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Where To Buy Choker Necklaces Online (All You Need To Know!)

Where To Buy Choker Necklaces Online (All You Need To Know!)

Want to know where to buy choker necklaces online? Don’t worry! We’ve gathered the best list of online jewelry stores so you don’t have to worry about where to buy choker necklaces online! But, what are choker necklaces? Choker necklaces are a unique type of necklace that hugs the neck.

Wondering how to wear a choker necklace? Check out these simple tips & tricks to determine how to wear a choker necklace:

1. Find a choker material that suits you. You want to make sure the material of the choker is comfortable around the neck. Do you want lace, leather, velvet, ribbon, metal, plastic, beading or a simple strip?

2. Choose a length for your choker necklace. A standard choker length is 16 inches, but chokers can range in length from close-fitting to long and loose. A longer choker can be wrapped around the neck multiple times to give a layered effect, while a short choker necklace can easily be paired with longer necklace styles. Regardless, make sure to measure your neck and have in mind a length that will feel comfortable to you before you purchase a choker necklace. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your neck; take whatever that measurement is and add 2 inches. That will be the size you want for your choker necklace.

3. Select the width of the choker necklace. For a subtle look, go for a thin choker necklace with neutral colors. For a statement piece, go for a thicker choker necklace, such as a large metal choker necklace.

4. Find the appropriate color. Do you want to go neutral or bold? Like any of your other accessories, you’ll want to think about what to wear your choker necklace with. Neutral colors will go with more outfits, but brighter colors make more of a statement or impact.

5. Choose a style. Do you want simple or bold? For a simple piece that you can wear with many different outfits, go for a delicate chain or a simple strip of black velvet. For a statement style, go for chokers with a pendant, charm or studs.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to know where to buy choker necklaces online. That’s why we’ve searched all around the web to find the top online jewelry stores for where to buy choker necklaces online. Whether you’re looking for cute choker necklaces, a gold choker necklace, a pearl choker necklace, a black choker necklace, a silver choker necklace or a chain choker necklace, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to determine where to get choker necklaces online!

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#1 Endless Universe

choker necklace endless universe

Endless Universe has a huge variety of choker necklaces! If you’re a little unsure where to buy choker necklaces online, Endless Universe offers so many different styles and kinds of chokers that you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for! This online Etsy shop is so cute and features choker necklaces made from a variety of materials, including pearls, black suede, rosary beads, lace, velvet and more!


#2 EF Handmade Jewelry

choker necklace ef handmade

EF Handmade Jewelry features simple and dainty choker necklaces. The style you see at this shop puts a spin on the traditional “punk-rock” vibe of the choker necklace: with the delicate and dainty designs you see for these choker necklaces, you will have a whole new perspective on choker necklaces! For delicate choker necklaces that make layering easy, EF Handmade Jewelry is an absolute must.  


#3 Sincerely Silver

 Cute Choker Necklace

One of the most trending styles of choker necklaces is the disc choker necklace. Its cute, dainty and beautiful. It comes in sterling silver, gold and rose gold with multiple length options. 

#4 Ethnicca

choker necklace ethnicca

Looking for choker necklaces that are also beautiful, fashionable, trendy and unique? Then you can’t pass up Ethnicca! The variety of styles of choker necklaces at Ethnicca is pretty great and you’re likely to find what you’re looking for when you shop at this online shop. If you’re not sure where to buy choker necklaces online, you should definitely check out Ethnicca’s huge variety!!

#5 Sun vs Moon

choker necklace sun vs moon

Dying to know where to get choker necklaces online? Sun vs Moon features some darling choker necklaces ranging from simple to edgy. No matter the overall style and look you’re going for, Sun vs Moon will probably have what you want. They offer a variety of simple black choker necklace styles, as well as other cute choker necklaces. The owner and jewelry maker believes that there is nothing better in life than having your passion as your full-time job and we must agree! Her passion and joy clearly shines through when she creates these cute choker necklaces!

#6 Bohemian’s Closet

choker necklace bohemians closet

Looking for some simple and dainty choker necklaces? You will absolutely love the cute choker necklaces, chain choker necklaces and silver choker necklaces featured on Bohemian’s Closet. The inspiring thing about Bohemian’s Closet is that it has been going strong for 5 years now (it began in 2014); though it began as a clothing shop, the shop owner, creator and designer realized her passion for jewelry making and is now running a successful online jewelry Etsy shop! Beading is her passion and it’s obvious! The cute choker necklaces made of beads are just awesome. If you’re not sure where to buy choker necklaces online, definitely check out Bohemian’s Closet. You’ll love it.


#7 Gemini Rain Handmade

choker necklace gemini rain handmade

Gemini Rain Handmade features darling black choker necklace styles you will love. With a passion to create and a strong interest in fashion, the shop owner created a successful online shop featuring modern, bohemian-style goods, such as cute choker necklaces. Whether you’re looking for a gold choker necklace, a velvet choker necklace or a black choker necklace, Gemini Rain Handmade has what you need!

#8 79th and Lex

choker necklace 79th and lex

Still feeling unsure about where to buy choker necklaces online? The colorful beaded chokers featured on 79th and Lex will finally settle your undying need to know where to get choker necklaces, guaranteed. If you want something a little more casual and less in-your-face than other kinds of choker necklaces, then the cute choker necklaces made by 79th and Lex will be just what you’re looking for! Check them out! You won’t be let down.


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