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May Birthday

May Birthday

May Birthday

Including Gifts for a May Birthday! 

For all our marvelous May babies, this blog post is all about you! And for those of you looking for a gift for your May born best friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend or anything else, we've got a list of gifts that symbolize the month of May that this lady is sure to love! But first, let's talk about the history and symbols of the month of May! Let's dive in!


May Symbols

May- Derived from the old English Maius, and taken directly from the Latin "Maius" or Maius Mēnsis, translated as “Maia’s month.” The Greek goddess Maia was one of the companions of Artemis, goddess of the Hunt. Maia was the mother of the goddess Hermes, messenger of the Gods. The ancient Romans too had a goddess in their mythology named Maia. The Greek Maia became intertwined with the Roman godess, Maia Majesta: the goddess Spring and fertility.



The Birthstone of May is Emerald! Emerald is the stone of glamour, good luck, fidelity, and royalty. See more about Emerald here!


The Horoscope signs of May are Gemini and Taurus

(Otherwise known as the twins and the bull!)


The Flower of the Month of May is a Lily of the Valley or a Common Hawthorn.


Holidays in the Month of April include: 

May Day

Cinco De Mayo

Mother's Day

Memorial Day 


Celebrities with May Birthdays

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

David Beckham

Will Arnett

Lance Bass

Henry Cavill


George Clooney

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Don Rickles

Enrique Iglesias

Melissa Gilbert

Rosario Dawson

Billy Joel


Kenan Thompson

Emilo Estevez

Domhall Gleeson

Stephen Baldwin

Robert Pattinson

Stephen Colbert

Stevie Wonder

Cate Blanchett

George Lucas

Sofia Coppola

Miranda Cosgrove

Mike Myers

Helena Bonham Carter

Lenny Kravitz

Tom Bergeron

Annette Benning

Idina Menzel

Clint Eastwood

Brooke Shields

Jamie Lynn-Sigler

Megan Fox

Danny Trejo

Pierce Brosnan

Debra Winger

Janet Jackson

Tori Spelling

Nikki Reed

Bob Paxton

Bob Saget

Craig Ferguson

Tina Fey

George Strait

Peter Mayhew


Fairuza Balk

Mr. T

Ginnifer Goodwin

Maggie Q

Drew Carey

John C. Reilly

Priscilla Presley

Bob Dylan

Tommy Chong

Ian Mckellen

Octavia Spencer

Stevie Nicks

Christopher Lee

Carey Mulligan

Danny Elfman

Wynonna Judd

Colin Farrell

Kimora Lee


Gifts for April Birthdays

january birthday

Birthday in Roman Numerals Necklace







Happy Birthday Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Candle



Gold Name Bar Necklace


Raw Emerald Bar Necklace



Raw Emerald Clusters


Taurus May Necklace


Queens are Born in May Shirt

Lily of the Valley Hand Cream


Lily of the Valley Scented Hand Soap



Happy Birthday to all our May Babes!

Let's Party!

  • May 22, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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