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Everything You Need To Know About Diffuser Jewelry

Everything You Need To Know About Diffuser Jewelry

everything you need to know about diffuser jewelry

Diffuser jewelry is way more than just a simple fashion trend: diffuser jewelry uses aromatherapy, which has long-lasting physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. When you wear diffuser jewelry, you can get all the benefits of aromatherapy without going to the spa! In general, essential oil diffuser jewelry is a portable and fashionable way to use a centuries’ old practice of scent for healing physical and emotional ailments. As a complementary medicine, aromatherapy uses scent to evoke emotions and memories. An aromatherapy diffuser necklace is a modern method to remain proactive about your well-being. If you’re curious about diffuser jewelry or what is the best aromatherapy necklace, then read on! This Complete Guide for aromatherapy jewelry will tell you everything you need to know about diffuser jewelry.

In this Complete Guide to Diffuser Necklaces, you will discover:

  • What is diffuser jewelry
  • How does a diffuser necklace work
  • Why you should use it
  • Types of aromatherapy necklaces
  • Which essential oils you should get

What Is an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace?

diffuser jewelry

Before you can decide which type of essential oil necklace is best for you, you must be wondering, what is it? An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser necklace (AKA: aromatherapy necklace, diffuser necklace, essential oil necklace) is a portable jewelry item that disperses or diffuses the beneficial scents of essential oils into the air you breathe, in order to support your desire to feel good all day long.

Aromatherapy jewelry is typically made from a variety of different materials (e.g. clays, metals and glass), and the designs for an aromatherapy necklace diffuser pendant are extremely varied.


How does an Essential Oil Necklace Work?

There are many different types of oil diffuser jewelry (read below!), but, in general, the process of using an aromatherapy necklace is pretty simple. An essential oil necklace works in the same way that aromatherapy works: aromatherapy uses essential oils, which are distilled from plants and have healing properties for the mind and body. In order to understand how an essential oil necklace works, we must first understand how aromatherapy works.

Olfactory Response & Limbic System

olfactory response

Unlike our other senses (i.e. sight, touch and hearing), which are processed through the thalamus, our sense of smell has a direct line of access to the cerebral cortex. While the other sense impulses must travel through the body via neurons and the spinal cord before finally reaching the brain, the sense of smell and olfactory response is immediate. The sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than other senses, and the olfactory response is the only time when our central nervous system is directly exposed to the external environment.

In smell tests, researchers have found that sniffing the essential oils from rosemary before a task can enable people to remember to do things, and can improve memory up to 75%. Another study found that the aromas of plant essential oils affects our cognition and behavior.

There’s more.

In addition to the findings from these studies, our sense of smell is interconnected with our limbic system, which include a variety of structures that deal with a wide range of behaviors, such as memory, emotion and motivation. The limbic system translates sensory data from the neocortex into motivations, behaviors or actions. Thus, things we smell (like essential oils) can help to invigorate us or soothe and calm us, depending on our perception of the smell.



Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that has been around for thousands of years but has become popular in recent years. Aromatherapy uses sense of smell and skin absorption to relieve physical and emotional pains. Essential oils are believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help the skin fight infection and relieve physical pain. Though essential oils are predominantly used in skin care, the easiest and most effective way to take advantage of the essential oils is to inhale the molecules via aromatherapy. Inhaling the essential oils of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver can improve the quality of sleep and banish insomnia, leaving you feeling refreshed and more energetic in the morning.

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

Aromatherapy has been so effective at helping people with a variety of ailments (read on to see the benefits of a diffuser necklace!) that aromatherapy jewelry has been implemented as a portable way to experience the positive effects of essential oils all day long! When it comes to an aromatherapy diffuser necklace, they work in a variety of different ways depending on their design (check out the types of aromatherapy diffuser necklaces below!). However, they are all relatively straightforward: just apply 1-3 drops of the essential oil of your choice to the top of the diffuser necklace and you’re ready to go!

