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Instagram Giveaways

Grow Your Instagram Account!


By partnering with us to do a giveaway on Instagram. 


We have two types of giveaways available: Individual Giveaways and Group Giveaways.

Individual Giveaways

Account Growth Opportunity: We have seen upwards of 200 new followers from this type of giveaway

This type of giveaway is a collaborative giveaway between you and Sincerely Silver. Sincerely Silver will send you a product of your choice for you to showcase as a giveaway on your page. You would be the main host of the giveaway, would choose the winner, and we would send the piece directly to the chosen winner! We would post the giveaway on our page as well so that both of our followers get exposure and directed to each other's pages.

Giveaway requirements:

• You host the giveaway.

• Giveaway rules: Users must follow your account and Sincerely Silver's account and must tag a friend. Each extra friend tagged is an extra entry.

• Let us know the winner's information and we will mail the prize directly to them.

Start An Individual Giveaway Here


Group Giveaway 

Account Growth Opportunity: We have seen upwards of 800 new followers in 2 days from this type of giveaway

This type of giveaway is a collaborative giveaway between 3 or more participants (either influencers or businesses). Each business involved will submit a product to include in the giveaway (Sincerely Silver will submit a product as well). Each business will provide a photo of the product being given away. Once the giveaway has ended and the winner is chosen, each business will be responsible for sending the product to the winner. 
Sincerely Silver will host these group giveaways once each month. Each participant will be required to repost the giveaway on their Instagram account within 24 hours of the start of the giveaway. 


• Repost giveaway on your Instagram account (point participants to Sincerely Silver's page so they can participate in the giveaway) 

• Sincerely Silver will require each participant to follow each business or influencer in the giveaway (max 10 only)

• Businesses will be required to submit one product to the giveaway and ship the item to the winner once the contest has ended.

• There will be 10 spots available each month, 5 influencers and 5 businesses only. 

Join The Group Giveaway Here


Group Giveaway Schedule

May Giveaway: 4 Business Spots left / 3 Influencer spots left

June Giveaway: 5 Business Spots Left / 5 Influencer spots left

July: To Be Announced

August: To Be Announced

September: To Be Announced

October: To Be Announced

November: To Be Announced

December:To Be Announced