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Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Valentines Day Gifts for Her

valentines day gifts for her

We're sure you've already seen the chocolate boxes and greeting cards finding their way into every grocery store and convenient store you stop into. It can only mean one thing... it's almost Valentines Day! The most romantic day of the year! Obviously you don't need one specific day a year to spoil your significant other, but that doesn't mean she won't love the sentiment all the same! We're sure you're planning on filling out a sweet card, maybe getting her some candy and taking her out on a romantic dinner... but, why not also get her something unexpected! To help you make a decision, we've put together a list of the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for her that will make her swoon! Let's dive in!


Top 21 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her


valentines day gifts for her

Words of Love Necklace

 Tell her how special she is or have her favorite song engraved into this precious circle disc necklace with a heart pendant attached! This can be personalized however you'd like, with a sweet message, poem, or song!




Paper Flowers Bouquet

 This year, buy her flowers that will truly last! These paper flowers come with the message, "I love you," scrawled all over and can be customized with a specific color and even your choice of a button, gemstone, or a pearl in the center!




valentines day gifts for her

Heart Lariat Necklace

 Heart jewelry is truly a classic staple for Valentines Day gifts. Maybe its been done quite a bit, but that doesn't mean she won't love it! This heart lariat necklace for example, is a gorgeous accessory that makes for a romantic Valentines Day gift for her!




Forever Rose- 24k Gold Dipped Rose

 Speaking of flowers that will last forever, blow her away with this 24k gold dipped rose that she can put on display anywhere she'd like! It's a real rose dipped in gold, not just a statue! This is a unique, romantic gift that will last forever, just like your love! 




Vertical Love Necklace

 If she's into simple jewelry, this vertical love necklace is a stunning choice! It's not too flashy but is beautiful all the same! The word, "Love" is engraved onto the vertical bar. A reminder of your enduring love for her that she can wear everyday!




Heart and Lyrics Custom Canvas

 If you live together, then this gorgeous canvas gift will really add a touch of personalization to your home. Choose your vows, favorite song, a poem, or sweet message and it will be transferred onto a cotton canvas into the shape of a heart! Customize it further with your names, anniversary date or even the date of this Valentines Day!




Diamond Pendant Necklace

 Diamonds are forever, just like your love. Strong, beautiful, resilient to anything that tries to break it. Give her a symbol of your unbreakable feelings with this stunning diamond pendant necklace! Perfect for everyday wear or to be dressed up for date night!



valentines day gifts

Infinity Date Necklace

 Forever. Eternity. Never ending... are these the words that describe your enduring love for your significant other? Perfect! Then for Valentines Day, give her a token of your undying affection with this powerful infinity date necklace! Simply customize with your anniversary date, the date you first met, or a particularly important date fir the two of you and it can be engraved into this infinity symbol pendant!




Custom Sheet Music Print

 Choose your first dance song, her favorite song, or maybe even the song that was playing during your first kiss if you can remember it. Then, send it in and our friends at Forever Anniversary will take the sheet music for this song and put it into a lovely frame! Personalize further with your names and anniversary date!




valentines day gifts for her

Personalized Necklace with Initials and Date

 Initial necklaces are adorable, romantic, and precious keepsakes. Simply customize with your initials and anniversary date at check out and our friends at Gracefully Made Jewelry will engrave these onto a gorgeous heart pendant necklace with a pearl attached! This is a sweet accessory she can wear over her heart every day!




custom sky map

Night Sky Map

 Give her romantic wall decor this year! This night sky map is more than just a fab decoration!  Our friends at Canvas vows will take the coordinates and date of a night that was particularly special to you and your love and print the constellations of that exact spot onto this beautiful night sky map sign! Customize with a message like, "Where we first met," or "Where we said I Do," and include your names and even a date!




valentines day gifts for her

Gold Wood Heart Tray

 Every girl needs somewhere to store her little trinkets! This gold wood heart tray is the perfect little add on to her bathroom or nightstand!




valentines day gifts for her

Gold Heart Pendant

 Gold indicates favor, eternity, maturity, beauty, and even romance! What could be more appropriate than a classic, beautiful heart pendant?




valentines day gifts for her

Valentine Day Spa Gift Basket 

 A day of rest and relaxation is appropriate for any day! Sometimes the best gift, is the gift of "Me Time" and this spa gift basket is just what the doctor ordered! She'll feel fresher than a bed of roses with these soaps, lotions and body washes she can use in a nice, calming, candle lit bath.




valentines day gifts for her

Open Heart Necklace

 In order to give AND receive love, one must keep their heart open. This open heart necklace is the perfect symbol of this concept! It's classic and simple, perfect for everyday wear!




valentines day gifts for her

Lovestruck Perfume by Vera Wang

 Give her a gift that smells like first love. This perfume by Vera Wang is not only pretty to look at, but will have her feeling like a goddess when she sprays it in the morning!





valentines day gifts for her

Eternal Love Necklace

 For those with a love that has withstood the test of time, countless challenges, changes, and more, this eternal love necklace says it all! Your significant other will be blown away when she receives this infinity symbol love necklace. It's message is simple but meaningful all the same.




valentines day gifts for her

Huda Beauty Ruby Eyeshadow Palette

 Give her a fun new palette to experiment with! This eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty is called "Ruby" and it lives up to the name! She'll love playing with these romantic reds, glitter shades, peaches and rustic maroons!




valentines day gifts for her

Initial Discs Necklace

 Your initial plus her initial = true love forever! Sometimes a simple initial necklace is romantic enough! Every time she wears this now she can think of you and keep you near her heart always!




valentines day gifts for her

Michael Kors MK Logo Heart Goldtone Post Earrings

 For the glamour girl, these adorable Michael Kors gold earrings are such a stylish and stunning gift she'll be obsessed with! Statement earrings like this will dress up any outfit and she'll feel like a celebrity!




valentines day gifts for her

Custom Couples Initial Disc Necklace

 A simple and sweet initial disc necklace with a heart pendant attached! Simply customized with each of your first initials and see how excited she gets when she sees it! Valentines Day is in the bag!





valentines day gifts for her


What's your favorite Valentines Gift on our list? Tell us in the comments below!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!







  • January 28, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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