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24 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & For Her

24 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & For Her

Valentine's Day gift ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, images of flowers and candies and cards with Cupid come to our minds: while those are all well and good for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you’re looking for something a little more. As a holiday, the day of February 14th seems to come with pre-prescribed gift ideas: an elegant dinner out followed by a love note written by a card company. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been in one for quite some time, V-Day is the one day a year set aside to spoil and care for your boo with gifts or events that truly reflect the amazingness that is your partner. No matter the stage of your relationship, there is always something you can do to celebrate this yearly rendition of love. There are a lot of great thoughtful and creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there, but we’ve collected some really, really great ones.


(HINT: #8 & #24 are our faves!!!)

In this Complete Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, you will discover:

  • Romantic gifts for her
  • Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend
  • Gifts ideas for wife
  • What to get him for Valentine’s Day
  • Creative Valentine’s Day ideas for him
  • Romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Sure, you could get her red roses and a box of chocolates (you can’t really go wrong with that, can you?), but if you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, we’ve set up a pretty great list for you.

(If roses + chocolates are your thing, this is great site.)

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the uniqueness of the individual you’re with, as well as the love and bond you share. If you’re hoping to surprise her with how well you listen and know what she’s all about, then the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her will be the ones that say something about her personality. What does she like? What does she do? What’s she all about? Remind her that she’s one-of-a-kind with these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

What to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

what to get your girlfriend for valentine's day

#1 Birth Month Flower Earrings

birth month flower earrings

These birth month flower earrings take the traditional Valentine’s Day required gift item (flowers) and takes it up a notch: these flowers won’t die in a few weeks, shed all over her apartment, or start to smell! Not only does this darling Valentine’s Day gift spruce up a standard gift idea for this holiday dedicated to loved ones, but it also speaks to the individuality of your girl. Something that makes your girl extra special is her birthday! Each month has a particular flower associated with it, which means that you can celebrate her birth and her presence in your life this Valentine’s Day with this cute flower earrings -- what is more wonderful than that?

#2 HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP sprocket portable photo printer

Of course she has all her photos on Instagram & Facebook, but nothing beats the joy of having physical pictures all around your home! Whether tacked on a corkboard or hung in elaborate picture frames, pictures bring us joy and remind us of the love all around us. With a portable photo printer, she can easily bring these memories to life in your home!

#3 The New York Nobody Knows

the new york nobody knows

For the reader, the traveller, the adventurer and the curious mind, you can’t go wrong with this incredibly unique and interesting book. The author decided that the only way to really know New York City was to travel every inch of it, which led him to speak with hundreds of New Yorkers about the experience of being a New Yorker. Whether your girl just loves to read or she’s a wandering spirit who needs freedom to travel, this stimulating book is a great way to encourage her passions.

#4 Zodiac Necklace

zodiac necklace

Like her birth month flower, something that makes your gal special is her Zodiac sign. For the girl who feels particularly connected to her Zodiac sign and her horoscope, this necklace is a must: it speaks to her personality better than just about anything else could! Even if she doesn’t read her horoscope religiously, she tells you the coincidences between her own personality and that of a Taurus sign are remarkable. You may be a skeptic, but it matters to her. Let her know you love her personality with this unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Romantic Valentine’s gifts for her

#5 Fancy Candle Holders

fancy candle holders

Set the mood with these fancy candle holders! Maybe this Valentine’s Day, have a night in and cook her the dinner of her dreams. With these gold-finished candle holders, lead her to your homemade meal where you will be waiting with a rose, delicious wine and a kiss just for her. She won’t soon forget this Valentine’s Day 2019 when you dedicate an evening to your special lady.

#6 Romantic Robe

romantic robe

For a romantic night with your girl, looking the part is half the fun! This romantic kimono, or nightgown robe, is dual purpose: your girl can lounge about on a lazy night in or feel like royalty in this gorgeous piece.

#7 Handwriting Necklace

handwriting necklace

Jewelry for the “love holiday” is a given, but you can make this Valentine’s Day 2019 extra special by getting her a necklace with a meaningful message in your own handwriting! Yes, that’s right! Though you can opt to use the handwriting style font shown on the necklace, you can also engrave a message with your exact handwriting. Not only can you customize the message to whatever you want to say to your loved one, you can also display it in your personal script -- like a love note she can wear every single day ❤

#8 Date Night Bucket List

date night bucket list

Going out together and making new memories is one of the best ways to celebrate your love for each other and your relationship. With this fun and quirky gift idea for her, the fun won’t end when Valentine’s Day is over: you get 25 more opportunities to do nothing but explore the town and enjoy each other’s company with romantic adventures! That’s why this is one of our faves. Though there are other cute Valentine’s Day gifts for her, this one takes the cake: activities keep a relationship fresh because when you enjoy doing things with one another, your bond will remain strong.

Valentine’s Day ideas for wife

valentines day gifts for wife

#9 UGG Duffield Throw

UGG duffield throw

Valentine’s Day ideas for wife are all about her comfort. At this point, you two have been together for a while, so you know that the key to a happy life is stability in your relationship, which means making sure your partner is happy, comfortable, and well taken care of. Happy wife, happy life, right? This luxurious throw blanket from UGG is super soft, comes in a variety of colors (pick her favorite color!), and is HUGE so the two of you can snuggle up and relax 😄

#10 Birchbox


The wonderful thing about this beauty subscription box is that your woman will receive cosmetics tailored to her skin, hair and style. Unless your wife is a robot, she needs products that are meant to fit her specifically. This Valentine’s Day, let her know you care about what she cares about: looking and feeling her absolute best.