When applying the essential oil, keep in mind:

  • Apply the essential oil to the part of the necklace that does not touch your clothes
  • Some oils can last for several days, while others can fade fairly quickly
  • Refresh as needed

If your diffuser jewelry item has a vented felt pad locket:

  • Open the locket via a small slit
  • Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to a natural fabric felt pad
  • Close the locket, placing the felt pad in the locket
  • Enjoy the aroma! The aroma released from the locket usually lasts from 3-5 days

  • Why should you use an Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace?

    essential oil

    There are so many reasons why you should use an essential oil diffuser necklace. Diffuser jewelry is cosmetic, highly fashionable and an elegant jewelry item you will love to have with you always. Since there really is no need to apply essential oils directly to the skin, an aromatherapy diffuser necklace is a beautiful and functional way to benefit from the effects of aromatherapy without direct skin absorption. An oil diffuser necklace allows you to wear your favorite scent every single day, mix up the scents depending on your moods, or protect yourself from unpleasant odors! An oil diffuser necklace can also act as an insect repellant and replace toxic perfumes! If you still are not sure about whether or not you should try an essential oil necklace, check out the following benefits!


    What are the benefits of a diffuser necklace?

    benefits of diffuser necklace

    #1 Improves Memory and Mental Clarity

    As explained previously, there is an anatomic connection between the brain areas that process scent and those that deal with memories, emotions and motivations. The use of aromatherapy is believed to improve memory function, prevent short-term memory loss, and prevent chronic stress (which can affect mental clarity). It is believed that aromatherapy and wearing an oil diffuser necklace can boost memory capacity and improve learning capabilities for younger individuals. When looking for the best aromatherapy necklace to improve memory and mental clarity, rosemary oil is highly recommended due to its memory-enhancing effects.

    #2 Lessen Muscular Pains

    Having sore muscles or body aches and pains can increase daily stress and make it difficult to perform well at work or at school. If you’re feeling physical discomfort, aromatherapy is not recommended as the sole treatment. However, many believe in aromatherapy’s soothing effects on the body and believe an essential oil diffuser necklace can improve movement and lessen achy sensations.

    #3 Boosts Confidence

    Aromatherapy oils help you to control your moods and feelings. With an aromatherapy diffuser necklace, you can do this anywhere so that you can feel better all the time! Since diffuser jewelry has so many other positive effects, you can feel happier and more confident on a daily basis, since you don’t have to worry about headaches, muscle pains, poor memory, insomnia, allergies, depression, anxiety, or digestive problems!  

    #4 End Headaches

    Recurring headaches or migraines can be a real nightmare: they can make it nearly impossible to perform daily functions, let alone being successful in a work environment. Imagine having a constant banging in your temples or a persistent sensitivity to light that causes a pounding ache in your skull -- yuck! Thankfully, there are methods to help you deal with this problem: simply wearing an oil diffuser necklace throughout the day can relieve the symptoms of cluster headaches or full-blown migraines! This way, you can receive constant soothing effects to curtail the piercing cranial pains. Phew.

    #5 Alleviates Allergies & Sicknesses

    Being sick or coming down with a cold is not fun and can negatively impact your days. Fortunately, an oil diffuser necklace can diffuse essential oils in the air around you all day long to relieve those feelings of nausea or congestion. All you have to do is take a deep breath whenever you feel the need for instant relief. Eucalyptus, lemon, and tea tree oils are effective for congestion. Ginger, peppermint, and chamomile oils are highly recommended for feelings of sickness or queasiness.

    #6 Anti-Depression & Anti-Anxiety

    The effects of depression and anxiety can wear on an individual significantly: struggling with long-term feelings of exhaustion, stress, sadness, uncertainty, or fear can be damaging to an individual’s functionality and can impede their chances for success in society. It is believed that essential oil aromatherapy can help to lessen some of the mental ailments. Since stress, anxiety, and depression can occur at inopportune times, an aromatherapy diffuser necklace is recommended since it can be carried around with you throughout the day and the essential oils can be diffused continuously. When looking for aromatherapy jewelry to aid feelings of depression or anxiety, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, and jasmine essential oils are recognized for their soothing and relaxing properties. Note: aromatherapy jewelry should not be used as the sole treatment for depression or anxiety, but is believed by some to be effective as a complementary treatment.

