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Everyday Necklace

Everyday Necklace

Everyday Necklace

Everyday Necklaces

Picking out what jewelry to wear is fun, but sometimes it can become just one more thing to think about and decision to make. Sometimes you want there to be something that you just don’t have to put a lot of thought into. That’s where everyday necklaces become super convenient and a necessary part of your jewelry collection! Everyday necklaces are simple, go with almost anything you’re wearing, and don’t require a lot of thought, while still being a beautiful piece that you get to show off. Having everyday necklaces is essential to adding that extra touch to your outfit, without having to pick out and match your jewelry to what you’re wearing.

Everyday Necklace For Her

There are a ton of different ways to go with everyday necklaces, too, so don’t worry about there not being an everyday necklace for your style! Some of my favorite everyday necklaces are simple bar necklaces and initial disc necklaces. Dainty and simple charm necklaces make great everyday necklaces as well. For me, the daintier and simpler the better! I love cute little pieces of jewelry, and how easily they make a big difference in your look!


 Everyday Feather Necklace

This dainty feather charm necklace is the perfect everyday necklace for someone who maybe doesn’t want something as simple as a bar or disc necklace. It has detail while still being simple and dainty enough to be worn as an everyday piece.


If you do like the more simple look, these skinny bar necklaces are the perfect everyday piece. Have it stamped with an important date, a name, initials, or anything else you’d like to make it a more meaningful piece that can still be worn everyday. Not to mention the beautiful touch it adds to your everyday outfits!

 Everyday Marble Charm Necklace

 If you've gotten this far and you're thinking "okay, these are way too simple for my style", don't worry! There are more intricate pieces that also make great everyday necklaces. Like these marble triangle necklaces, which are a great way to add a pop of color to your everyday necklace, if that's what you like! The detailed texture makes it a more interesting piece while still being simple and dainty enough to be an everyday necklace!

 Everyday Name Necklace

Another great idea for an everyday necklace are these cutout name necklaces. They are still dainty and beautiful, and would definitely go with anything you want to wear. It also adds a more personal and detailed touch to your basic everyday necklace.

Everyday Gold Necklace 

My go-to everyday necklaces typically tend to be silver or rose gold (personal preference). But, there are so many simple and cute everyday gold necklaces out there as well! Sometimes I find gold jewelry difficult to match with other everyday jewelry that I may be wearing (rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.). If you’re a gold jewelry person, though, then everyday gold necklaces are an essential for your collection! Most everyday jewelry pieces that I would go to also come in gold options (bar necklaces, disc necklaces, dainty charm necklaces, etc.). If you’re having trouble thinking of or finding the perfect everyday gold necklace, here are some of my favorites that are out there.


 Everyday Gold Bar Necklace

If you’re like me and you love really dainty jewelry, this hammered curved gold bar necklace is calling your name. It adds such a pretty and elegant touch to your style while being simple and versatile enough to be an everyday necklace.

 Everyday Gold Disc Necklace

Simple disc necklaces also make great everyday necklaces, and this gold initial disc necklace makes for a beautiful and simple everyday gold necklace. It is also available in sterling silver and rose gold, but if you are a gold jewelry lover, this makes a great personalized everyday necklace.

 Everyday Gold Monogram Necklace

Another popular look right now is monogram initials. Not only is the design beautiful, but it also makes a very unique and pretty everyday necklace. If you like something more intricate and personalized, this is the perfect everyday necklace for you.  

 Everyday Gold Cross Necklace

If you like the look of simple gold charm necklaces, but still want it to be a dainty everyday necklace, this gold cross necklace is the perfect solution. It it still more detailed than a bar or disc necklace, while still being simple enough to be able to wear everyday. Cross necklaces also come in a variety of styles, and are usually also available in different metals as well, if gold isn’t your thing.

Simple Everyday Necklace 

An essential quality of an everyday necklace is that it is simple. That is what allows it to go with every outfit you could be wearing, truly making it an EVERYDAY necklace! Simple everyday necklaces go beyond (but also include) just bar necklaces and dainty disc necklaces. There are so many different simple charm necklaces, gemstone necklaces, and other unique necklaces that still fall under the “simple” category. Nothing comes to mind right away? These simple everyday necklaces should spark some inspiration.