#11 Foot Massager

foot massager

Help her relax this Valentine’s Day with a gift that really gets her to unwind. Laundry? Making dinner? Cleaning up after dinner? Pffft. Let her enjoy this lovely holiday knowing her man will take care of it all today.

#12 Art Set with Easel

art set with easel

For the painter and the creator! Celebrate her passion with a Valentine’s Day gift that tells her you appreciate and value her talents. You love her creative soul and her artistic mind -- the way she sees the world is beautiful and maybe even a little dark and you want her to know you love every second of her.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him (The Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!)

valentines day gift for him

Shopping for your man can be a little tricky. Though some men are less vocal than others when it comes to gift ideas or what they want, men really aren’t as much of a mystery as some people think. Sure, there are those guys who are extra difficult to shop for -- just like it’s impossible to find gifts for women who have everything! -- but it’ll be easier than you think to find cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Whether you’re looking for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, there are a lot of great Valentine’s Day gifts for him he will definitely love. Really, most men want what most women want: some quality time with their boo, some time to themselves, and to be appreciated for what they bring to the table.

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

#13 Blue Planet II

blue plant II

Spend time with your boo cuddling on the couch (maybe with that new fluffy Duffield throw he got you!) and be serenaded by David Attenborough’s soothing voice. Sometimes, all you need is a little time watching incredible footage of our awe-inspiring planet! If your man loves art and science, then this is the Valentine’s Day gift for him.

#14 Beard Kits

beard kit

Like women with perfume, makeup, or hair products, men like to take care of themselves and look good (for you!). This Valentine’s Day 2019, get him a beard kit that makes him look and feel like a king. He’ll feel great about himself and that will feel great to you.

#15 Bespoke Post Subscription

bespoke post subscription

Subscription boxes really are the gift that keeps on giving. The great thing about this Bespoke Post Subscription is that you receive a new and unique box each month full of a bunch of goodies -- alcohol, football, sushi, cigars and more! Celebrating each other is something we should do way more that just once a year: with this subscription box of surprises, the gifts are never-ending (almost), so he’ll feel loved consistently throughout the year.

#16 Personalized LP Record

personalized lp record

Personalized gifts make for one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s gifts you could get! Not only is this Valentine’s Day gift super thoughtful because you can personalize it with up to 5 songs of your own choice (!), but you can let him know you love and value his musical hobbies! Win-win.

Romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for him

romantic valentines day gifts for him

#17 Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

personalized whiskey decanter set

For the classy whiskey lover! He will appreciate this elegant decanter set personalized with his name. On the decanter, it can be personalized with his first and last name, while on the two additional glasses, it can be personalized with the initial of his last name. If he’s a whiskey lover, then he needs high quality glassware to serve and store his favorite drink.

#18 Cooking For Two Cookbook

cookbook for two

If your guys likes to cook, then this cookbook for two is a no-brainer! Not only does this Valentine’s Day gift idea for him speak to one of his own hobbies, but it also encourages the two of you to spend time together! And, honestly, how romantic is cooking together? Pretty darn romantic.

#19 Truth or Dare (for grown-ups!)

truth or dare

Make this Valentine’s Day special with a gift idea meant for just the two of you! ❤

#20 Personalized Canvas Print with First Dance Song

personalized canvas print with first dance song

For your husband, a personalized canvas print with your first dance song is quite possibly one of the most romantic gift ideas you could get him! Simultaneously get him something personal and unique to the two of you, and also an item you can hang on your wall and be reminded of every single day. Your wedding day -- the day you married your best friend -- is one of the best days of his life. What better way to celebrate your love for each other than with a canvas print showcasing your song?

Creative Valentine’s Day ideas for him

creative gifts for him

#21 Unique Watch

unique watch

Sure, you could get him just any watch, but why do that when there are whole collections of weird and unique watches that speak to his personality? In general, a watch as a Valentine’s Day gift for him is a classy and elegant gift idea because it encourages his one-of-a-kind sense of style. With these unique watches, however, you can really amp up your game and get him something that was basically made for him.

#22 Arteza Brush Pens

arteza brush pens

For the creative, these brush pens are a super great way to celebrate your guy! This Valentine’s Day, let him know he’s the best artist you know, you appreciate his unique talents, and you believe his creative abilities are above and beyond with this gorgeous pen set!

#23 Miniature Valentine’s Day Notebook

miniature valentines day notebook

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him not only show him that you’re willing to put in a little extra time and effort to make something special for him, but they are a super creative way to display your love! Though this site is filled with a lot of unique DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him, the mini notebook is a particularly cute way to express your love for him! This tiny little notebook can house all your secrets, or the 20 reasons why you love him! Whatever message you want to send him, he’ll appreciate your creativity ❤

# 24 Date Night Pottery Class

date night pottery class

You’ve made it to our second fave! While any of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and for her make for excellent gifts because they all encourage the individuality of your partner, what really makes relationships special are the experiences that you share. Therefore, go out and take a pottery class! Not only will you learn a new skill, but you will spend some quality time with your partner and what’s better than that? Absolutely nothing.
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