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2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide (26 Awesome Gifts For Mom!)

2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide (26 Awesome Gifts For Mom!)

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There is one relationship that scores above all others on this Earth: the relationship between a child and mother. There are many reasons for why this is so: mothers are the emotional backbones of the family, they make sacrifices so that our lives are better and they forgive our silly mistakes. Even the decisions your mom made when you were growing up that you didn’t like made you a better person — your mom taught you to be a functioning adult, and without her support, strength and boundaries, you wouldn’t be as successful as you are today. We all know Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show Mom just how meaningful she is, but we can get caught up in our hectic lives and before we know it, the holiday is upon us!

So, when is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day = Sunday May 12, 2019

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you’re scrambling to find something super awesome for your mom, something that says, “Hey Mom, you are the best mom in the entire world and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” What can you possibly get for the woman who raised you, bathed you, took care of you and listened to you always? What do you get for the woman who gave you her time, affection, eyes, hair and perseverance? Luckily, we’ve got a huge list of unique gifts for mom, Mother’s Day gift ideas, meaningful Mother’s Day gifts and personalized gifts for mom for you to check out. So if you’re struggling a little bit trying to figure out what to get your mom for mother’s day, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. (First, check out our Gifts For Mom Collection!)

HINT: #s 12 & 21 are our faves!



Best Mother’s Day Gifts

The best Mother’s Day gifts are ones that speak to your relationship with your mom and that encourage her to take some time for herself every once in a while. Find a gift that says, “I care about all the work you’ve done for me, and now it’s your turn to relax.” You’ll know it when you see it: the right Mother’s Day gifts will encourage her sense of individuality, personality, pleasures and relaxation.



#1 Willow Tree® Close to Me Mother Daughter Figurine

mother daughter figurine

For meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that speak to your relationship with your mom, this mother-daughter figurine sends a lovely personal message to your mom: no matter the physical distance between you two, you and your mom are always close at heart. The intertwining images on the figures’ dresses express a visual representation of what you feel for your mom: you wouldn’t be who you are today without her, and so you are forever bonded.


#2 Professional 3-Hour Home Cleaning

3 hour cleaning

Take a load off this Mother’s Day with a professional 3-hour home cleaning service. Your mom has done enough and she deserves to come home to a clean house and not have to pick up after anyone after a full day. Let her know you appreciate her always being Super Mom, but that she doesn’t always have to be.


#3 Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

living wall planter kit

Sure, you could get your mom a regular ole potted plant, but been-there-done-that, right? If you’ve been going through endless Mother’s Day gift ideas and have yet to be wowed, check out this unique living work of art!! For the artist, the gardner, the nature-lover and the out-of-the-box thinker, go for the sculptural succulents hanging display. She will love it!


#4 Ghirardelli Tower

ghirardelli tower

For the mom who loves chocolate, this gift is an absolute no-brainer. There is an assortment of milk and dark chocolate squares, chocolate chip cookies, white mocha coffee drink mix and others! Encourage your mom to splurge a little this Mother’s Day — she deserves it.


#5 Mama Bear Necklace

mama bear necklace

This lovely mama bear necklace is perfect for the mom who has always been there to protect you, watch over you and make sure you were okay. Has your mom always kept you from danger and guided you in the right direction? Not only does this Mother’s Day gift for mom speak to her personality as a strong protector, but it also speaks to your relationship with your mom. Let her know you appreciate everything she’s done for you with this gorgeous sterling silver mama bear necklace. (Also available in rose gold!)


#6 Large Glass Vase

large glass vase

While, at first glance, this might seem like a simple Mother’s Day gift for mom, think again. You could get your mom a relatively plain vase with the intention of just getting her flowers this Mother’s Day, but why do that when you can purchase an incredibly beautiful and unique vase?! Find some lovely flowers to accompany this large glass vase for an awesome gift this Mother’s Day 2019. Though the flowers will not last forever, she will be left with this gorgeous vase to use for all upcoming special occasions.


#7 Aroma Geni® Cashmere Ultrasonic Diffuser

aroma geni

Your mom is always taking care of other people, right? She makes you food when you’re hungry, provides you with gentle care and sustenance when you’re sick and is always there to listen to any and all emotional problems you may have. But who takes care of her? Some of the best Mother’s Day gifts are ones that pamper her: encourage her wellness with this fancy and upgraded ultrasonic diffuser.


