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Become A Brand Ambassador

What is a brand ambassador? 

We are looking to hire a brand ambassador, who will be the face and voice of our brand! For Sincerely Silver, the brand ambassador job description is fairly straightforward: basically, you will help to get the word out about our products and represent our brand in a positive light. As a successful brand ambassador, you will help increase brand awareness and promote our products by using your various social media platforms. You will help us achieve our marketing goals and objectives by communicating the value of our products to your followers on your media channels. Via word-of-mouth marketing tactics (e.g. referring friends to our site and posting about our site and products online), you can help us market our brand.

If you’ve landed on our page, we’re glad. This brand ambassador program is fun and easy! You help us expand our reach and we will send you free products and a commission! Become a brand ambassador for Sincerely Silver and see what we will offer you!


What will you receive as a brand ambassador? 

1. Free Product

You will receive free product for you to post on various platforms (Instagram, blog, Facebook etc.). 

You will receive free product for you to host a giveaway. One for you and one for the winner! 

2. Commission

You will receive 20% commission on every sale you bring us. We will provide you an affiliate link and a branded coupon code to track sales. You can give your followers the coupon code so they can receive 15% off their order. 

3. Discount

You will receive a lifetime discount of 30% off for any additional jewelry you would like (excluding solid gold). 



How to become a brand ambassador for Sincerely Silver:

1. Email us at with the subject: Brand Ambassador. 

Please include the following information:

- Your full name

- What country and city you live in

- Link to your Instagram account and/or any other social media accounts you use. 


2. Sign up for our affiliate program here. Please note, once you sign up we will increase your commission rate to 20%. 


Once you complete steps 1 and 2 we will review your information. Then we will contact you to let you know if you have been accepted as a Sincerely Silver brand ambassador.