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Best Dainty Necklaces

Best Dainty Necklaces


Initial necklaces are so trendy right now! In fact, dainty necklaces are one of the most searched accessories on the internet right now! Everybody wants their own! And with so many different styles, colors, engravings, and fonts to choose from, everyone has an opportunity to make their dainty necklace so beautiful and unique to them! They make great everyday necklaces, the perfect gift for a loved one on any occasion, and are the cherry on top to a layered necklace look! We know you're just dying to get one for yourself! But the problem with buying jewelry online is figuring out if the product you're adding to cart is legitimate and worth the money spent! To help you locate the best dainty necklace for your style and budget, we've put together a list of where to buy the best of the best in dainty necklaces, as well as other fun facts about this on the rise trend! Let's jump in!



Occasions to Wear Dainty Necklaces


For Everyday Wear

Birthday Party

Anniversary Celebration

Your Wedding

Someone Else's Wedding

Baby Shower

Bridal Shower

Mother's Day

Valentine's Day

Class Reunion

Family Reunion

Celebration of Life

Bachelorette Party




Dia De Los Muertos

Date Night with your Significant Other or Spouse

New Years Eve Party

School Dance



Bar/Bat Mitzvah


First Communion

Girls Night Out

An Office Party



Celebrities With Dainty Necklaces

Blake Lively - Wears an R initial necklace for her husband Ryan Reynolds. 

Taylor Swift - Wears a J initial necklace for her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Meghan Markle - Has an H and M intitial necklace (for Harry and Meghan) and an A initial necklace for their son Archie.

Katie Holmes - Wears an S initial necklace for her daughter Suri.

Sarah Hyland - Wears a W initial necklace for her fiancee Wells Adams.

Charlize Theron - Wears a J initial necklace for her son Jackson.

Kourtney Kardashian - Wears an M initial necklace for her son Mason.

Jessica Alba - Wears an H initial necklace for her daughters Honor and Haven.

Halle Berry - Wears an N initial necklace for her daughter Nahla.




Jewelry to Pair with Dainty Necklaces


Sound Wave Necklace

Coordinates Necklace

Coordinates Bracelets

State and Country Necklaces

Lariat Necklaces

Vertical Necklace

Handwriting Bracelets

Handwriting Necklaces

Wrap Rings





A initial necklaces

Sincerely Silver

First up, for dainty necklaces that will really dazzle, look no further than Sincerely Silver! This Family Owned jewelry company creates stunning, personalized jewelry in a variety of colors, styles, and fonts. Order a necklace as is, or customize it to make it uniquely you! Make a custom necklace with your initial or the initial of someone special. Choose from a variety of styles to make this necklace just right for you. Get your initial engraved onto a bar or disc, or go with our circle initial cutout necklace. All of the styles are simple, elegant, and completely personalized to your liking.


What You Can Expect


14K Gold Circle Disc Initial Necklace

 The classic initial necklace! A gorgeous 14K gold circle disc initial necklace with an initial of your choice engraved into the center! If you'd like a different font style, color, or even a small symbol on the back (like a heart) just add it to your customization notes at check out!


Silver Moon Necklace

By the power of the moon, we will accessorize you! Be the fantastical moon goddess you were born to be with this dainty silver moon necklace! This gorgeous everyday necklace comes in silver, gold and rose gold! Perfect to be worn on its own or layered with a dainty choker or other lengthy necklaces! 


Gold Initial Necklace

 A new take on the initial necklace style! This cut out gold initial necklace is personalized in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold and any initial you would like! This initial necklace style is subtle, yet stunning and makes a wonderful everyday necklace or a beautiful gift for a loved one! 


Gold Mountain Range Necklace

Adventure is out there! Go getters, wanderers, nature enthusiasts and mountain climbers unite! This gold circle mountain range necklace is the perfect go to for a everyday necklace! It's subtle yet stunning and will pair nicely with any outfit you put together! Buy for yourself or gift to a gal pal for her birthday or just because! 


Rose Gold Circle Disc Initial Necklace

 Here's a look at the classic style initial necklace but in a rose gold hue! Rose gold takes any style from traditional to fabulous! Rose gold is a feminine, beautiful color that has been seen everywhere from jewelry to home decor to even hair color! So posh and lovely and fab, if you can't decide what color you'd like to make your initial necklace, get gold and rose gold for a quick change to your everyday look!


Feather Necklace

A dainty feather necklace can mean a lot of things to different people. On one hand it can just be a cute accessory, but on the other it could be a metaphor for being light and positive. For having a light and airy personality. Or, for always travelling wherever the wind takes you. For some, a feather could represent an angels wings. This dainty feather necklace will give your look a light and angelic aura.