    #7 Improve Digestion

    If you’ve ever experienced bloating, constipation, indigestion, or other digestive problems, you know how much these physical ailments can impede your day-to-day functioning. Aromatherapy is believed to have a positive impact on these problems: citrus essential oils have been shown to diminish the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (e.g. bloating and constipation), and have been shown to promote faster metabolic rate! Aromatherapy diffuser necklaces with chamomile, dill, and ginger can also be beneficial to the digestive system.

    #8 Improve Sleep

    A common problem for adults is having trouble falling asleep or remaining asleep! If this describes you, then you are well aware of how sleep deprivation and insomnia can have long-lasting detrimental effects to your brain and mental functioning. For instance, sleep deprivation can cause chronic fatigue, irritability, loss of mental acuity and concentration, and even short-term memory loss. To combat the evils of insomnia, luckily you have a couple aromatherapy options. First, you can apply a few drops of an essential oil to your pillow at night (cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and coriander have powerful sedative properties to improve sleep!). Or, the easiest way to give yourself a great night’s sleep is to wear an essential oil diffuser necklace throughout the day, which can help soothe your mind so you can doze off the second your head hits that pillow.


    Cons of Regular Essential Oil Diffusers

    regular diffuser

    Aromatherapy can be used in many different ways: the most popular methods are diffusion, topical application, and direct inhalation. Essential oil diffuser necklaces are considered to be the most effective method for portable aromatherapy, when compared to regular essential oil diffusers. Regular essential oil diffusers have two main problems that limit aromatherapy’s positive effects on the mind and body.

    #1 Sensory Adaptation

    Sensory adaptation refers to the process in which changes in the sensitivity of sensory receptors occur in relation to the stimulus. Basically, an individual can become increasingly less sensitive to an overwhelming or constant stimuli. Once the stimuli has passed, your sensory receptors can regain sensitivity. A great example is when your nose goes “blind” to a smell.

    In a regular oil diffuser, the essential oil vapor are released constantly for a prolonged period of time. With this constant stimulation, the body adjusts relatively quickly and the sensory receptors in the nose become “blind” to the aromatherapeutic effects of the oil molecules. This means that all the positive effects of your essential oil diffuser (mentioned above!) can stop being effective within a couple of minutes!

    With an essential oil diffuser necklace, you can mix and match scents all throughout the day, and change it up every single day, so as not to become too accustomed to the diffusion of essential oils. Basically, a diffuser necklace allows you to use a different essential oil every day to create a unique blend of scents so your nose will never become “nose blind.” With a diffuser necklace, you can enjoy the full benefits of aromatherapy throughout the day!

    cons of regular diffuser

    #2 Dilution

    In a regular oil diffuser, the essential oils are dropped into water, which are then spread across a large space, becoming very diluted. Furthermore, since you only inhale a small fraction of the air present in a room, this means that the majority of the oil in a regular oil diffuser is going to waste.

    An essential oil diffuser necklace combats this problem of dilution by bringing the essential oil closer to your nose, so a significantly greater amount of oil is inhaled rather than waster. Since the aromatherapy oil necklace is worn around the neck (which is much closer to your nose than a regular oil diffuser would be), the dilution of the oil is at a minimum, so you get to experience the benefits of aromatherapy more strongly. Essential oil diffuser necklaces help to prevent waste of the essential oil as well, since you only use the amount you need and can refresh as needed!


    Types of Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces

    There is no absolute perfect essential oil diffuser necklace: the best aromatherapy necklace is really dependent on your style and on which material choice suits you best. When using an oil diffuser necklace, keep in mind that the oil is fully absorbed into the material type to ensure that your clothing and skin do not come into contact with the undiluted essential oils. Check out the following different materials used for aromatherapy diffuser necklaces to determine which type of essential oil necklace is the best for you.

