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Where To Buy Gold Bracelets Online (Everything You Need To Know!)

Where To Buy Gold Bracelets Online (Everything You Need To Know!)

Where To Buy Gold Bracelets Online

It’s no secret — yellow gold jewelry is in! Do you just love the look of a classic gold bracelet? Who doesn’t?! Gold bracelets pair well with just about any outfit you land on and add an air of elegance to your style. Though yellow gold is coming back into style, there are a lot of different kinds of gold jewelry — so how do you know which one is right for you? 

That’s where we come in. 

We specialize in gold, rose gold and sterling silver personalized jewelry and know all there is to know about the different kinds of gold jewelry. For instance, if you’re confused on the differences between gold filled and gold plated, check out this blog post. Want to know the pros and cons of gold plated jewelry? Check out this blog post

Whether you want solid gold bracelets or you're looking for something more affordable (e.g. gold filled or gold plated jewelry), we can help you find your next favorite gold bracelet!! For where to buy gold bracelets online and all the best gold bracelet ideas, keep reading!!


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#1 Zoe Lev Jewelry

zoe lev

Not sure where to buy bracelets online? Zoe Lev Jewelry features a variety of different gold bracelets in both dainty and chunky style. Whether you’re looking for hearts, initials or engraved cuffs, the gold bracelets you see on this online Etsy shop are unique and decently priced. Real gold bracelets can be pricey, but this awesome shop balances that expense with high quality craftsmanship you won’t soon forget. The shop owner and designer has always been mesmerized by the beauty of jewelry and the stories attached to each individual piece. Her love of gold bracelets definitely shines through and that’s why we just love Zoe Lev Jewelry!

#2 Shop Evren

shop evren

Need to know where to buy bracelets online? Shop Evren features a variety of handcrafted, minimalist and personalized jewelry you will absolutely love! Regarding gold bracelets, Shop Evren has such a wide collection: gold chain bracelets, dainty gold bracelets, gold beaded bracelets and even gold hand chains! Shop Evren offers 14K gold filled bracelets — the perfect dainty gold chain bracelet! If you’re not sure where to buy gold bracelets online, check out Shop Evren. You won’t be let down.  

#3 Meital Toledo


Looking for a dainty gold bracelet? A gold stacking bracelet? A gold pearl bracelet? Or what about a black and gold bar bracelet? Meital Toledo has it all! With incredibly affordable prices, Meital Toledo will definitely become your go-to online shop for gold bracelets. With a variety of boutiques throughout Israel, Meital Toledo combines style, high fashion and her own design and vision to create unique gold jewelry. High quality materials are used to create these gorgeous designs, including solid gold, gold filled, 24K gold plated, authentic pearls, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Check them out today! 

#4 Lauren Shaddow Jewelry

lauren shaddow jewelry

Are you looking for cruelty-free jewelry? Some place that uses ethically-sourced materials and that focuses on a cruelty-free production process? You’re in luck! If you’re looking for where to buy gold bracelets online that is vegan, then Lauren Shaddow Jewelry is the place to go! All pieces on this online shop are hand stamped, handcrafted and made to order, just for you. They strive to use the highest quality materials as possible and they’re proud to be a PETA approved and vegan brand. For all the best gold bracelets, check out Lauren Shaddow Jewelry today!

#5 Ashley Nicole By Julie

ashley nicole by julie

Are you looking for where to buy gold bracelets online and just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got the best store for you right here: Ashley Nicole By Julie features unique handmade and custom designed jewelry items, made just for you! This online Etsy shop is based in Laguna Beach, California and features a huge variety of gold filled jewelry items and bracelets. Check them out today!

#6 Pandalys


Not sure where to buy gold bracelets online? Want high quality and classy gold jewelry without the crazy expense? Pandalys is the place to shop, no question. At incredibly affordable prices, the gold plated bracelets you see at this online Etsy shop are super darling and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. The gold plated bracelets are 18K and all the gold bracelets feature a marking for their authenticity. Beyond that, the gold bracelets you see here come in a variety of different designs and all are $55 and under!! What could be better than that?

#7 IntoxiQ


With a name like IntoxiQ, you know the gold bracelet designs on this online Etsy shop are truly intoxicating. Though the gold bracelet designs for her are not super varied, they are definitely unique and feature high quality materials. Inspired by the deep blue sea, the jewelry designs on IntoxiQ give off peaceful and tranquil vibes. If you’re not sure where to buy gold bracelets online, give IntoxiQ a try! You won’t be let down!

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