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Gold Moon Necklace


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Here you see our dainty Gold Crescent Moon Necklace. This simple and elegant necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection because it is so easy to pair with other necklaces of varying styles and makes for a great necklace for your everyday wear.

Whether you are looking for yourself or for a gift for a loved one, this gold moon necklace can symbolize many different things. For instance, many ancient civilizations believed that the moon was a divine female deity. In Greek mythology, the moon represents fertility, regeneration, and bringing new life into the world. In Chinese philosophy, the moon is the yin, whereas the sun is the yang, representing the balance of the natural world.

The moon is also believed to influence us in many ways, from the tides in the ocean to the emotions we feel. A full moon is believed to bring about creativity, energy, and positivity.

Specifically, a crescent moon in its waxing phase is believed to bring about motivation to achieve our dreams. The waning moon phase encourages us to remove negativity from our lives.

Regardless of what you find meaningful about the moon, a gold moon necklace is a meaningful item of jewelry to remind you of what is significant. For our rose gold necklace, go here. For our silver necklace, go here.


------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Metal: Gold
Chain: 18" gold chain

Shipping: Dependent on chosen shipping method.

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