    Lava Stone & Clay

    Clay and lava stone are very popular materials for essential oil diffuser necklaces. With these materials, you can add several drops of the essential oil to the bead, which will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent. A lava stone diffuser necklace usually sports a traditional chain attached to a locket, which can be opened to reveal a porous lava stone. Lava stones come in various sizes and unique shapes, ranging from 6 to 14 mm. To use the lava stone aromatherapy necklace, place a few droplets onto the porous lava stone, swirl it around in your fingers to allow the oils to settle into the stone, and place it back into the locket. The positives of this type of essential oil necklace is that it is affordable, the scent hold for longer due to the porous nature of the stone, and the stones come in different colors to encourage individuality and unique styles. The downsides of the lava stone necklace is that some vendors place limitations when it comes to styles.

    Felt Pad Diffuser Necklace

    Felt pad diffuser necklaces are probably the most common type of aromatherapy jewelry since there are many styling options available, they are very affordable, and there are different color felt pad options available! These diffuser necklaces usually have a chain with a pendant locket at the end, which can be opened to add your favorite scent! The downsides of this type of diffuser necklace are that the felt pad does not hold scent as well as a leather or lava stone option would, and the pendants tend to be rather large.



    Leather is the least common material when it comes to aromatherapy jewelry simply because they are more expensive and considered by vendors to be a speciality item. However, they are very effective at holding the scent throughout the whole day and they express a unique style!

    Metal Diffuser Necklace


    There are many different metal materials that can be used to create an oil diffuser necklace, but pewter and silver usually make great aromatherapy necklaces. An essential oil necklace made of pewter or silver typically features a small scented sponge or pad that diffuses the essential oil through tiny holes.

    Glass Diffuser Necklace

    Glass aromatherapy necklaces trap the essential oils inside so that they slowly seep out, dispersing the soothing scent.


    When choosing an essential oil diffuser necklace, consider:

  • Comfortability
  • A good aromatherapy diffuser necklace should be lightweight enough to be worn throughout the day.

  • Durability
  • A decent essential oil necklace should be constructed from high quality materials to ensure its durability. For instance, surgical grade stainless steel is a preferred material since it resists tarnish and looks beautiful as well.

  • Length
  • Consider the length and whether the chain can be adjusted for your diffuser necklace. The length of the diffuser necklace will determine how close or far away the essential oil is from your nose, which could affect the aromatherapy benefits!

    What are the best essential oils for diffuser jewelry?

    Which Essential Oil Should I Get?
    I feel stressed Lavender, lemon, peppermint, vetiver, pine, chamomile, ylang ylang
    I can’t sleep Lavender, chamomile, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, neroli, cedarwood, vetiver and coriander
    I’m feeling down, sad or depressed Peppermint, chamomile, lavender, jasmine
    I have anxiety Valerism, lavender, jasmine, bergamot, rose, sweet basil, roman chamomile
    I feel slow and sluggish Lemon, orange, peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, sage, cinnamon
    I have digestive problems Citrus, like lemon or orange
    I am congested Eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, tea tree
    I feel sick, nauseous or queasy Ginger, chamomile, peppermint
    I have physical aches and pains Peppermint, marjoram, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus


    • Has uplifting and relaxing properties
    • One of the best diffusing oils for treating tension, nervous anxiety and depression



      • Powerful natural antiseptic
      • Has antibacterial and antiviral properties
      • Relieves aches and pains from muscular stress, body tension and soreness



        • Sweet, tangy, refreshing aroma
        • Provides relief from mental fatigue, depression and headaches
        • Promotes healthy immune system



        • Antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties
        • Ability to relieve aches and pains
        • Ability to decrease muscular stress, body tension and soreness



        • A mental stimulant
        • Promotes mental clarity
        • Stimulates the conscious mind
        • Boosts confidence and optimism
        • Reduces mental stress and tension



        • A powerful stimulant and enhancer
        • Lends strength and power to creative thinking
        • Improves mental focus
        • Sharpens memory
        • Eases symptoms of mental exhaustion


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