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What Is Soundwave Jewelry?

What Is Soundwave Jewelry?

Soundwave Jewelry

Custom Soundwave Jewelry

Sound wave jewelry is a truly special and unique design of jewelry. It allows you to take words, songs, etc., and create a piece of jewelry that is personal to you. The look of sound wave jewelry is very simple yet beautiful, so it can be worn as an everyday piece. This is a great way to hold special words close to your heart. Sound wave jewelry is completely custom, so it makes for the perfect piece for yourself, or an incredibly meaningful gift!

What Are Sound Waves?

The sounds we hear come from waves made of particles that are vibrating in the air. The waves that are created have different properties, such as different wavelengths, frequencies, intensities, speed, etc., that make them specific to a particular sound. Every sound that we hear is composed of a wave that has its own combination of what are called compressions and rarefactions as well. The combination of all of these different factors and characteristics is what makes each sound wave specific to a particular sound. When we “see” sound waves for a particular sound, we are actually just seeing all of the properties of the wave that the sound produced. So when you look at a sound wave for a song, you are looking at the properties of the wave that produces the sound for that song. These sound waves can then be taken and turned into art, tattoos, or in the case of what we’re talking about here, jewelry!

The Process

The process for creating your own custom sound wave jewelry is so simple! Just provide an audio clip, or the words you want, and leave the rest to us! We will use our software to create the sound wave, and once the sound wave is created, one of our amazing graphic designers takes it and turns it into a digital image. That is then used to laser engrave the exact sound wave onto the selected piece of jewelry. Just like that, you have a special message on a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will have forever!   


There really are so many different routes you can take with sound wave jewelry. A very common and meaningful idea is to have the sound wave of a song engraved onto the necklace. And even this broad idea can be taken in so many different directions as well. Sound wave necklaces make great meaningful gifts for wives and girlfriends. Many people get their wedding song turned into a sound wave and engraved on the necklace. This makes a super sentimental gift for your significant other for an anniversary, birthday, etc. Similarly, you can get the sound wave for any song that is special between you two engraved onto a necklace as a special gift. If you don’t want to do a song sound wave, you can also record a message in your own voice, and have that sound wave engraved onto the necklace. How cool would it be to give your wife/girlfriend a necklace with the sound wave of you saying “I love you” on it?! Or maybe there’s another special saying/message that you want to give her. Putting it on a sound wave necklace is a super unique and sentimental way to do it.


Sound wave jewelry doesn’t have to just be a gift for your significant other, however. It could also make a great gift for a friend, family member, or just a piece for yourself! Sound wave jewelry can be used to memorialize someone, through using a recording of their voice as the sound wave for the piece. If you don’t have an audio recording of something they said, but there is a certain phrase that you want to remember them by, you can give us the phrase and we can turn it into a sound wave for you as well. Or maybe there’s a song that reminds you of that special person that passed. Getting the sound wave for that song engraved onto a necklace is a great way to remember someone and hold them close to you always.

No matter the occasion or who it’s for, sound wave jewelry makes incredibly meaningful and sentimental pieces that double as a beautiful keepsake. Choose any phrase, audio clip, song, etc., that you want or that means something special to you and be able to wear the sound wave for it around your neck always.   


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Vertical Soundwave Necklace

  • August 20, 2018
  • Kayla Stefaner
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