Couples Initial lariat Necklace

 Look at this fashionable silver initial lariat necklace! This Y-shaped necklace looks amazing over blouses, deep cut dresses, and any other minimalist look you can conjure up! These necklaces take any ensemble from standard to stunning! This necklace is perfect for someone who loves accessories but doesn't want to wear anything sparkly or gaudy. Personalize this lovely trinket with one initial or two! Makes a great everyday necklace or an anniversary gift!


Moon Phase Necklace

This beautiful bar necklace with the phases of the moon cut out of it is truly out of this world. Every moon goddess needs a beautiful celestial bar necklace to complete her look! This dainty moon phase necklace is subtle yet stunning and will really turn heads when you wear it out and about. Pair with a cute choker and flowy blouse and you've got a LOOK!


Mountain Necklace

 Talk about a unique dainty necklace! This silver mountain peak necklace is the perfect conversation starter, everyday necklace, or gift for a nature enthusiast or adventurer. This necklace can be a charming everyday accessory or a meaningful gift! A mountain can represent strength, overcoming challenges, or even where you live! 



Gracefully Made Jewelry

 Next on our list is Sincerely Silver's sister store, Gracefully Made Jewelry! This Christian, family owned online Jewelry shop creates unique and meaningful jewelry that will make the wearer radiate with style. Their necklace collection has a very broad selection of styles, colors, fonts and even charms added on! All their necklaces and other jewelry are made to order and can be created as seen or customized more specifically to your liking!


What You Can Expect


Silver Heart Necklace

Wear your sweetheart's initial on a heart charm, over your heart for a meaningful everyday necklace! Or choose your own initial, your child's, your pets, or a passed on loved one. These heart initial pendants are small and dainty but look beautiful on their own or layered with other lovely chains and accessories. Customize further with silver, gold, or rose gold and a different font if you'd prefer.


Gold Generations Necklace

For a dainty necklace with a deep connection to the importance of family, look no further than this gold generations necklace! This necklace includes three gold rings intertwined together on a gold chain. This symbolism showcases the tight knit bond of family and how we are always connected no matter how far away we may be from each other or even the end of our lives here on Earth. These gold rings can represent a Grandmother, a Mother, and her child for three generations of women or even a Mother and her two children!  This necklace can also be made in silver and be customized to have two rings instead of three if needed!


Couples Initials and Engagement Ring Necklace

Here we have an initial charm necklace that makes for a beautiful engagement present, anniversary gift, or wedding present! This lovely silver circle disc pendant comes engraved with two initials, one for you, and one for your partner, or for the couple you are gifting this to. Attached is an adorable engagement ring charm for an extra sparkly touch! 


Dainty Pineapple Necklace

Sometimes you just want a dainty necklace with no significance other than being adorable. If pineapple is your favorite fruit or you just like the tropical aesthetic, this dainty pineapple necklace is perfect for you! This cute pineapple illustration is hand stamped onto a dainty circle disc pendant and can be crafted in silver, gold or even rose gold! This kind of cute and dainty necklace is a perfect birthday gift, best friend necklace, or even a bridesmaids gift! 


Gold Initial Discs Necklace

Another take on the classic gold initial necklace. With this gold circle disc necklace, you get your choice of one or more circle disc charms and any initial or small symbols this shop can conjure up. This way, you can wear many of your loved ones initials all at once. You could choose your children's initials, your friends, or even your pets! 


Tree of Life Necklace

This tree of life necklace can be interpreted in so many ways. It can represent personal growth, rebirth, and even have religious ties. For others it can be a symbol of family and how each branch is connected to the next and never extends too far from the tree. A tree symbol can also recognize ones love for nature and the great outdoors. For whatever reason you wear this tree of life necklace, it will look beautiful all the same.  


Personalized Silver Cross Necklace with Charm

 If you're a fan of necklaces with religious meaning and charms, Gracefully Made Jewelry offers this lovely circle disc initial necklace with a cross charm and pearl attached. This necklace is perfect for everyday wear, as a gift for someone with a Christian faith, or as a necklace to honor a lost loved one. This necklace holds significant meaning with the cross symbol but also makes for a beautiful accessory.


Dog Lover Bone Necklace

Everyone loves their pets! And if your dog is your best friend, then what better way to celebrate him or her than with this dog lover bone necklace! Personalize with their name and even a birth or adoption date on the back. This also is suitable for memorial jewelry if your furry companion has passed on. No matter the reason, this dainty dog lover necklace will stay close to your heart as will man's best friend. 



