet.







Family Tree Bracelet

This Family Tree Bracelet is the perfect way to commemorate the people who mean the most to you! Use your children's initials, Your spouse's, your parent's, even your own! If your family is what makes you who you are today, then this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear!






Personalized Name Bracelet with Birthstone

This simple name bracelet is the perfect way to showcase your identity, memorialize a passed loved one, or maybe even your child or spouse! You can even personalize it further by adding a gemstone for a pop of color! Choose your favorite color or even your birthstone!






Gold Jeremiah 29:11 Bracelet

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." A Bible verse bracelet makes the perfect everyday bracelet for those with faith in their hearts! If this bible verse or any particular bible verse gets you through the day, inspirational bracelets are the way to go!






Just Breathe Mantra Bracelet

A mantra can get you through the day or remind you to stay focused, stay humble, or to relax. Wearing your personal mantra as an everyday bracelet is a daily reminder of the person you want to be, the goals you want to achieve or the changes you want to make in your life. Having this beautiful everyday bracelet around your wrist will always remind you of what's important.






Roman Numeral Bracelet

Do you have a special date in mind that holds a lot of meaning to you? We all have certain moments in our lives that stand out as meaningful dates: the birth of your children, your wedding anniversary, your birthday, or the day you graduated! Whichever dates are important to you, having them always by your side is a great way to remember that day that means so much to you.






Personalized Bracelet With Stamped Initials

Personalized charm bracelets make for wonderful gifts for family members, friends, or loved ones because you can customize the heart charm to suit them! There are so many ways you could make this heart bracelet special to them: you could have their initials or a loved one’s initials hand stamped so they can keep their loved ones close to them always!




everyday bracelets

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  • November 06, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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