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How To Get Fingerprints For Your Fingerprint Jewelry

How To Get Fingerprints For Your Fingerprint Jewelry

fingerprint jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry is one of the most unique forms of personalized jewelry out there. Many people love fingerprint necklaces or rings as memorial jewelry, which make for beautiful and memorable keepsakes of your loved ones who have passed away. In general, memorial keepsake fingerprint jewelry is a wonderful way to keep someone close to your heart, whether they have passed away or not! Though name necklaces were all the rage for a while, fingerprint memorial jewelry has taken its place -- you can’t get more personal than your own fingerprint! If you’ve been wondering how to make fingerprint jewelry, this complete guide will let you know all you need to know.

Keep reading and you will discover:

  • Things to keep in mind when capturing fingerprints
  • How to find prints you already have
  • How to get fingerprints at home
  • How to take pictures of fingerprints

Capturing fingerprints: how it works



Elderly Adult Young Adult Children
Keep in mind that elderly fingerprints tend to be fainter, since their once distinct ridges are fainter and more “life lines” are present: scars or wrinkles from decades of use. Fingerprints from adults offer more distinct fingerprint characteristics, sometimes including surface lines, or “life lines” due to years of use. Young adult fingerprints have had the opportunity to grow into their distinct fingerprint characteristics, and tend to offer clear and distinct ridges without yet the appearance of “life lines.” Fingerprints in infants up to toddlers are very compact and not yet fully formed, which results in much less distinct ridges or features. During the developing years, often a full foot or hand is collected for identification, rather than a single fingerprint.

You might already have them!

fingerprint memorial jewelry

You might not even know it, but it’s possible you already have the fingerprints you need to make your memorial jewelry. This is especially true if you’re looking to make a keepsake for those who have passed away, for military men who were killed or are missing in action, and for babies and newborns.

For those who have passed away

Most funeral homes take fingerprints of those who have passed away. If you’re looking to create an urn necklace or a memorable keepsake for a loved one who passed away, make sure you check with the funeral home first -- they are often very willing to help you create a beautiful memento of your family member.

For military men who were killed or missing in action

In the military service, all soldiers have their fingerprints taken. So, if you’re hoping to figure out how to make sterling silver fingerprint jewelry for a military man who has died in action or is missing in action, check their paperwork or ask the military office where they are registered with.

For babies

When a baby is born, many hospitals take the footprints or handprints of newborns as a means of identification. As stated above, their fingerprints are not yet fully formed, so the entire foot or hand is a better source of identification. Some hospitals even send you home with these cute little handprints or baby feet prints. If you don’t have your own copy, check with the hospital where your baby was born.


How to get fingerprints at home

how to get fingerprints at home

When jewelry is made from a fingerprint, keep in mind that the image on the jewelry item will only be as clear as the image you capture of your fingerprints. That is why it is especially important to follow these steps carefully and make sure you send us clear images of non-smudgy fingerprints on plain, white paper, without shadows. If your fingerprint comes out smudgy on the paper, try making multiple fingerprints by pressing down your finger several times on the paper without refreshing the graphite on the finger. Sometimes, fingerprints are too blurry and smudgy because there is too much graphite on the finger. The first few darker tries will have smudges from the excess graphite. Also, try to take as many fingerprints as possible with as many fingers as possible: some prints and patterns might be more suitable for fingerprint jewelry than others, or might just look better on a ring vs. a necklace.

  • Step 1: Make sure your fingers are clean & dry.
  • Step 2: With a soft pencil, shade in a space on a blank, white paper. Make sure the paper is completely white. Continue shading over the patch more and more to get as much graphite on the piece of paper as possible.
  • Step 3: Place your finger over the shaded graphite patch on the piece of paper.
  • Step 4: Gently place your finger on the sticky side of the tape, and gently peel finger off.
  • Step 5: Stick the tape onto a separate, clean piece of white paper. Take a photo of the taped fingerprint (tips below!). Make sure there are no creases or lines in the tape.
  • Step 6: Repeat steps 1 - 5 until you get a good, clear photo. **Keep in mind that the better samples you send us, the better your fingerprint jewelry will turn out. A good fingerprint will have clear, defined lines; be pressed against white, blank paper; will not have blurry patches; will not have tape creases; and will not have shadows when you take a picture.**

taped fingerprint

Fingerprint ink pad

fingerprint ink pad

If the paper + graphite + tape method isn’t working out well, try the fingerprint ink pad method! This method is guaranteed to be more accurate in taking your thumbprint or fingerprints. Fingerprint ink pads and fingerprint inkless pads are both effective in getting fingerprints! The advantage of fingerprint inkless pads is that they give out perfectly clear fingerprints without the smudges left behind by the ink. Also, the “ink” dries instantly and washes off your hands immediately.

You can buy a lee inkless fingerprint pad here:

lee inkless fingerprint pad

How to take baby footprint or handprint

baby feet

A necklace with a baby’s footprint or handprint makes for a wonderful gift or keepsake for a new mom. You probably won’t be able to find a more meaningful item of jewelry and you can be sure that new mom will wear that gorgeous necklace every single day. However, the idea of taking your baby’s prints can sound a little intimidating -- it doesn’t have to be though! Below, we’ve laid out some simple steps to get the perfect prints of the perfect baby for that new mom.

**Note: If you’re looking to take a fingerprint for silver fingerprint jewelry (or gold or rose gold!), rest assured that the fingerprint inkless pad is non-toxic. However, keep in mind that the baby still should not put their inked fingers or toes into their eyes or mouths in order to avoid any kind of allergic reaction.**

  • Step 1: Make sure you get the right materials. The inkless pads mentioned above are a great choice for children’s footprints, handprints or fingerprints.
  • Step 2: Start with a happy baby or (better yet) one who is asleep! When your baby is calm, you will have a much easier time getting your baby’s prints.
  • Step 3: Coat the foot, hand, or fingertips in ink. Make sure to get every nook and cranny of the toes and fingers (for the footprint or handprint), since babies tend to curl their fingers and toes a lot.
  • Step 4: Shake your baby’s foot or hand a little when you are getting their print -- this will cause their muscle to relax, making it easier to get the print.
  • Step 5: Lay down the heel of the foot or the bottom of the palm first and roll the toes and fingers. Quickly remove the hand or foot so it doesn’t smudge -- and voilà! You have your own babyprints.

    How to take pictures of fingerprints

    how to take pictures of fingerprints

    After you’ve mastered the art of print taking, you’re ready to master the just as important step of taking pictures for your silver fingerprint jewelry. Follow these tips and you’ll have your gorgeous keepsake memorial necklace in no time!

  • Take the picture in good light and make sure there are no shadows. Place the prints next to a window or bright lamps to reduce shadowing across the image.
  • Take a bird’s eye view of the print: make sure your camera is perfectly parallel to the prints (or as perfect as possible!).
  • Make sure the image is in focus, so that we can clearly see the prints and as many details as possible.
  • Hold the camera close to the prints.
  • Take a couple different images and send all to us so that we can pick out which images work best!

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    If you’re interested in a fingerprint necklace for your daughter, check out our Fingerprint Jewelry Collection:


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    Hi do you use just plain white printer paper to capture the fingerprint with a ink pad

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