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Inspirational Necklaces (With Lots of Examples!)

Inspirational Necklaces (With Lots of Examples!)

Inspirational Necklaces (With Lots of Examples!)

Every once in awhile, we need some motivation to feel inspired. We turn to motivational sayings and meaningful symbols to remind us what we hold dear. Whether you lean towards quotes or symbols, we can all probably conjure an image in our minds of something that we find valuable -- something that inspires us.

Common things that inspire us:

  • Love. The support and respect and nest of warmth that love provides is a magical thing that we all need to feel inspired.

  • Community. When a group of people come together behind a common idea, belief, or goal, it can be a beautiful thing.

  • Family. The bond among family members provides a sense of home and foundation that serves to nurture and educate us.

  • Music. Great music makes a huge difference. The creativity and talent that it takes to compose incredible music can motivate us anyday.

  • Past Experiences. Whether bad or good, past experiences can motivate us and inspire us to do better in the future.

  • Storytelling. Similar to music, great storytelling can bring passion and laughter and emotions.

  • Faith. This does not necessarily mean religion, though it can and does for a lot of people. Faith in life, in love, in relationships, in yourself when times get hard -- that can inspire us.


Inspirational necklaces are a popular form of jewelry that can convey so much! For instance, inspirational jewelry can be both inspirational and aspirational. Motivational necklaces can stimulate us to feel something, like calm or peace or determination.

Inspirational quote necklaces can also be aspirational, or can serve as a reminder for what you want out of life, or out of yourself. Perhaps you want to find the right gift for your young daughter and you know that she worries she isn’t brave enough. Inspirational quote necklaces with the word “brave” on them could act as aspirational to act more in line with this characteristic in day-to-day life.

Inspiration is necessary for aspiration to grow. That is one of the reasons why inspirational jewelry is so popular!


Inspirational Jewelry

Inspirational jewelry conveys significant messages through words, images, or symbols. Imagine if you had a really bad day and need a simple, subtle reminder to keep going and try again tomorrow. If you had a few different beautiful and elegant necklaces with inspirational sayings, you could be reminded of what is important to you and keep it close to your heart! Inspirational necklaces for women hold a lot of value to the owner.

If you know you want to get inspirational jewelry for yourself or someone else, but aren’t quite sure what symbol is the right one, we’ve scoured the web and found some fascinating and stunning symbols.


Symbols and Their Meanings

1. Yin-yang

yin yang

Most people today are familiar with the yin-yang symbol in some way. In Chinese culture and philosophy, the yin-yang symbol represents how forces that seem opposite or contradictory are actually complementary and interconnected. The symbol explores how opposite ideas, when brought together, express a whole. Here is some awesome yin-yang jewelry!


2. Cross

cross necklace

Today, the symbol of the cross is associated most notably with the Christian faith. Its popularity and significance is derived from the belief of Jesus Christs’ crucifixion on a cross. This has come to represent the idea that Jesus died for all human sin and it is a symbol of salvation and atonement. It is believed that wearing the cross helps to protect against misfortune. Check out this elegant cross necklace!


3. Infinity

infinity love necklace

Also known as the lemniscate, the infinity symbol is a mathematical symbol that represents the concept of infinity. The infinity symbol combined with a heart or the word “love” symbolizes never-ending, limitless love. These inspirational necklaces are often bought for loved ones, like newlyweds or really good friends, to celebrate the promise of love or their eternal bond.


4. Star of David

star of david

The Star of David has come to be associated with Judaism, though the symbol was not originally exclusively Jewish. The symbol became popularized as primarily Jewish during the Nazi occupation of World War II. Star of David inspirational necklaces act as a symbol of solidarity with a powerful religious and cultural message among the Jewish people.


5. Peace Sign

peace sign

The peace sign has become an internationally recognized symbol of peace and acceptance. Originally designed in 1958 by British artist, Gerald Holtom, the peace sign was meant to represent the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. In the 1960s, the symbol came to the U.S. and was adopted as promoting non-violence. Today, the peace symbol remains one of the popular inspirational jewelry gifts for all. Necklaces with peace signs aren’t just for hippies!


6. Butterfly

butterfly necklace

Many cultures associate butterflies with our souls and view them as representative of life. Around the world, the butterfly has come to symbolize endurance, change, and hope! Check out our beautiful rose gold butterfly pendant.


7. Tree of Life

tree of life necklace

The tree of life has been shown in many cultures and often depicts the connection between three worlds: heaven, earth, and the underworld. Tree of life images in jewelry tend symbolize a connection among all things, continuity throughout generations, and the distinctiveness of each individual. Tree of life jewelry is just one example of inspirational jewelry gifts you could get!


