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Christmas Gifts for Mom

Christmas Gifts for Mom

christmas gifts for mom

No doubt your Mom did her absolute best at making every Christmas spent with you the best ever. From taking you to see Santa, to getting you everything you wanted on your Christmas list, or even making snowmen with you, your Mom did her best to give you a great Christmas every year. Now you're older and maybe you live far away from Mom and have a family of your own. You're more than likely making Christmas special for your own kids now. But, Mom deserves to get a special Christmas present from you all the same! To help you narrow down the perfect gift for her this year, we've created this list of the top 10 best Christmas Gifts for Mom she's sure to love!




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Christmas Gifts for Mom


christmas gifts for mom

Mama Bear and Cub Necklace

For a fierce Mama that would do anything for her cubs (all Mama's of course!) this Mama Bear and Cub Necklace is a perfect Christmas gift for the woman that made you who you are today! This sweet and subtle pendant comes in silver and rose gold so you can choose the color that best suits her wardrobe and personality! Your Mama will be proud to wear this beautiful and heartfelt Mama Bear necklace for special occasions and everyday wear!




gold generations necklace

Gold Generations Necklace

This beautiful Gold Generations Necklace set is a lovely gift that will work for yourself and your Grandmother too! This set of three lovely heart shaped necklaces can be engraved with initials, names, nicknames, dates, or a short message! You can wear the smallest of the set with your initial or name printed and present the other two to your Mom and Grandma on Christmas to wear all together! Don't forget to take a photo too!




christmas gifts for mom

Gold Handwriting Bracelet

If your Mom is more of a bracelet Gal, this lovely knot handwriting bracelet is the perfect Christmas gift! Choose a sweet message like, "I love you," or "Best Mom Ever" and on the back, "Love, Y/N" or anything else that will fit on the disc! This bracelet is also available in rose gold if your Mom likes rose gold jewelry! This bracelet will go perfectly with any fashion sense and can be worn dressed up or for everyday wear! Your Mom will love the sentiment of the message you choose and will be more than happy to show off her new accessory! 




christmas gifts for mom

Live Laugh Love Wall Decor

If your Mom is the kind of woman that is very into home decor and inspirational messages, then you can't go wrong with decorative wall art. This "Live Laugh Love" wall decor piece is the perfect addition to any home! The three piece set will look perfect in a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, home office or any other part of the house she would like! This particular design comes in a faux wood print or a faux marble print so you can choose between rustic or modern for her decor! This wall decor will remind your Mom to Live every moment, Laugh everyday, and Love beyond words.




christmas gifts for mom

Eat Drink and Be Merry Canvas

In addition to the Live Laugh Love wall decor, you could also get your mom this cheerful, "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry" three piece canvas for her kitchen, dining room or living room! The style is subtle and will go with any decor. The message of the canvas is welcoming and promotes a sense of community and joy. All who are gathered in your mother's home can enjoy themselves with great food, drink, and laughter. Alternatively Canvas Vows also offers a rustic version of this three piece set as well.




Dessert Cook Book

If your Mom is the baking type, then this cook book full of 450 recipes is the perfect gift for her this Christmas! This cook book comes from Cook's Illustrated, one of America's best food magazines. Your Mom is sure to love baking traditional classics and experimenting with new desserts like Ultimate Turtle Brownies and Peach Shortcakes! Yum!




China Tea Set

For the Mother that's the hostess with the mostess and a tea fanatic, this china tea set is the perfect Christmas gift for her! This set includes a 48 oz. tea pot, 8 oz. tea cups and saucers, and a sugar and creamer set. She'll have everything she needs for afternoon tea or hosting book-club with the girls. She'll be the envy of all her friends when she brings out this absolutely stunning china tea set! But don't stop there, wow her with some of her favorite tea flavors to go with it!




Bamboo Wood Bath Caddy

Spoil your Mom this Christmas with this amazing bamboo wood bath caddy! This is the perfect gift for the Mom who enjoys long soaks in the bath and catching up on the latest episodes of her favorite shows too! This bath caddy can hold everything for her phone, a tablet, bath salts, bubble bath, a small scented candle, loofah, or even a glass of wine to enjoy! This gift can hold so many of her favorite things she may just never leave the bath again! Bonus points if you throw in some of her favorite soaps, bubble bath mixtures and tea candles to complete the set!



Smartwatch for Her

For the Mom that's always on the go, she's gonna need something that can keep up with her. Your Mom's a major boss lady and no ordinary tech will do. This Christmas, blow her away with this amazing smartwatch! She can count her steps, check the weather, and yes even tell time. This is perfect for a Mom with a tight schedule and one that likes to keep track of how much physical activity she has in a day. This watch comes in silver or in white and rose gold so you can choose the color that suits her best!




