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Silver Wishbone Necklace


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Are you feeling lucky? This cute and dainty silver wishbone necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection, and is great for everyday wear since it symbolizes your innate happiness or good karma.

When you make a wish on a wishbone, the wisher who breaks the bone and ends up with the largest piece is believed to have their wish granted. This person can then give their wish to someone else if they so choose.

Wishbone necklaces can symbolize a lot of different ideas to the wearer, but in general, they symbolize hope for the future and good luck to the wearer. When you wear a sterling silver wishbone pendant necklace, you are going forth confidently and living your life in the moment. They make for great gifts to others, as a source of inspiration and hope, and they also look great layered with other necklaces!

Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, this sterling silver wishbone necklace makes for a great gift for friends, or works well as an addition to your own necklace collection. Its simple style makes it easy to pair with lots of other kinds of necklaces of varying lengths! Consider pairing this wishbone necklace silver with any of our other Everyday Necklaces to create a truly unique necklace collection!


--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Size: 16mm (5/8") tall
Metal: Sterling silver or gold-filled
Chain: 18" in either sterling silver or gold-filled



We take our time with each and every piece to make sure you receive a high quality piece of jewelry that you expect. Each of our pieces go through a 3 step polishing process. 


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Wishbone Necklace Meaning

The wishbone is traditionally taken from a Turkey, although similar shaped bones can be found in various birds. It is the bone that is between the neck and breast. Being able to make a wish with this bone is supposed to bring prosperity and good fortune.