8. Feathers

feather necklace

Feathers in jewelry represent the freedom or flight that is associated with birds. Feather necklaces have grown in popularity recently and can symbolize a message from a loved one. Not only are feathers symbols of physical travel, but these inspirational necklaces also represent mental and emotional growth.


9. Dreamcatcher


Originally created from Native Americans, dreamcatchers were used as protection for sleeping people, especially children, from nightmares. The dreamcatcher has now become ubiquitous in modern culture. In popular culture, a dreamcatcher necklace represents a trap for bad dreams or energy so that your good dreams can guide you.


10. Recovery Symbol

sobriety necklace

The sobriety circle and triangle symbol, also known as the recovery symbol, is a design used by the Alcoholics Anonymous group. The triangle represents the three components of addiction (physical, mental, and spiritual), as well as the three components to the cure (unity, recovery, and service). The surrounding circle represents wholeness or oneness. Recovery symbol necklaces are a testament to how far you’ve come and have become beloved among those familiar with the road of addiction.



Jewelry With Inspirational Sayings

jewelry with inspirational sayings

If the symbols above were cool but not for you, don’t worry! We have some more ideas for inspirational quote necklaces. Sometimes, you need words and inspirational sayings to keep you grounded. Sometimes, images and symbols can be too abstract, or maybe they just don’t convey what you want them to! Check out some common phrases that are typically paired with inspirational necklaces for women.


Common Inspirational Sayings For Jewelry

    Inspirational Jewelry Gifts

    When we combine inspirational symbols, images, and words on jewelry, we create something truly unique and spectacular. Inspirational jewelry gifts are the perfect one-of-a-kind gift that you really can’t go wrong with. Symbols have different meanings for different people and when you find the right inspirational jewelry for the right woman, it can light up her life and serve as a reminder of what is most important to her.

    Check out these inspirational jewelry gifts:

    Whether you think inspirational jewelry sayings or symbols is the right way to go, you can’t deny that the following inspirational jewelry gifts are pretty awesome! The combination of the right inspirational symbol and phrase makes for a truly unconventional, out-of-the-box, and dazzling gift.


    1. For the BOLD.

    for the bold

    Whether you are bold or you are looking for a subtle reminder to exemplify a bold personality, the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson on this motivational necklace will definitely inspire you every time you look at it.


    2. For the WILD!  

    for the wild

    Whether you are one or you know one, this Wild Child necklace is one of the most unique inspirational quote necklaces to let the world know that they’re dealing with an unorthodox individual!


    3. For the DETERMINED

    for the determined

    If you are decisive, strong-willed, and persevering -- or, if these are characteristics you value -- then this necklace with a quote from the Victorian-era poet, William Ernest Henley, is the one for you.


    4. For the I n d e p e n d e n t

    for the independent

    We all must rely on ourselves first, before we rely on other people. For those people who truly emulate that independent personality, this Be True to Yourself bar pendant necklace is the one for them.


    5. For the Creative

    for the creative

    Whether you are an aspiring artist, musician, or writer, every creative person will love the beauty of this color wheel pendant.


    6. For the Nomad

    for the nomad

    If nature is your thing and you can’t seem to settle down, then this simple mountain necklace is the perfect inspirational necklace for you.

    Now that you got some great ideas for inspirational jewelry and, specifically, necklaces with inspirational sayings, we wanted to give you a little background! Learning the historical significance of symbolism in art as it evolved into inspirational jewelry is fascinating and can add to your repertoire of knowledge!


    Symbolism In Jewelry

    Incorporating cultural symbols or images in jewelry is not a new phenomenon, but has become even more popular today. In fact, symbolism in art and writing began with the first homo sapiens 200,000 years ago! Images and symbols changed the way humans lived, allowed them to cope with a fluctuating environment, and ultimately led to complex modern language and communication. Before man learned words, letters, or numbers, they used drawings and symbols to communicate stories.

    Over time, humans continued using symbols to convey abstract ideas or ideologies, or to denote inclusion in a group. The significance of jewelry, specifically, most likely derived from the custom of burying the dead with the richest garments and ornaments. The limited jewelry forms of prehistoric times evolved to include ornaments for every part of the body. It is believed that jewelry was worn as a protective guard, to express faith, or to denote status. All of these purposes are symbolic. Clearly, symbolic jewelry is still used today and includes inspirational jewelry, which has become a cornerstone of the jewelry industry.

    When you put on a piece of jewelry today, you probably focus on whether it goes with your outfit or not. Some pieces, like these motivational necklaces mentioned above, have such sentimental value that you wear them regardless of what it says about your style. So, the next time you put on your inspirational quote necklace, remember that that piece of jewelry not only holds meaning to you, but that it is also an artifact symbolizing the progression of humankind.

    We hope you got some great ideas for inspirational jewelry gifts and learned some background on the significance of symbols in human history!

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