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School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

Need new books for next year? Is it time for an upgrade on school supplies? Is the library badly in need of repairs? Is there a school field trip that will only get off the ground with additional funding? Does the internet cafe need more computers to accommodate students? If this sounds like you, it may be time to plan an amazing school fundraiser!

Luckily, you don't have to be a prestigious college to coordinate a successful and cost effective fundraiser to get extra funding towards your cause! There are lots of different fun and effective ways to reach your fundraising goal. Here are some school fundraising ideas that can work from Kindergarten to College!


Fundraiser Partnerships

school fundraising ideas

A great way to get a fundraiser off the ground on a smaller budget is partnering with another company that does fundraisers! This is an easy, nearly effortless way to get the funding you need and eliminates a lot of the guess work. For example, you can partner with us here at Sincerely Silver and we'll let you create a product catalog based on what you think your supporters will love from our collection, create a landing page for you, your own custom URL, and a 30% cut of each sale for your fundraiser! For ideas on what kind of jewelry you should add to your catalog, see our article here.

If you're interested in partnering with us, check out our Fundraiser Page.

Other companies that participate in fundraiser partnership include: Chipotle, Chuck E. Cheese, Chik Fil A, In N Out Burger, Yogurtini, Panda Express, Panera Bread and so much more!


Rummage Sale

school fundraising ideas

By far one of the most cost effective ways to fundraise for schools is to put on a school rummage sale! Think a garage or yard sale, only BIGGER. Months to a year ahead of time, send out a newsletter and post reminders online or through email that your school is putting on a rummage sale to support XYZ cause and that you need items donated such as clothing, books, furniture, toys, etc.

This is a great opportunity for people who have had old knick knacks collecting dust for years or used clothes taking up space to purge for a good cause. They may even tell their family and friends to pitch in as well! It only benefits everyone even more when they get to shop around for unique and well loved items that they may not find anywhere else and for a good price!

You don't even need to rent space to pull off the event! Once school is out, empty out classrooms, the cafeteria, or use any other rooms or open space and convert them into small shops for your supporters to rummage through! It will take a bit of volunteer work to get the job done, but no one can resist a good rummage sale! You'll reach your goal in no time!


School Concerts/Recitals

school fundraising ideas

Use your combined talents and put on a show! Bring together the school band, Dance, Theater, Choir or any other clubs or classes you have on deck and put on multiple performances throughout the year to earn money through ticket sales! If you have lots of different liberal arts clubs on campus this is a great opportunity to collect funding throughout the year! If possible, put on a school musical or play that can run a couple nights during the week to stretch out your ticket sales even more! This brings your students together and lets them showcase their gifts to the community as well as helps your cause. Have fun! 


School Karaoke Night/Trivia Night

school fundraising ideas

Best suited for colleges more than likely, however, a karaoke night or a trivia night can be a super fun way to earn funding for your school! Alert your campus with fliers, email blasts, and social media posts that you will be a hosting a community trivia or karaoke night in support of XYZ cause. With an admission fee, plus a cash bar in to, you'll be able to raise money for your fundraiser while also keeping your supporters entertained and happy.

Rent a karaoke machine and use a projector screen, or come up with a fun and relatively easy theme for your trivia night (For example, 90's nostalgia, Disney, Horror Movies, TV shows with cult followings, Musical Theater,  Sports, or even Back to School topics like history, science, literature, and even drivers ed questions!)

This will be a night that can be fun for all! Add a little incentive with a cash prize, a gift card award, or even a super creative trophy and bragging rights!


School Carnival

school fundraising ideas

For the younger crowd (and even college kids too, who doesn't love a good old fashioned carnival?) a school carnival is a great way to raise money for your fundraiser! Whether you go big or small, you're sure to get a great response from the community. A school carnival can be cost effective if you want it to be. Rather than spend money on a mini roller-coasters, a zipper, ferris wheel, and a carousel, opt for bouncy houses, blow up slides/obstacles courses, DIY booths, corn hole, sack races, and raffles!