#8 Fireside Faux Fur Throw Blanket

faux fur throw blanket

Every woman needs an incredibly soft throw blanket they can wrap themselves in. If you just can’t figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, keep in mind that a lovely throw blanket always makes for an excellent gift — she can snuggle up at the end of a long day and relax in her amazingly soft blanket and be reminded that her darling kids got it for her on Mother’s Day 2019.


#9 Spa Gift Basket

spa gift basket

This Mother’s Day 2019, spoil your mom! With this gift basket set of luxurious and pampering bath and body products, your mom will feel like the queen she is. Remind her that it is okay to spend an afternoon taking care of herself and no one else!


#10 City Dinner Cruise

city dinner cruise

Send your mom on a city dinner cruise! Sometimes, the best kind of gift is one that is an experience, rather than a tangible item. Give her an event — something to remember this Mother’s Day 2019. Unfortunately, these city dinner cruises are only for those in or near the coast, so for those who are landlocked, think of a similar idea: spend a day with your mom going to the nearby aquarium or zoo, go see a movie and go shopping, or go on a mini 3-day road trip to the nearby mountains! Whatever it is, spend some time with her, bond, and make some memories you won’t soon forget.


#11 Ancestry DNA

ancestry DNA

When you think about it, this might be one of the best gift ideas ever!! With AncestryDNA, the receiver gets to learn more about themselves and who they are, while also learning about their family history. As one of the most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts, AncestryDNA can help her discover recent migration paths of her ancestors, tracing her roots back to 500+ global regions!! If you’re looking for things to get your mom for Mother’s Day that encourage her sense of understanding about herself, you can’t get better than this.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Sure, you could get your mom a generic, standard gift this Mother’s Day, but nothing shows how much she means to you quite like personalized gifts. With personalized gifts for mom, you have to put a little extra effort in, but that extra effort goes a long way. It’s easy to buy chocolates or flowers for your mom, but consider the look on her face when she rips off the wrapping paper and finds a blanket made of your own family photos, or a necklace engraved with your own handwriting meant only for her. Everyone else will have to step up their game because your personalized Mother’s Day gift for mom will definitely be her favorite.  



#12 Dear Mom Poem Personalized Photo Album

dear mom personalized photo album

In general, photo albums make for great gifts for mom: you can flip through them together, reminiscing over the lovely times and even become inspired to make plans for new adventures in the future! This personalized poem photo album takes the generic photo album up a notch: you can choose up to 9 different poems or write your own! This is by far one of the most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts out there, for sure.


#13 Rose Gold Handwriting Necklace

rose gold handwriting necklace

Jewelry for mom is always a great option! There are so many options with jewelry depending on what style of jewelry and what color metal is her favorite. However, the great thing about this rose gold handwriting necklace in particular is that you can customize it with your own handwriting. Have a special message you want to share with your mom? Have it engraved in your own handwriting on a necklace she can wear every single day. Check out the entire Handwriting Necklace Collection for more ideas!


#14 Photo Tile Plush Blanket

photo tile plush blanket

This photo tile plush blanket is seriously one of the best gifts for mom on Mother’s Day you could get her. Not only is it a fluffy blanket that she will love because she snuggle up under it, but it also has the faces of all those who are close to her. Though she’ll want to keep it looking nice and in tip-top shape, she won’t be able to keep herself from cozying up underneath it each and every night.


#15 Happy Mother’s Day Wine Glass

happy mother's day wine glass

For the wine-loving mom, this is an irresistible gift. Not only can you encourage her to relax with this practical gift, but you can also personalize it with a special message! This way, she knows it was made just for her and she will cherish this gift. Just wait and see: this will become her new favorite wine glass.


#16 Ceramic Casserole Baking Dish

ceramic baking dish

Take this gift a step further than just the personalized ceramic dish: while the gift itself is great on its own, consider spending an afternoon cooking with your mom. Spend Mother’s Day 2019 just the two of you catching up, maybe over some wine and hor d’oeuvres, while you bake a yummy dish for you and her to enjoy.