 Everyday Lotus Charm Necklace

This is one of my favorite ideas for an everyday necklace, because the lotus flower is such a beautiful design. It is detailed and unique, while still maintaining simplicity. This version of a lotus flower necklace is especially perfect as an everyday necklace because of how dainty it is. It is an easy piece to wear with any outfit, while still adding a beautiful touch to your look.

 Everyday Open Circle Necklace

If you’re looking for a super simple, but still very pretty piece, I love this dainty open circle necklace. It has a very modern and simple look to it, so it is perfect to pair with all looks from basic to busy outfits.


Just because it’s an everyday necklace doesn’t mean there can’t be a pop of color!! I love these gemstone drop necklaces as everyday necklaces, because they are still so simple and dainty, but they allow you to add some color and flare to your everyday look. You could have one and wear it everyday, or multiple and rotate the colors! It makes your everyday necklace a little more fun.


 In my opinion, bar necklaces are such a perfect everyday necklace, because they are simple, beautiful, and go with everything, AND you still have options. You can choose between sterling silver, gold, or rose gold, and you can choose if you want something engraved or not. This adds personalization to your everyday necklace and allows you to make it just how you like it so that it goes with anything you choose to wear.

Dainty Thin Everyday Necklace Recommendations

Not only should everyday necklaces be simple, but I also believe some of the most important qualities of an everyday necklace are that they are dainty and thin. This makes them look super cute, adds to the simplicity of them, and typically allows them to go with anything you’re wearing. There are a ton of options out there for dainty necklaces. If you go search “dainty everyday necklace” you’re going to get hit with a TON of results. Here are some of my quick recommendations if you’re looking for the perfect dainty and thin everyday necklace.


 Everyday Initial Necklace

A super popular trend right now are these large initial necklaces, and I love them! They are so simple and dainty, but are so cute and are such a great addition to any look at the same time. There really is no way to go wrong with these necklaces, and it makes such a fashionable and pretty personalized everyday necklace.

 Everyday Silver Curved Bar Necklace

If the gold curved bar caught your attention earlier but you’re not a fan of gold, don’t worry! There are so many version of curved bar necklaces out there, including this beautiful and dainty silver curved bar necklace. It is definitely a super simple necklace, but that makes it the perfect addition to any and all of your looks!

 Everyday Dainty Gold Circle Necklace

A bit of a daintier version than the silver open circle necklace from earlier, this super simple and cute gold open circle necklace makes a great everyday piece as well. It is super thin and delicate, making it a perfect everyday necklace that is sure to be complimented when worn with any outfit!

 Everyday Dainty Wave Necklace

If you’re looking for an everyday necklace that represents you and is more personal, go for a dainty symbol necklace, like this beautiful wave necklace. Show people who you are and what you love, while still getting to wear the necklace on any and every occasion! This wave necklace especially is so simple, but can add a great touch to your everyday style.





So here we are at the end of the collection of my favorite everyday necklaces. If you’re at this point and truly nothing has caught your eye, I have one more idea for you. Chokers have come back in style, ladies! Although I’m not a fan of the plastic stretchy chokers that were trending in the early 2000’s, I definitely love the look of these dainty chain chokers that have become extremely popular. These chokers make a great addition to your everyday outfits, and can even be worn layered with other necklaces for a more involved look. Whether you’re throwing it on with a basic tee, or going out for a night on the town, these dainty chain chokers are a perfect and easy addition to your outfit!
Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for finding your perfect everyday necklace. No matter your style, there is definitely a necklace out there for you that is simple and pretty enough to be worn every day and for every occasion. Whether you go with the classic bar or disc necklace, or make it a little more risky with the gemstone or marble triangle necklaces, everyday necklaces are an essential part of every girl's jewelry collection. 


  • September 17, 2018
  • Kayla Stefaner
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