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25 Best Gifts For Sister (All-Time Best Gift Ideas for Sister!!)

25 Best Gifts For Sister (All-Time Best Gift Ideas for Sister!!)

For a good portion of your childhood, your sister was a nuisance. She picked on you, made you believe you were adopted, and maybe even stuck gum in your hair, contributing to the lovely bowl-cut haircut you had for your second grade picture day. You love her now, sure, but boy did you enjoy stealing her toys and telling on her to Mom and Dad back then. 

That’s all in the past, though. 

Now, you and her are closer than ever. 

She’s become your best friend, your biggest confidant, your soul sista. That’s why you need to find the all-time, absolute best gifts for sister. You need her to know how special your relationship is and how much you appreciate all those late night phone calls, all those times she picked up the check because you needed a little help, and all the times she’s known just what to say to get you back on your feet. 

Your sister’s pretty special to you. 

That’s why you need to find the perfect gift for her! For all the best gifts for sister, more unique gifts for sister, personalized gifts for sister, DIY gifts for sister, birthday gifts for sister and gifts for sister-in-law, keep reading!! 

HINT: #19 is our fave!!!

Unique Gifts For Sister

gifts for sister

For your sister, you want to get something unique, something off-the-beaten-path, something she’ll remember you got her and that she’ll tell all her friends, “My sister got me that!” 

Don’t worry, we understand. 

Maybe it’s no longer a competition like it used to be when you were kids, but you still want her to know that you have impeccable taste when it comes to gift-giving and that you know her pretty darn well. 

You’ve been through a lot together and you know your sister better than anyone. You know that she will expect nothing less than the wildest, weirdest, most bizarre gifts. For the most unique gifts for sister, check out the following one-of-a-kind gift ideas for sister!

#1 Geode Stemless Wine Glasses

geode stemless wine glasses

You and your sister enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, right? No harm in that! Why not spice up the average stemless wine glass gift idea with this unique geode style?


#2 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

movies poster

One of the best gift ideas for your sister you could get is something that encourages the two of you to spend some time together. With this movie scratch-off poster, you and her can have a movie night and catch up on all the classics!


#3 Laser Cut Wood Journal

laser cut wood journal

The wonderful thing about this laser cut wood journal is that you can encourage your sister to spend some time reflecting on her life, or help her stay organized! Everytime she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of you. 


#4 Indoor Smart Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

Your sister’s an herbalist, an environmentalist, a garden-lover, and a creative spirit. Encourage your sister’s green thumb with this indoor smart herb garden. This is definitely one of the all-time best and most unique gifts for sister. 


#5 Custom Iphone Case


For your sister, get her a custom iphone case! Particulalry, one that can be customized for her business or place of work! If she owns her own small business, custom phone cases can be a great way to promote her company and get people to ask questions. 

If she's promoting her company at a job fair or any other kind of convention, she can have custom phone cases made to be purchased or handed out to potential customers or interested potential employees. These custom phone cases are sleek, sophisticated, and perfect for your boss lady of a sister!

Personalized Gifts For Sister

personalized gifts for sister

Your sister is special, no doubt. There is absolutely no one like your sister in the whole world and there is no one who knows you better. Not your parents, not your friends, not even your spouse! 

Yup, that’s right. 

You and your sister know each other pretty well because you have been through so much together. She knows things about you that she’s sworn to secrecy and you trust her with all your heart. 

Need to find the absolute best gift for her? 

We’ve got some ideas. 

The best thing you can do for your sister is to get personalized gifts for sister. With personalized gifts for sister, you can remind her of your special bond and really convey to her how important she is to you. Check out the following personalized gifts for sister to get some great gift ideas for sister!

#6 Personalized Picture Frame

personalized picture frame

Sure, you could get your sister a standard gift like some candles and a bottle of wine, but imagine her face when she opens up this personalized photo frame with a picture of you and her! What’s more — you can write your sister a personalized message that she can keep with her always. 


#7 Personalized Relaxation Bath Caddy

relaxation bath caddy

You sister works hard and you know that she hardly ever takes time for herself because she’s always looking after everyone else! Encourage her to put her feet up with this uniquely personalized relaxation bath caddy. 


#8 Memories Shared Photo Coasters

memories photo coaster

We love this gift idea because you can replace the standard, run-of-the-mill home decor items with personalized coasters. That way, your sister will have little reminders of what really matters to her (AKA: you!) all around her house. 


#9 Personalized Handwriting Necklaces

personalized handwriting necklaces

Of all the personalized gift ideas, personalized handwriting necklaces are one of the all-time best ideas. With this personalized gift, you can send your sister a message customized to her and your relationship. She will love it!


#10 Personalized Watercolor iPhone Case Collage

watercolor iphone case

Is your sister addicted to her iPhone? Well, of course! Who isn’t addicted to their phones these days? Amp up your sister’s style with this super unique watercolor iPhone case. 