Mini Espresso Machine

She's been wanting it, and now you've got it. The perfect way to start her day! This Christmas, surprise your Mom with this mini espresso machine! No more dreaded trips at the local coffee joint, waiting in line for far too long just for someone to get her order wrong. Now she can get a kick start to her morning with the power of espresso at her command! It's mini, so she won't have to worry about clearing too much space to fit it in her kitchen. Take your gift giving up a notch by throwing in this french press coffee maker to make it a set!






christmas gifts for mom

Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

For the Mom that likes her H20 a little sweet, here's the perfect leak proof fruit infuser water bottle from Brimma! Take your favorite fruits, insert them into the infuser capsule, and transform your water from ordinary to extraordinary! Strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, could even try lemon or cucumber water! Combine fruits and veggies to create a whole new flavor! Your Mom will love carrying this with her on walks, keeping it with her on the go, or just enjoying in the comfort of her home!




christmas gifts for mom

Mama Bear Word Bracelet

If your mom isn't a necklace person, then a simple cuff bracelet may be the new accessory she's looking for! This Mama Bear cuff bracelet is perfect for any Mama who wants to show off how fiercely she loves her kiddos in style! Cuff bracelets are great on their own or layered with other jewelry. Perfect for everyday wear or dressed up for a special occasion! If Mama Bear doesn't quite describe your Mom, don't worry because Gracefully Made makes other cuff bracelets with alternative words and inspirational phrases in their Bracelets collection!






christmas gifts for mom

Creashine Scented Candles Gift Set

For the Mama that is comforted by sweet smells and quiet time, this lovely scented candle set is a perfect Christmas present for her! This particular set comes with four beautiful candles scented with Lavender, Rosemary, Freesia, and French Vanilla. She'll love burning these while she curls up on the couch to read a book, takes a long soak in the tub, or to light when she has guests over! You just can't beat a scented candle!






christmas gifts for mom

Willow Tree Close to me, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

If your Mom loves figurines and other beautiful trinkets and things for her shelf, then this Mother-Daughter sculpted/hand painted figure is perfect for her! She'll be instantly blown away by how beautiful this statue is and be taken back to the good old days when you were younger and your Mom was your provider. Now you may be older, but your Mom will always be your hero and she'll be reminded of that always.




christmas gifts for mom

Joy Comes in the Morning Book

This daily devotional book by Ellie Claire is great for a Mom that believes in the Christian faith and likes to start her day off with words of inspiration. Joy Comes in the Morning comes with 60 devotions of faith that she can read again and again to get her mind right and start her day. This book can be used at any time she is feeling down and needs some choice words to remind her how blessed she is.




christmas gifts for mom

Jesus Calling Book

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is another daily devotional book for those dedicated to the Christian faith. If your Mom is a Christian woman and enjoys reading and inspirational non-fiction works, then this book is a great Christmas gift for her. It will put her in the right mindset for the Christmas season and she can refer to it every time she needs a little inspiration from God to get through her day. This will be a book she can read over and over and book mark all her favorite devotions.




christmas gifts for mom

Personalized Necklace with Kids Names and Birthstones

For the Mom with lots of kiddos and a love for personalized jewelry, this personalized necklace with kids names and birthstones may just be the perfect Christmas gift for her! Choose up to three names (or more if they're short) and the birthstone colors of her perspective children and Gracefully Made turns it into a beautiful personalized circle disk pendant with Swarovski birthstone charms! If this style isn't your favorite, check out the Gifts for Mom collection!




christmas gifts for mom

Family Tree Bracelet

This beautiful and simple family tree charm bracelet is a wonderful Christmas present for Mom! Choose as many initial discs as you'd like and choose from the initials of her kids, her kids plus your Dad or even the initials of the family pets! This bracelet comes in a bangle style and with initial disc charms plus a beautiful tree charm. This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear or to be dressed up and layered with other jewelry!





christmas gifts for mom

Pet Picture Frame and Paw Print Kit

Perfect for Fur Mama's! Whether she's a Cat Mom or Dog Mom, this paw print kit with photo frame is a perfect way to memorialize her special furry friend forever! Insert a photo of her pet and offer to dog sit and get that paw print embedded so you can present her with the finished product on Christmas! If you can't pull that off without her knowing, she'll still love that you got her the kit all the same and will have fun putting it together to display on her desk, nightstand, shelf, or anywhere else she can admire it!




christmas gifts for mom

Always My Mom Forever My Friend Photo Frame

Let your Mom know that she means the world to you with this beautiful wood frame that says: Always My Mom, Forever My Friend. It comes with a cute heart design made out of thread and a spot for a 3x3 photo of your choice! Choose a recent picture of the two of you together or maybe one from your youth! This frame can be beautifully displayed on a wall, on a shelf, or propped up on her desk! This is the perfect sentimental photo frame for the Mom that's also your bestie!





christmas gifts for mom

 Which one of these gifts on our list was your favorite? What are you getting your Mom this year? Let us know in the comments!




Have a Blessed Christmas!


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  • Kristen Kish
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