Mignon and Mignon Jewelry

This personalized online jewelry shop creates unique pieces ranging from initial necklaces, personalized bracelets, rings, charm necklaces and so much more! Their jewelry collection comes in a variety of colors, styles, and customizable looks so that you can choose the initial necklace look that suits you or a loved one! Reach out to them for any questions or personalization requests!


What You Can Expect


Raw Marble Initial Pendant

 Marble is so on trend right now. And we don't just mean your counter tops. marble wall paper/tapestries, marble phone cases, marble acrylic nails, and even marble jewelry. Initial necklaces are no exception to be sure. This shop takes the classic initial necklaces and takes it up to a fashionable notch by adding a hexagon shaped marble charm to the pendant. As seen above, this white marble pairs beautifully against gold, rose gold and even silver! These make for great best friend necklaces or even a perfect bridesmaids gift!


Constellation Necklace

There's an infinity of wisdom, stories, and dreams hidden within the stars. The constellations we see are so much more than a random sprinkling of stardust. They can tell us stories, serve as a celestial map, and enchant us each night as we look up at them. This dainty constellation necklace will look dazzling and spectacular on the wearer! Choose this lovely accessory as a everyday dainty necklace or gift to a loved one that this necklace is suitable for!


Coordinate Compass Necklace

Every location on earth has a very special set of coordinates. And these coordinates are so much more than a random pattern of numbers. They take you to a specific, special place where memories can be relived or created! For example, you could choose the coordinates of the place you were born, where you were married, where you met your significant other, where you went to college etc... the list goes on and on! Choose between gold, rose gold or silver and include the specific coordinates you'd like at check out! Perfect for a anniversary gift, everyday necklace or even a set of best friend necklaces! 


Butterfly Initial Necklace

 For all the fabulous social butterflies out there, we have the perfect initial necklace for you! This unique and beautiful butterfly necklaces come in gold, rose gold and silver and come personalized with an initial of your choice! These dainty initial necklaces look great on their own or layered with other necklaces you own. Gold butterfly necklaces in particular are so on trend right now, you know you want one too!


Dainty Rose Necklace

A rose can symbolize so much. It can be a symbol of love or romance, beauty, growth, maturity, and so on... The rose has been used for centuries in many different mediums. You see roses all the time in classic art, fairy tales, jewelry, tattoos, home decor...not to mention its the go to flower of choice when it comes to choosing a special bouquet! This dainty rose necklace can be a gorgeous anniversary gift, a sentimental Mother's Day gift, or just an everyday necklace for yourself! Choose between gold, rose gold or silver and then a solid colored rose or a red one! This classic symbol makes for the perfect dainty necklace! 


Gemstone Initial Necklace

 If you weren't into the marble charm initial necklace, then you might like these gemstone initial necklaces instead! Choose your own initial or someone else's and personalized with a pointed gemstone of your choice! At the time of posting, you can choose between Amethyst, Blue Aventurine, clear crystal, or Amazonite. These charms may be small, but that makes them the perfect subtle everyday charm to be worn on its own or layered with other accessories.


State Distance Necklace

Are you living or going to school somewhere far away from home? Are you in a long distance relationship? Or perhaps you know someone that applies to this? This state distance necklace is a beautiful gift for your far away love or someone that's moving away. Simply choose the color you'd like (gold, rose gold or silver) and the two state's you'd like represented and voila! Being far away from home or someone you love is difficult, but wearing something that reminds you of home or your loved one can be a comfort when you're feeling homesick! 


Lowercase Initial Necklace

 The tiny gold initial necklace of your dreams is here! Choose an initial you'd like to wear and a chain color (gold, silver or rose gold) and wear this micro initial necklace on its own or layered with other lovely necklaces. These cut out lowercase initial necklaces are an avant garde take on the initial necklace trend and look so adorable. Wear as an everyday necklace or give as a gift for a best friend, a mom, a girlfriend or even a little sister or young relative. 



Petite Boutique Jewelry

The Petite Boutique Jewelry shop has an array of personalized jewelry, particularly their selection of initial necklaces with unique charms. Not many jewelry stores offer initial jewelry with dainty animal charms or other symbols and this jewelry shop does just that. From an adorable rabbit to a crescent moon or a lucky elephant... this jewelry shop offers initial necklaces perfect for you or for a loved one! 


What You Can Expect


Elephant Initial Necklace

 If you love elephants, are looking for a symbol for luck, or are looking for a necklace for a young girl, then this initial necklace is a perfect choice! Choose between gold, rose gold and silver as well as the initial of your choice and have it engraved onto an adorable elephant charm necklace! This necklace is small and dainty making it a perfect everyday necklace or a great layering piece!


