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Where To Buy Amber Teething Necklace Online (7 Best Amber Teething Necklaces Stores!)

Where To Buy Amber Teething Necklace Online (7 Best Amber Teething Necklaces Stores!)

Amber teething necklaces have risen in popularity recently as a natural alternative to conventional teething medicine for babies. The experience of teething can be traumatizing — for the baby and the parents!! — and so finding anything that works really is a life-saver. However, keep in mind that some believe there are potential risks to the use of baltic amber teething necklaces.

So, what is an amber teething necklace?

A baltic amber teething necklace is made from fossilized tree resin. The majority of amber teething necklaces are made from either raw polished amber beads or heat-treated amber beads, which are strung together as a necklace.

How do amber teething necklaces work?

It is believed that an amber baby teething necklace has soothing properties when worn by the baby due to the presence of succinic acid, which is a natural substance that is believed to act as a painkiller. Since the highest concentration of succinic acid is in the outer layers of the resin, a raw amber teething necklace is believed to be more effective than a heat-treated amber teething necklace. Essentially, when worn by the baby, the succinic acid in the real amber teething necklace is absorbed into the skin to soothe the baby during the teething process.

What is baltic amber?

Baltic amber is fossilized tree resin that formed over 45 million years ago.

So, where to buy amber teething necklace online?

If you’re wondering where can I buy amber teething necklace, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve searched the web and found the 7 best amber teething necklace stores. For the best raw baltic amber teething necklace stores, keep reading!!

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#1 Baltic Ambers

amber teething necklace baltic amber

At Baltic Ambers, all items are handmade and the main material is genuine baltic amber. If you’re looking for where to buy amber teething necklace online, Baltic Ambers is one of the best shops you will find! This online jewelry shop customizes your amber teething necklace and produces any size, color or shape jewelry you are looking for.


#2 Amber Store LT

amber teething necklace amber store

Are you searching, where can I buy amber teething necklace? Amber Store LT is one of the best online stores for amber teething necklaces. Based in Lithuania, Amber Store LT features handmade natural baltic amber adult necklaces and amber teething necklaces. The Amber Store LT offers high quality baltic amber so you know you won’t be disappointed when you check out this online jewelry shop.


#3 Shop of Amber

amber teething necklace shop of amber

At Shop of Amber, you will find a huge selection of amber teething necklaces and baltic amber jewelry! If you’re not sure where to buy amber teething necklace online, Shop of Amber has such a wide variety and huge selection that you will be sure to find what you’re looking for! Perhaps you’ve changed your mind about an amber teething necklace and are considering an amber teething bracelet, anklet or pendant? Shop of Amber has all those! For all of your amber teething necklace needs, check out Shop of Amber. You won’t be disappointed.

#4 Luv Mum N Kids

amber teething necklace luv mum n kids

If you’re not sure where to buy amber teething necklace online, Luv Mum N Kids is the place to look! Christine Hall, the shop owner and creator is a mom of 9, and has studied natural and holistic medicine. Therefore, you know when you shop for the best amber teething necklace, you’re getting it at Luv Mum N Kids. This online Etsy shop features different kinds of baltic amber teething necklace styles, as well as amber teething bracelets. Additionally, Luv Mum N Kids offers adult amber necklaces and bracelets, as well as silicone teethers for the babies. Check out this shop for where to buy amber teething necklace online!

#5 Beaming Amber Sun LLC

amber teething necklace beaming amber sun

Beaming Amber Sun LLC is definitely the place to go if you’re still wondering, where can I buy amber teething necklace? This online Etsy shop was created by a mom and entrepreneur who (like many moms out there) had a baby who suffered from teething symptoms. As her first amber teething necklace was a success, she expanded her shop and welcomed more baltic amber products into her unique line. Check it out!!

#6 Baltic Bella

amber teething necklace baltic bella

If you’re looking for authentic amber teething necklace styles, a variety of real amber teething necklace options and where to buy amber teething necklace online, you absolutely can’t pass up Baltic Bella! This darling online Etsy shop began with the intention to make jewelry with a purpose and to help teething babies and children, as well as adults with their pain! In addition to offering a variety of amber baby teething necklace styles and bracelet styles, Baltic Bella also offers a cute personalized birthstone bracelet!

#7 Silly Little Love

amber teething necklace silly little love

Silly Little Love is based out of Austin, Texas and features a variety of funky handmade items for parent and baby. For instance, their amber teething necklace styles are incredibly varied and come in a variety of different colors. Whether you’re looking for raw cognac or a raw amber teething necklace, Silly Little Love has what you need!  

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