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Fashion Blogger Program

Want to receive free jewelry every month?


Sign up with us to become a fashion reviewer and receive up to $200 worth of jewelry every month! Please email us at and tell us about yourself and your various social media accounts. 


Requirements to become a fashion blogger 

• You must be based in the United States or Canada

• Your blog must have over 1,000 visitors a month or a DA (domain authority) of 20+. 

• Or your Instagram account must have over 3,000 followers.

• You must include 3-4 lifestyle photos of you wearing the jewelry for your blog post or Instagram post. 


Our Fashion Blogger Program Policy

Share your opinion of the jewelry you received on your blog and social media sites.

Once you receive jewelry from us, take photos of the jewelry and photos of you wearing the jewelry. Pictures must be published on your blog and social media sites within 10 days of receiving the jewelry. Once you have published your pictures/videos, please email us a link to each post. You can email us at 

The quality of your posts and the amount of traffic you bring will determine how much jewelry is sent to you each month. 


By collaborating with Sincerely Silver you consent to allow us to use any images for reposting on Instagram or other marketing material. 


How to begin receiving free jewelry

To sign up please email us at

Please include your full name, and the city and country you live you. 

Include links to your blog and the social media sites you plan on posting pictures of our jewelry on. Please let us know how many followers you have on your blog and social media sites.