Custom Message Bar Necklace

Say what you feel and have it hand stamped onto a stunning horizontal bar necklace to be remembered forever! Whether its to say, "I love you," "Happy Birthday" or "Best Friends Forever" a customized bar necklace is a token of affection that will be appreciated always! Choose the color you'd like, the font and create a short message and Petite Boutique will put together a gorgeous custom message bar necklace that will wow and dazzle!


Crescent Moon Initial Necklace

 For all our moon goddesses out there, astronomers, dreamers and space babes, this crescent moon initial necklace is calling out to you! This dreamy dainty necklace is celestial and lovely in gold, rose gold and silver. Choose the initial you'd like to wear or the initial of the person you want to gift this to. Glow and shine with the power of the moon over your heart and keep this important initial near and dear to you always.


Vertical Name Bar Necklace

Vertical bar necklaces are so posh and pretty on their own, but add some meaningful initials, a date, or a name and its even more special! This can be an everyday necklace for yourself or a gift to a loved one! Each of these thin bar necklaces looks lovely in gold, rose gold and silver! Layer this beautiful accessory with other beautiful chains and create a complete look! 


Vertical Bar Initial Necklace

 For the fashionista that wants an initial necklace that's modern and mature, this vertical bar initial necklace is all that and more. Choose between gold or silver and the initial you would like to wear and this shop will create a vertical bar necklace you'll never want to take off! The initial engraving may be small and subtle, but that's part of its charm! This necklace will blend in beautifully with your everyday attire or add a touch of class to a dressed up look!


Y Shaped Heart Necklace

Lariat necklaces, or Y-shaped necklaces are so elegant and pretty! They take your necklace game up a notch and add a touch of class and elegance to your look! Traditionally these are the go to for a special occasion like a wedding, a dinner, or a charity event. You'll see a lot of lariat necklaces on the red carpet, as they are the perfect accessory to tie in a dramatic evening look! But Y-shaped necklaces can also be an everyday necklace as well! This heart shaped lariat necklace is no exception and will look stunning on a regular day, or on a significant event! 


Star Initial Necklace

 Hey girl, did you know that you're a superstar? Well you are! And this dainty star initial necklace is perfect for you! Whether you're a stargazer, a dreamer, an aspiring star, or know someone that would fit one of those descriptions, you can't go wrong here. These star initial necklaces make great birthday gifts, gifts for friends, or as bridesmaids gifts! Choose the initial you'd like and the color you'd like to wear and voila!


Y Shaped Vertical Bar Necklace

Here we have another Y-shaped lariat necklace only, this time its a vertical bar necklace!  If you pay close attention, you'll notice this one can be engraved with a small initial! Y-shaped necklaces are big on the red carpet and even in day to day life. These lariat style necklaces take your look from pretty to posh in seconds! And with a little added personalization, this could be your everyday initial necklace!



Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Isabelle Grace Jewelry specializes in their hand stamped, rustic style jewelry. They have a wide selection of various personalized necklaces, bracelets and rings and they are no stranger to beautiful initial necklaces. Rather than sharp edges and precise penmanship, this Jewelry designer goes for a more handmade, hammered jewelry look, meaning there is tons of room for personalization when it comes to choosing your everyday necklace or an dainty pendant for a loved one!


What You Can Expect


Initial Necklace with Date

 How beautiful is this anniversary date initial necklace?? The combination of gold and silver on a circle disc necklace is going to stun on anyone! This circle disc pendant features a silver base with a gold arrow encircling the disc with two initials spaced apart by a gold heart. Below is the date of the wearers choice! This unique initial necklace makes a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, and engagement gift, a wedding present, or just because!


Square Initial Necklace

 A style that is making an appearance in the initial necklace world is...square initial necklaces! What!? This particular initial necklace comes on a handmade silver square shaped pendant and is customized with one to four initials or a small heart symbol with two crossing arrows in the center. This initial necklace is a perfect way to showcase your kids initials, best friends, family members, pets or you and your significant other!


Circle Disc Initial Necklace with Gem

 Do you like gems? Do you like initial necklaces with gems? What about drop necklaces or layered necklaces? How about all of the above? These initial necklaces comes in your choice of silver or gold filled, your favorite initial, and a gem stone. The gemstones available to you are: Blue Onyx, Sea Green Chalcedony, Rose Quartz and Labradorite. When you put this circle disc initial necklace on, it automatically becomes a layered necklace accessory! It's like getting two beautiful necklaces in one!


