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June Birthday

June Birthday

June Birthday

Including Gifts for a June Birthday! 

For all our lovely June babes, this blog post is for you! And for those of you looking for a gift for the June-Bug in your life, we've got a list of gifts that symbolize the month of June that your gal pal is sure to enjoy! But before we do that, let's learn a little about the month of June and its symbols! Read on to find out more!


June Symbols

June - June is derived from the Latin word Iunius, referring to the Roman goddess Juno. Lunius is pronounced with an L as the J sound wasn't incorporated until the 1600's.The name Iuno can be loosely translated to mean, "youth". In ancient Roman times, luno was the fourth month of a ten month calendar.


The Birthstone of June is Alexandrite! Alexandrite is a purple/green/blue colored stone that is a manifester of love, adundance and good luck. Learn more about Alexandrite here!


The Horoscope signs of June are Gemini and Cancer

(Otherwise known as the twins and the crab!)


The Flower of the Month of June is a Rose! Roses represent love, romance, marriage, passion and commitment. 


Holidays in the Month of June include: 

LGBTQ+ Pride Month 

Father's Day


Celebrities with June Birthdays

Morgan Freeman

Heidi Klum

Alanis Morisette

Marilyn Monroe

Zachary Quinto

Dana Carvey

Dwayne Brady

Justin Long

Anderson Cooper

Tony Curtis

Angelina Jolie

Russell Brand

Mark Wahlberg

Pete Wentz

Paul Giamatti

Robert Englund

Liam Neeson

Bill Hader

Michael Cera


Dean Martin

Kanye West

Jerry Stiller

Joan Rivers

Nancy Sinatra

Julianna Margulies

Johnny Depp

Natalie Portman

Michael J. Fox

Judy Garland

Peter Dinklage

Shia LaBeouf

Gene Wilder

Hugh Laurie

Adriana Lima

Dave Franco

Paula Marshall

Chris Evans

Malcolm McDowell

Tim Allen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Kat Dennings

Diablo Cody

Boy George

Neil Patrick Harris

James Belushi

Leah Remini

Courtney Cox

Helen Hunt

Ice Cube

Laurie Metcalf

Sean Hayes

Tupac Shakur

Barry Manilow

Paul McCartney

Roger Ebert

Zoe Saldana

Paula Abdul

Nicole Kidman

Lionel Richie

John Goodman

Chris Pratt

Meryl Streep

Cyndi Lauper

Mindy Kaling

Lizzy Caplan


Gifts for June Birthdays

january birthday

Birthday in Roman Numerals Necklace







Happy Birthday Buttercream Vanilla Cupcake Candle



Gold Name Bar Necklace



June Birthday Wine Glass


June Girl Birthday Shirt


Alexandrite Birthstone Bracelet



Teddy Bear Made of Roses


Beauty and the Beast Rose Replica



24k Gold Dipped Rose


Copper Forever Rose



Happy Birthday to all our Fabulous June Babies!

Grab a Slice of Cake and Get Ready to Party!

  • June 08, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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