Cater your event or bring the community together to sell things like hot dogs, hamburgers, desserts, soft drinks, snow cones, and whatever else you can think of! If your budget can afford a rental ride or even a petting zoo, by all means add it to the list!

With admission sales and food and drink sales combined, you're sure to exceed your fundraising goal and have fun in the process!


Bake Sale

school fundraising ideas

For a smaller fundraising goal, have a good old fashioned bake sale! Bring your community together and bake homemade cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, cakes, you name it! Set up on school grounds in the morning or after school lets out, or (with permissions from those you need it from) hold your bake sale at a park or other big event where people will be sure to stop for a delicious cupcake or brownie. Don't stop at treats thought! If you can, incorporate lemonade and water bottles to your sale. Don't forget to add some nut and gluten free options as well!


Sporting Events

school fundraising ideas

During Basketball, Baseball, Football, or any other sport season, take advantage of these events for your fundraiser! For big games or tournaments either ask for donations at the door or charge a small admission fee. Don't stop there! Have a merchandise stand for your school's team set up so your schools fans can wear their colors proudly or support their child that's on the team.

For a little extra oomph, rent a food truck with snacks and other sport treats as well as drinks for your hungry sports fans to enjoy while they root for their team. When the heat is on, no one can pass up lemonade or a bag of chips to snack on! Opt for treats people love and definitely won't pass up such as popcorn, kettle corn, churros, pretzels, or snow cones!


School Dances

school fundraising ideas

School dances are a yearly tradition. You've got homecoming, a spring formal, a winter formal, and prom to look forward to. This is a perfect opportunity to meet your fundraising goals. Especially if your goal is for money to go towards renting a nice venue for prom. Throughout the year, hold formal and casual dances for your students and charge admission or drink and snack fees.

Dances are easy to put together if you're using a space you already own. You may just have to dip into the school piggy bank for things like a DJ, food and drinks, and decorations if necessary. But no worries, these events throughout the year will pay themselves back and then some in no time!


Haunted House Walk Through/Halloween Party

school fundraising ideas

If it's Halloween season, take this opportunity to put on a fun Halloween party/Haunted House Walk Through!

For the younger students, this is actually a great way for them to celebrate Halloween safely and have something to do if their parents can't take them trick or treating, or they live in a neighborhood (such as an apartment complex) where trick or treating isn't really practiced. This can take a load off parents for the night by dropping them off safely at their school where they'll be watched by teachers, staff or volunteer chaperones. It's also a great opportunity for the kids to get to spend time with their friends and have good wholesome Halloween fun!

Simply charge a small admission fee and you're all set! If The kids are old enough to handle a haunted house (of the friendly ghost variety), stage your own with the promise of candy at the end! Include games such as apple bobbing, bingo, a cake walk, corn hole, a sack race or even play a family friendly Halloween movie!

For High School Students, put on a Halloween themed dance with decorations, spooky treats and a combination of Halloween music and today's hits. In the space you have available, create a Walk Through Haunted House for your students that's a little more scary and watch in delight as your students pressure each other for who should walk in first. Charge admission for the walk through and the dance as well as specialty treats such as snow cones or pizza and you've got yourself a successful fundraiser!

For College Students, you can have a bit more mature 21 + Halloween party with costume contests, a cash bar, a food truck, a DJ, and a more frightening haunted house walk through. Simple charge admission as well as for alcoholic drinks and food and you're sure to have a great time while meeting your fundraising goals!


school fundraising ideas

There's lots of ways to put on a successful fundraiser for your school and you can do more than one throughout the year! Put your own creative spin on these and don't forget to have fun!


For more information on how to start a fundraiser, see our article here


Any great school fundraising ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 


Want to partner with Sincerely Silver for your next fundraiser? Check out our Fundraising Page.


school fundraising ideas 

  • October 03, 2019
  • Kristen Kish
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