Top 5 Books For Moms (Sincerely Silver Approved!)

Books inspire us, calm us, encourage us and give us new insight. We can learn a lot from books, whether it’s just a new recipe that will soon become a family favorite, or whether it’s one that teaches and reminds us how far we’ve come as a population. We picked out a few that are in line with our message that we hope you and your mom will love. Enjoy!



#17 Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering

magnolia table

If you and your mom bond over home improvement shows and HGTV’s Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, then Magnolia Table is definitely the book you should get her. With recipes inspired by big family gatherings, comfort food and the couple’s new restaurant in Waco, Texas, this recipe collection will give you and your mom something to do each time you visit.


#18 In The Company Of Women

in the company of women

This book is a source of inspiration for women everywhere. In The Company Of Women provides a wealth of advice and meaningful insights into the entrepreneurial spirit of women across the globe. For the strong mothers out there, they will appreciate a beautiful book detailing the many accomplishments of influential women.


#19 Floral Blossoms Leather Journal

floral blossoms leather journal

Okay, so this isn’t technically a book for your mom to read, but we all need to occasionally write out our thoughts in a gorgeous leather-bound journal. Your mom will appreciate the refined look and texture of this journal, as well as the sentiment behind it: for the strong, wise and introspective woman, she will cherish a gift that encourages her most unique qualities. (Also, you can personalize it with a title, message and name!!)


#20 Soul Spa Devotional Book

soul spa devotional book

For the faithful, this is a wonderful gift. Encourage your mom to spend some time reflecting and refreshing her spirit. Though it can be easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of everyday life, it is important for each and every one of us to keep in mind what matters most. Soul nourishment is up there in the list of Things That Matter, so help your mom to pamper herself with a book that helps her connect to her faith.


#21 Great Quotes from Great Women: Words from the Women Who Shaped the World

great quotes from great women

If you’re stuck on what to get your mom for mother’s day this year, search no further! Throughout history, women have inspired society and been courageous leaders that have fearlessly guided us to where we are today. Inspire your mom with the timeless wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Michelle Obama and others!

Top 5 Mother’s Day Cards

To accompany your gift, you need a Mother’s Day card! Cards are a great way to write out your feelings to your mom and let her know just how lucky you are to have her in your life. You couldn’t ask for a better mom, right? Let her know that with a fun, unique, sentimental or quirky card. If you need some Mother’s Day card ideas for this upcoming 2019 Mother’s Day, you’re in luck. Check out Sincerely Silver’s Top 5 Mother’s Day cards below!



#22 Elephant Mother’s Day Card

elephant mother's day card

How adorable is this Elephant mother and baby Mother’s Day card? The design may be simple, but the tenderness and compassion displayed by the elephants says all you need it to: “You’re my companion, Mom. You always have been.”


#23 Lovepop Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

cherry blossom pop up card

This card is seriously awesome — it pops up into a three dimensional tree!! Go above and beyond with this card this Mother’s Day. It is definitely out of the ordinary and will surprise her in a fun and creative way.


#24 Kindness and Grace Mother's Day Card With Butterfly Necklace

mother's day card with butterfly necklace

This Mother’s Day card is two gifts in one: not only do you get a beautiful watercolor card design, but also included is a small, simple butterfly necklace. Each and every time your mom wears the butterfly necklace, she will be reminded of your thoughtful gift and will feel grateful to have such an attentive child.


#25 Wooden Mother’s Day Card

wooden mother's day card

Not only does this wooden Mother’s Day card make for a great card for your mom, but it is also a wonderful keepsake! Oftentimes, cards remind us that others are thinking of us, but they can (unfortunately) find their way to the trash can more frequently than other kinds of gifts. However, with this wooden card, your mom will appreciate its craftsmanship and will be sure to keep it on the mantel as a special keepsake.


#26 Funny Star Wars Mother’s Day Card

star wars card

Does your mom love Star Wars? For the quirky Star Wars fan, this is the perfect Mother’s Day card! No need to get a super serious card: make your mom laugh this Mother’s Day with a character only half as wise as your mom. (This also makes for one of the best Mother’s Day gifts from son!!)

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