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March Birthday

March Birthday

March Birthday

Including Gifts for a March Birthday! 

For all our fabulous March babies, this blog post is dedicated to you! And for those of you looking for a gift for your March born best friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend or anything else, we've got a list of gifts that symbolize the month of March that this gal is sure to love! But first, a little about the month of March!


March Symbols

March -  Derived from the Latin Martius or Martius mensis, named after Mars, the God of War. According to ancient Roman history, this was the month when war time would resume after the cold winter months, hence being named after the God of War.



The Birthstone of March is Aquamarine!  A gorgeous, light blue stone that is associated with mermaid lore, the sea, and cleansing of spirit. See more about Aquamarine here!



The Horoscope signs of March are Pisces and Aries.

(Otherwise known as the fish or the ram!)


The Flower of the Month of March is a Daffodil!


Holidays in the Month of March include:

St. Patrick's Day (3/17)

Pi Day (3/14)


Celebrities with March Birthdays

Lupita Nyong'o
Justin Bieber
Jon Bon Jovi
Daniel Craig
Jessica Biel
Eva Mendes
Shaquille O' Neal
Bryan Cranston
Rachel Weisz
Wanda Sykes
Laura Prepon
Freddie Prinze Jr.
James Van Der Beek
Oscar Isaac
Brittany Snow
Carrie Underwood
Chuck Norris
Aaron Eckhart
Liza Minnelli
Ansel Elgort
Michael Caine
Billy Crystal
Celine Dion
Ewan Mcgregor
Eva Longoria
Kurt Russell
John Boyega
Rob Lowe
Queen Latifah
Brad Dourif
Bruce Willis
Glenn Close
Gary Oldman
Matthew Broderick
Rosie O' Donnell
Reese Witherspoon
Jessica Chastain
Aretha Franklin
Elton John
Sarah Jessica Parker
Keira Knightley
Martin Short
Nathan Fillion
Mariah Carey
Quentin Tarantino
Lady Gaga
Reba McEntire
Celine Dion
Christopher Walken



Gifts for March Birthdays

january birthday

Birthday in Roman Numerals Necklace







Happy Birthday Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Candle



Gold Name Bar Necklace




March Birthstone Necklace




Constellation Personalized Mug



Swarovski Crystal Shamrock Necklace



Daffodil Necklace


Granny Bella's Chocolate Covered Cookies





Happy Birthday to all Our March Babies!





  • March 16, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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