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Where To Buy Bib Necklaces Online (Statement Bib Necklaces You'll Love!)

Where To Buy Bib Necklaces Online (Statement Bib Necklaces You'll Love!)

Wearing a bib necklace is not for the fashion amatuer, that’s for sure. Bib necklaces make a statement: they are bold, wild, gorgeous, eye-catching and fearless. Whether you’re looking to amp up your style by trying out a few statement bib necklaces or you already have some and you’re looking for new places to buy bib necklaces online, we’ve got you covered.  

First of all, what is a bib style necklace?

A bib necklace is a necklace that has a broad front section that covers a large portion of the chest.

Wondering how to wear a bib necklace? Here’s a few tips & tricks to help you determine how to wear a bib necklace:

1. Simplify your other accessories. Bib necklaces take up a lot of space, and so you want it to be the focus. Tone down your other accessories to allow your bib necklace to stand out.

2. Wear it with strapless blouses/dresses, deep necklines or simple necklines.

3. Consider contrasting colors in your outfit. Alternatively, consider a simple, monochrome outfit.

4. Wear it around a collared shirt.

5. Consider your neck length. If you have a short neck, you might want to avoid bib necklaces as they tend to take up quite a bit of space and can make a small neckline look even smaller.

Looking for a gold bib necklace, a silver bib necklace or bib and collar necklaces? It can be difficult to know where to buy bib necklaces online because you want to make sure the online jewelry shops are both high quality and provide a lot of variation. While it might be cumbersome to sort through all the online jewelry shops, thankfully you don’t have to!

Our professional team here at Sincerely Silver made the effort to find the top 7 online jewelry stores for bib necklaces so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. For all the most awesome statement bib necklaces you could ask for, keep reading!

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#1 Razzle St. Jewelry

bib necklace razzle st

If you’re looking for where to buy bib necklaces online, Razzle St. Jewelry is the place to go! Razzle St. offers a variety of tribal, ethnic and vintage style bib necklaces, so you can be sure you’ll find something that suits your style. The wonderful thing about bib necklaces is that there is a broad front section that covers part of the chest in a trendy and oversized style. With bib necklaces from Razzle St., you can feature elaborate designs on necklaces that make a statement.


#2 Artisans In The Andes

bib necklace artisans in the andes

Artisans In The Andes features a variety of statement and bib necklaces from the indigenous artisans in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian artisans hand make each of their unique designs, often using local and sustainable materials, such as tagua, leather, cotton, acai, pambil and achira. If you’re not settled on where to buy bib necklaces online, Artisans In The Andes is an excellent place to online-shop. When you buy from this online jewelry shop, you are helping to support the local families and communities by purchasing locally crafted and handmade Ecuadorian products.


#3 Konst Creations

bib necklace konst creations

The bib necklaces you see on Konst Creations are definitely one-of-a-kind. Based in Athens, Greece, Konst Creations focuses on handmade leather crafts, resulting in gorgeous statement necklaces. The designer and owner of Konst Creations, Konstantina Dounia, finds inspiration in nature and international cultures and landscapes. Her primary intention is to create long-lasting works of art, which is why she uses high quality materials and carefully handcrafts each item herself. Each item of hers is unique — if you’re struggling with where to buy bib necklaces online, you can’t pass up Konst Creations.

#4 Ethnic Jewelry Art

bib necklace ethnic jewelry art

Looking for an awesome statement bib necklace? The bib necklaces at Ethnic Jewelry Art are definitely bold and make a statement. Made from materials like silver, leather, gold and cotton, the fashion bib necklaces at this online jewelry shop will have you in awe of their unique designs. Seriously — you will love the unique designs at Ethnic Jewelry Art! From tribal human face bib necklaces to asymmetrical styles, you will love the impact these bib necklaces make. The compliments will be overwhelming! For where to buy bib necklaces, check out Ethnic Jewelry Art!

#5  Kelis Africa

bib necklace kelis africa

Kelis Africa combines contemporary African styles with a classic style. The bib necklaces you see on this Etsy shop are colorful and unique, unlike any other bib necklace shop. With materials like cowrie shells, buttons, Ankara cords and layered capes, you will be sure to make a statement when you wear a bib necklace from Kelis Africa. Check them out — you’ll be glad you did.

#6 PyE Jewelry

bib necklace pye

The bib necklaces at PyE Jewelry are just incredible. What’s more — this shop has incredible variation! From silver chain medallions to multi-strand beaded bib necklaces, from multi-colored crystals to plastic flowers and bibs with a cascading effect, you can be sure you’ll find the bib necklace of your dreams here at PyE Jewelry!

#7 Am Kooi

bib necklace am kooi

Looking for handmade, colorful statement jewelry? At Am Kooi, you can find bib necklaces made of lace, statement bib necklaces and colorfully-embroidered bib necklaces. The things this shop does with embroidered lace is out of this world!! From white floral designs to whimsical patterns, the bib necklaces at Am Kooi will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re not sure where to buy bib necklaces online, Am Kooi is the place to go!

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