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Where To Buy Tassel Necklaces Online (Top 7 Online Jewelry Stores!)

Where To Buy Tassel Necklaces Online (Top 7 Online Jewelry Stores!)

Looking for where to buy tassel necklaces online? It can be difficult to find the right online jewelry shop, especially for tassel necklaces! The variation in style and sophistication when it comes to tassel necklaces is HUGE. That’s why we’ve searched all across the web for all the best online jewelry shops to help you determine where to buy tassel necklaces online.

Whether you’re looking for a beaded tassel necklace, a long tassel necklace, a gold tassel necklace, a leather tassel necklace, a fabric tassel necklace, etc., you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for amidst this awesome list. To find your next go-to tassel pendant necklace, keep reading!

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#1 Bella Stone Boutique

tassel necklace bella stone

Want to know where to buy tassel necklaces online? Bella Stone Boutique has a huge collection of women’s tassel necklaces! The shop owner and designer, Jasmine Hicks, uses a variety of materials, including feathers, Swarovski chains, pearls, chiffon sari silk, etc. to create incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind tassel necklaces. These are not just your standard tassel necklaces — Bella Stone Boutique features handcrafted and colorful silk tassels that you need to add to your collection.

#2 Wild Collections

tassel necklace wild collections

Based in Collierville, Tennessee, Wild Collections crafts gorgeous tassel necklaces with a variety of materials, including genuine leather, freshwater pearls and stone jewelry. With humble beginnings, Wild Collections has expanded from an online shop of 10 items in 2014 to the Etsy shop you see today with a wide variety of jewelry styles. For where to buy tassel necklaces online, check out Wild Collections — you will fall in love with their understated leather tassel necklaces.

#3 Jewelry by TM

tassel necklace jewelry by tm

Jewelry by TM features a variety of tassel necklaces assembled from a wide range of materials, colors and textures. For instance, the tassel necklaces you see here are crafted from brass, glass, gold, leather, ceramic, stones, steel, plastic, sterling silver and a variety of gemstones. These colorful and high quality tassel necklaces are ones you can’t pass up! Need to know where to buy tassel necklaces online? Jewelry by TM offers a huge selection so you can be sure you will find a tassel necklace to suit your style.

#4 Tara Lea Smith

tassel necklace tara lea smith

If you’re looking for unique tassel necklaces online, Tara Lea Smith is the place to go. The owner, maker, designer and curator, Smith, hand picks each and every one of her antique and vintage components to create her super unique tassel jewelry. Though the owner herself used to be relatively modest with her jewelry, she has a true passion for jewelry creation, which has contributed to the amazing masterpieces she creates. What’s more — Smith finds the components of her jewelry locally or through auctions and uses a variety of construction techniques to create the best tassel jewelry you can find! If you’re not sure where to buy tassel necklaces online, check out Tara Lea Smith! You won’t be disappointed.

#5 Birdie by Elley

tassel necklace birdie by elley

At Birdie by Elley, trendy and traditional jewelry styles are combined to create their ever-changing collection of handmade jewelry! If you’re looking for a beaded tassel necklace, Birdie by Elley will definitely have what you’re looking for! They feature Game Day necklaces, all of which have a tassel! In addition to their wide collection and variety of tassel necklaces, Birdie by Elley has a fascinating history: though they began in late 2017, they’ve grown to the 92nd percentile of all Etsy stores since then! Further, they are featured in boutiques all across the Southeast US! For tassel necklaces that have Southern sophistication with big city style, Birdie by Elley is the place to shop, no question.

#6 London Amaya Jewelry

tassel necklace london amaya

Looking for chic, affordable jewelry? London Amaya Jewelry features boho silk tassel necklaces that are seriously awesome. If you’re looking for a beaded tassel necklace that is a little different than your average tassel necklace, then you should definitely check out London Amaya Jewelry! The bohemian silk sari tassel necklaces on beaded strands are beautiful and well made. If you’re not sure where to buy tassel necklaces online, give London Amaya Jewelry a try! You won’t be let down.

#7 Handmade Dezigns

tassel necklace handmade dezigns

Need some handcrafted minimalist boho tassel jewelry? Handmade Dezigns offers beautiful tassel necklaces you will be sure to love! Looking for a black tassel necklace, a long tassel necklace, a gold tassel necklace or a beaded tassel necklace? Handmade Dezigns is the place to go! No matter what color you want, Handmade Dezigns features a huge variety of beaded tassel necklaces and styles! Though the owner and designer is a qualified floral designer and artist, it is clear that her talent for beautiful creations is not limited to florals! Her talent for creating beautiful tassel necklaces is apparent to anyone who checks out her shop. Check out Handmade Dezigns for where to buy tassel necklaces online!  

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