Initial Necklace with Angel Wing Charm

 If you're looking for an initial necklace with celestial meaning, religious significance, or a way to honor a deceased loved one, then look no further than this initial necklace with an angel wing charm attached! Personalize this beautiful necklace with a significant date, initial of your choice, and a beautiful gem to top it off. Initial necklaces make for great memorial jewelry as well. But if you just like the look of this necklace, then that works too!



Mesmeric Jewelry

If you're looking for a necklace with personalized charms and gems, you've come to the right place! Mesmeric Jewelry offers a wide selection of pretty gems, charms and various shapes, fonts and colors to choose from as well as customizable necklace length! Create a dainty necklace that's unique to your personality or to someone you'd like to surprise! These necklaces are perfect for a Bridesmaids gift, Mother's Day, an Anniversary, a Birthday, or just because!


What You Can Expect


Family Tree Initial Necklace

 If family is your inspiration for all that you do or nature plays a significant role in your life, then this family tree initial necklace may be your best bet! This gorgeous initial necklace comes with a lovely tree charm (peep that cute golden heart!) a gemstone of your choice as well as the initial you would like represented. This makes for a gorgeous and meaningful charm necklace that can hold so much significance to you. Wear as an everyday necklace or gift it to someone for Mother's Day, a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just because!


Monogram Initial Necklace

 Elegant, yet simplistic. That's how we'd describe this oh so pretty monogram initial necklace. No additional gems or charms, just one stunning circle disc pendant with your initial monogrammed in a fanciful script. Monograms take your initial from cute to enchanting! Using a monogrammed style initial is perfect for your name, or even a family name! This will look lovely as an everyday accessory or even a bridesmaids gift! 


Initial Necklace with Charms

 Initial necklaces with added charms are what personalization is all about! Not to mention they make great birthday gifts, graduation presents, or just because presents! You can customize this initial necklace for yourself or for a loved one! Choose the initial you'd like to wear as well as some charms and gems that are unique to you or the person who will be wearing them! You could choose a charm that is relevant to your career, a hobby, or something you think is cute. The possibilities are endless!


Gold Cross Initial Necklace

Okay, so how gorgeous is this gold cross initial necklace??? The detailing in the cross is so stunning! This initial necklace is the perfect everyday necklace for someone with a strong faith or as a gift for someone who has received a sacrament! The fanciful script of the initial makes this necklace look so elegant and regal. And that pearl? Oh my gosh, pearls are all the rage right now and it's exactly the perfect accessory to make this necklace rounded out in style. 



Hot Mix Cold Jewelry

Like its name, the Hot Mix Cold Jewelry shop is quite a mix of simplistic and creative! Choose from an array of delicate and dainty necklaces in a more traditional style, or something that makes a statement like this bird initial necklace as seen above! Hot Mix Cold Jewelry offers an array of styles including bar necklaces, circle disc necklaces, name plate necklaces, and small dainty charms like hearts. It's also one of the few dainty necklace shops that includes an initial state necklace!


What You Can Expect


Initial State Necklace

Represent your state with this gorgeous state pride initial necklace! This necklace comes with a gold circle disc pendant that is then engraved with the state of your choice and even a heart over the city you hail from! To top it off, they've included a sweet heart pendant with your initial embedded into it to represent your first initial or the initial of someone else! This makes for a great graduation gift (if they'll be going to college out of state), a going away present, a state pride everyday necklace, or even a sentimental gift for a long distance love! 


Name Plate Initial Necklace

How cute are these name plate initial necklaces!? Choose from gold, rose gold or silver and let the fun begin! As you can see, there's a lot of different ways you can go about personalizing this style of necklace. You can keep it simple with one initial, do more than one, choose a different font, a special date, or even add a cute heart symbol in there! The initial necklace makes for the perfect anniversary of valentine's day gift, an everyday necklace for you, a best friend necklace, a Mother's Day necklace and beyond!


Initial Bar Necklace with Birthstone

For those who are looking for an initial necklace that's sleek and sophisticated, you've found it! This beautiful bar necklace comes with your choice of initial and a unique birthstone! Create the perfect initial bar necklace as a birthday gift to yourself or someone else! Bar necklaces make for perfect layering pieces or can be worn exquisitely on their own! 


Hearts Initial Necklace

Here's an initial necklace style you probably haven't seen before. Two hearts, combining as one, with two initials parted by a plus sign. This is such a cute idea for an anniversary gift, Valentine's Day gift, engagement present or even a wedding day gift! On the flip side, this necklace would also work as a Mother's Day gift to represent two children! These connected hearts in lovely gold make the perfect sentimental everyday necklace and will look great layered!



What was your favorite dainty necklace on our list?

Tell us in the comments!

  • February 21, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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