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Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Valentines Day Gifts for Him

It's seemingly easy to pick out what to get a girlfriend or wife for Valentine's Day, but shopping for men? OOF. Who wants to waste money on heart shaped things, fluffy nonsense and stuff that ultimately will end up in the trash or tucked away never to be seen again? Your man doesn't need bells and whistles to know he is absolutely adored by you, but that doesn't mean he won't love that you thought of him! For Valentine's Day gifts guys will actually appreciate, read on!


Top 16 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him


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Old Fashioned Shaving Kit

If your man has a likeness to a Sea Captain, Wizard, or Santa Claus, then an old fashioned shaving kit may just do the trick! This kit comes with a safety razor and ten blades, a shaving badger hair brush, sandalwood shaving soap, a shaving stand, a stainless steel bowl, and a canvas dopp kit. Now your boyfriend or husband can upkeep his facial hair like they did in the olden days!





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Meat Sampler Gift Box

If your boo is into hunting for food purposes, is a fan of exotic food, or has been talking about how he's never had venison and wants to try it, then we have the perfect gift for him! This meat sampler gift box comes with venison steak, pork sticks, jerky sticks, pork chops, epic pork rinds, beef bars, chicken, ostrich and traditional jerky! This kit is great for snacking and trying new things! We're salivating just thinking about it!





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Personalized Wood Keepsake Box

For the man that carries small trinkets like cuff links, rings, chains, a watch, earrings if he wears them, or anything else that is important to him, this personalized wood keepsake box is a perfect gift! Personalize it with the recipients name and either their birth date, an anniversary date or even this Valentine's Day! This box comes with four storage slots to separate your treasures. This keepsake box looks chic and modern with a wooden bottom and leather lid. He can always think of you anytime he sees this box on his nightstand, in a drawer, on the bathroom sink, or anywhere else it can be placed!





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Men's Leather Bracelet

If your SO is a bracelet guy, then these leather bracelets are the perfect everyday accessory! Stylish, masculine, modern, unique...these are the words that describe the guy you have in mind, so why not give him something that will match his trendy style? Choose between black or brown to match his wardrobe and see as this sleek leather bracelet becomes his new everyday accessory!





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Men's Link Bracelet with Diamond Accents

 Link bracelets are to men what tennis bracelets are to women. Think of it as a coming of age jewelry piece. Your sweetie will certainly love how fancy he feels with his sterling silver link bracelet with diamond accents! Men deserve to feel pretty once in awhile too!





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Men's Opal Ring

 This stunning men's Opal ring will definitely wow him this year! Opal is a radiant, colorful and dazzling gem that makes for eye catching jewelry. This statement ring will make him feel like royalty when he wears it. Opal is a very passionate stone that promotes desire, romance and endless true love. The array of colors and chaotic sparkle of the gem can represent that wild and passionate feeling of romantic feelings and how enchanted we are by the person we're attracted to. 





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Men's Silk Pajama Set

 A silk pajama set is such a sweet gift for the Prince Charming in your life. He'll feel so spoiled in this royal blue silk pajama set and so comfortable too! These pajamas are perfect for bedtime, or lounging around the house in his slippers on a Saturday morning with his coffee in hand. Plus, you can't help but notice how adorable he's gonna look in this!





Engraved Pocket Watch

For Valentine's Day this year, give him something beautiful and classic! An engraved pocket watch! Personalize it with his name, or your shared last name, or even his initials! You could even add your anniversary date! This black and chrome colored pocket watch is a classic and sophisticated accessory that he can wear on him or keep at home in a keepsake box!





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Wallet Insert For Him

 A small token of affection, but an effective one nonetheless! Give him this sweet message engraved onto a wallet insert that he can carry with him always! This will remind him of your love and can be a comfort during times you are apart or if an argument ever ensues. A simple I love you can truly make all the difference!





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Copper Art - Personalized Sound Wave Print

Sound Wave art is making waves...literally. Written lyrics are one thing, but imagine having a picture of the sound of his favorite song, or your first dance song if applicable. If not a song, then send us a recording of a sweet message like, "I love you," or "Happy Valentine's Day!" and have its sound wave printed on a stunning copper canvas! It makes for great modern/contemporary wall art and is a unique statement of love that your husband or boyfriend will be blown away by!




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Fun Cotton Underwear

Maybe it's cheesy, but underwear is underwear. Who doesn’t appreciate a comfortable pair of undies?? It’s a cotton gift, keeping in the line of tradition, but it's also a fun and flirty present that can get a good laugh and inspire a night of romance! For Valentine's Day, you can’t just get him any average pair of skivvies. The cheesier the better. Get him a personalized pair of knickers that say something along the lines of “Property of YOUR NAME HERE” or “Belongs to YOUR NAME HERE.” If you’re brave, take it up several notches and get your face printed all over them. Guaranteed laughs and cool points. 





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Massage Pillow

For those days he's feeling beat or just wants to unwind, this massage pillow will be just the thing he needs! They can get a deep tissue massage right from the comfort of their own home and without having to ask anyone for favors! With this massaging pillow they can get out the knots in their back, shoulders and even their feet! A gift so great, everyone will be asking to borrow it!





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Lucky to Be in Love Romantic Gift Picture Frame

If you consider your husband, boyfriend or partner to be your best friend, then this picture frame will really make his Valentine's Day special! This photo plaque is an 8x10 frame that holds a 4x6 picture of your choice! You can stand it up on a desk or shelf with the attached easel or hang it on the wall! they'll love looking at this frame on their desk at work, on their shelf, in their living room, on their nightstand or anywhere else they want to display it! This gift is sweet, romantic and will look great with their decor!





BOBO Black Wooden Watch

If your significant other is a fan of wrist watches, then this black wooden watch from BOBO will make a unique and thoughtful gift! This watch is sure to stand out amongst other watch wearers and your love can be reminded of you every time he wears it. Wooden wrist watches are very in style right now and your boo can be too!





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Diamond Watch for Him

 If the wooden watch isn't his style and you wanna make him feel like a King, get him something really snazzy! All men need a good reliable watch. He may already have a watch or two, but does his have diamond accents? Even men can rock diamonds in their ensemble! So for the man who loves a good watch, get him one of these!




Personalized Pocket Knife

A boy scout is always prepared...even when he's 21 or 30 plus years old...If your sweetheart loves his tools, goes hunting or camping, then this personalized pocket knife is a perfect gift for him! This knife is sleek and modern with room to personalize his initials! This is a great keepsake or a handy tool to be put to good use!







What's your favorite Valentines Gift on our list? Tell us in the comments below!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!



  • January 29, 2020
  • Kristen Kish
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