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Disc Necklace Collection


Here, you see our beautiful rose gold disc coordinates necklace. With this disc necklace, you can make a meaningful and beautiful necklace by personalizing it with the coordinates from any memorable location. This rose gold necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection and our Coordinates Jewelry Collection because its simple style allows it to pair easily with any of...

Disc Necklaces

Are you looking for a beautiful initial disc necklace? Are searching for personalized gifts for her -- something unique you know she’ll love? Here at Sincerely Silver, we have a variety of elegant disc necklaces that will be sure to please. With our assortment of styles, from engraved necklaces to cut-out designs, there is bound to be a necklace that catches your eye. We offer your choice of a gold disc necklace, a sterling silver disc necklace or rose gold disc necklace. Typically, our necklaces hang on an 18” chain, but you can request whatever length you want to go with your unique style! This chic and classic jewelry collection will have all your friends jealous!

Here’s the deal:

French girl style is almost defined by the gold disc necklace. While there are a lot of other accessories and brands that contribute to the Paris “It girl” style, the gold pendant necklace is almost always a part of their outfit. The reason for this is simple: These necklaces look good with just about any outfit.

That’s right!

Whether against bare skin paired with a floral dress or over a cotton blouse, the gold disc pendant necklace really stands out. This simple style of necklace gives a little bit of flash while still maintaining modesty and elegance. While the necklace pairs really well with summer attire (think sundresses, flirty low-cut silk tops, and bikinis), the simple disc necklace also stands out on the turtleneck and jean combination of winter!

The gold disc necklace is not the only simple circular style of necklace you could go with, however. The sterling silver disc necklace engraved also creates a unique look when paired with a black top or a cotton shirt! If you’re looking for a personalized name necklace, there is no better style than a small circle. The monogram disc necklace goes great with any outfit and you can keep the initials of a loved one close to your heart.

Disc Necklace Ideas

There many types of necklaces, but the disc necklace is truly one-of-a-kind and perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re looking for an uncommon necklace for fancy occasions, or something to go with other necklaces you wear every day, the disc necklace is the one for you. This style necklace is perfect to pair with other necklaces to create a multi-layered design, or to wear by itself! Since we focus on custom jewelry, we can engrave or cut out any design you have in mind. Don’t feel like you have to stick to the ideas you see on our page. We encourage customized disc necklace designs and we enjoy creating personalized necklaces because we know it has so much value to you, and that is what matters to us.

Check out some of our necklace ideas:

  • 14k gold initial disc necklace
  • Gold disc necklace
  • Silver disc necklace
  • Personalized name necklace

  • High Quality Jewelry

    Each piece of jewelry goes through many quality checks and our three-step polishing process. When it gets to you, you can be sure your disc necklace is flawless! Each disc necklace is painstakingly crafted with you or your loved one in mind, so you can be certain of the high quality craftsmanship.

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