DIY Gifts For Sister

diy gifts for sister

So, it’s been pretty well established that your sister is pretty important to you. While you could purchase her something you’ve found on Amazon and not put much more thought into it than that, you want to do something extra awesome for her because she’s extra awesome. 

That’s where we come in. 

DIY gifts for sister are a super great gift idea for your sister because they really show how much your sister means to you. When you put in a little bit of work, your sister will definitely be surprised and super appreciative. 

Check out these DIY gifts for sister!

#11 Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

chocolate truffle kit

For the chocolate-obsessed sister, this DIY gift for sister is a no-brainer. 


#12 The DIY Home Planner

diy home planner

Ok, so this one isn’t technically a DIY gift, but it is a gift that encourages your sister to do DIY projects around the home! If your sister is big into DIY home projects, then this gift idea is definitely for her. 


#13 DIY Clutch Purse

diy clutch purse

Does your sister love going out at night but she never seems to have anywhere to keep her phone and cards? With this DIY clutch purse, you can encourage your sister to get organized, while simultaneously encouraging her to go out on the town with you!


#14 DIY Cork Board

diy cork board

Is your sister a neat-freak and always has things filed away in her filing cabinet? Encourage her to be a little more creative and tack up some pictures of friends to remind her to relax a little. 


#15 DIY Cacti Planter

diy cacti planter

Does your sister always want plants but 5 days after she buys them, they’re dead? Make her a DIY cacti planter! Much harder to kill and super cute!

Birthday Gifts For Sister

birthday gifts for sister

You want to make your sister’s birthday something she will remember. No matter how old she’s turning, you know it’s your job to be there for her and make sure she’s doing alright. 

That’s why you need the best birthday gifts for sister! 

We can help. 

Your sister’s birthday is all about making sure she’s happy and comfortable in her place in life. Therefore, the best birthday gifts for sister revolve around giving her peace of mind and making sure she’s taking enough time for herself. For all the best birthday gifts for sister, check out the following gift ideas for sister!

#16 Faux Fur Throws

faux fur throws

Encourage your sister to relax with these super comfy faux fur throws! 


#17 Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set

bath bomb set

If your sister works all the time and never takes time for herself, there is no better way to give her a little hint to relax than with this bath bomb set. 


#18 Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

lavender heat pillow

Does your sister love to take naps in the afternoon? Does she often fall asleep during movie time? Or perhaps your sister is the opposite and has trouble sleeping! Get her this calming lavender heat pillow to help her dream peacefully. 


#19 Long Distance Friendship Lamp

long distance lamp

We LOVE this gift idea for your sister. If you’re thinking about your sister and want her to know you’re thinking about her, all you have to do is touch your hand to the lamp and hers (wherever she is!!) will glow. That’s pretty magical. 


#20 Adjustable Plush Slippers

adjustable plush slippers

Keep your sister comfy and happy with these adjustable plush slippers! For the athletic sister or the girl who just loves to kick back and relax after standing on her feet all day, these slippers are a no-brainer gift idea. 


Gifts For Sister-In-Law

gifts for sister-in-law

So your sister-in-law is a kind of sister, and maybe she’s relatively new to the family, but you love her because she makes your brother happy. You feel super close to her and the two of you are surprisingly similar! 

She is your sister, no doubt about it. 

And you need to find the absolute best gift for your sister-in-law. The best gifts for sister-in-law are ones that encourage her to feel comfortable in the family and that allow you and her to hang out and have some much-needed girl time. For all the best gifts for sister-in-law, keep reading!!

#21 Fingerprint Necklaces

fingerprint necklace

Does your sister-in-law have kids? A wonderful gift idea for your sister-in-law is a fingerprint necklace of your nieces and nephews, of her husband (your brother!), or even yours! Highlight a special relationship that your sister-in-law cherishes and she will be so appreciative. 


#22 Pioneer Women Pasta Bowl Set

pasta bowl set

Gift ideas for your sister-in-law can be pretty tough, but they don’t have to be! Consider getting her something unique for her home, that is practical and that she can use, like this pasta bowl set. 


#23 Wine Soaps

wine soaps

Sometimes, something simple but a little unique is all you need to get for your sister-in-law. Have you heard of wine soap before? Has your sister-in-law? Get her this unique gift — she’ll love it!


#24 Tea From Around The World Set

tea from around the world

Spend an afternoon hanging out with your sister-in-law, drinking tea from around the world and having some much-needed girl time! This is one of the best gifts for sister-in-law because of what you pair it with: a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon, eating hors d’oeuvres, drinking tea, and talking about the important things in life.


#25 Abstract Vase Set by Drew Barrymore

abstract vase set

Simple, darling home decor items that are a little out of the ordinary are perfect for your awesome, out-of-the-ordinary sister-in-law.

And there you have it! 

All the best gifts for sister out there! We hope you got some great gift ideas for your sister!! Feel free to let us know your favorite gifts for sister in the comments below.

  • July 16, 2019
  • Jared R
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