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Affiliate Program - Earn 15%


Become a Sincerely Silver affiliate and earn 15%+ on every sale. 

Register here - We have partnered with to run our affiliate program. 

Commissions are paid every month! 


Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate Levels

Level 1: Earn 15% on every sale. You will earn 15% until you reach a total of $500 in sales. 

Level 2: Once you hit $500 in sales, you will reach level 2. At level 2 you will earn 17% commission on every sale until you reach a total of $1000 in sales. 

Level 3. Once your total sales reaches $1000 or more you will receive 20% commission on every sale. 


• Commission is paid every month

• 60 day cookie tracking


How to register - Register here


Terms and Conditions

1. You are not allowed to bid on trademarked keywords or our domain name. This means you cannot bid on the following (not limited to) Sincerely Silver,, or Any variations or misspellings are not allowed.

2. You cannot use as the display URL.

3. You cannot use Sincerely Silver in a subdomain link for your display URL. For example or

4. Sites that are primarily coupon sites will not be accepted as affiliates. 

5. If any of these rules are broken, you will be dropped and banned as an affiliate and commissions will not be paid.