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Where To Buy Gemstone Necklace Online (Your Complete Guide!)

Where To Buy Gemstone Necklace Online (Your Complete Guide!)

Gemstone crystal necklaces are not only incredibly beautiful, but they also carry with them such meaning to the wearer. It can be a little difficult to determine where to buy gemstone necklace online because you want to ensure the quality of the gemstone is good, but also that the price is affordable.

Whether you’re looking for a raw gemstone necklace, a gemstone pendant necklace, gemstone beaded necklaces, a multi colored gemstone necklace or gemstone crystal necklaces, you can be certain you’ll find what you’re looking for here. No matter what kind of gemstone necklace you’re looking for, you will definitely find it in this list!

Keep reading to find all the best gemstone crystal necklaces and where to buy gemstone necklace online!



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#1 Ameyaa Jewelry

gemstone necklace ameyaa

Looking for where to buy gemstone necklaces online? Ameyaa Jewelry features a wide variety of super unique gemstone necklaces for you to choose from. There is a huge selection of gemstones on this online shop! For instance, Ameyaa Jewelry offers Aventurine, Solar Quartz, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Amethyst, Druzy, Black Geode, Arrowheads, Chrysoprase, Abalone Shell, Turquoise, Crystals, Gold and more!  Check out their online shop for some super cute gemstone jewelry.

#2 Tom Design Shop

gemstone necklace tom design

Tom Design Shop has a great selection of raw gemstone jewelry and gemstone necklaces for you to choose from. Are you searching for simple gemstone necklaces, raw gemstone necklaces or where to buy gemstone necklaces online? Tom Design Shop features simple and understated gemstone jewelry, as well as the option for you to build your own gemstone necklace!

#3 Wear It Out! Jewelz

gemstone necklace wear it out

Wear It Out! Jewelz features a variety of gemstone necklaces for you to choose from. For instance, this online shop includes Purple Fire Opal, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Black Quartz Pearl, Green Onyx, Rose Quartz, White Fire Opal, Howlite, Amethyst, Pyrite, Dragons Breath Quartz and more! Returns and exchanges are quick and easy with Wear It Out!, and US customers receive tracking information upon delivery. If you’re unsure where to buy gemstone necklaces online, Wear It Out! is definitely worth a look.

#4 Babelfish Jewelry

gemstone necklace babelfish

Looking for a raw gemstone necklace or a gemstone pendant necklace? Babelfish Jewelry has a huge variety of gemstone necklaces for you to choose from! No matter what kind of gemstone you’re looking for, Babelfish Jewelry most likely has it. For instance, Babelfish Jewelry offers a variety of raw gemstones, such as black tourmaline, garnet, sapphire, rhodolite, emerald, ruby, diamond, opal and aquamarine. For your next everyday gemstone pendant necklace, check out Babelfish Jewelry!

#5 Three Magic Genies

gemstone necklace three magic genies

Looking for handmade, whimsical and elegant jewelry? If you’re not sure where to buy gemstone necklace online, Three Magic Genies deserves a look. Their necklace with gemstone bar is unique and is just simply gorgeous. Similarly, their single gemstone pendant necklace makes a statement. Are you looking for a moonstone necklace, a lapis lazuli necklace, a dainty ruby necklace, a citrine necklace, an emerald necklace or an opal necklace? Three Magic Genies is the place to look!!

#6 Daniela Alberts Jewelry

gemstone necklace daniela alberts

Based in White Plains, New York, Daniela Alberts Jewelry is simple gorgeous. If you’re unsure where to buy gemstone necklace, you absolutely must check out Daniela Alberts Jewelry! They offer a huge variety of gemstone pendant necklace styles with a variety of different gemstones. Additionally, they offer gemstone crystal necklaces and druzy necklaces. For affordable gemstone necklaces, Daniela Alberts Jewelry is hard to pass up.

#7 Sarah Cornwell Jewelry

gemstone necklace sarah cornwell

Sarah Cornwell Jewelry makes jewelry for the everyday woman. Their jewelry is easy to wear, versatile and handcrafted with the intent for women to feel confident. If you’re not sure where to buy gemstone necklace online, Sarah Cornwell Jewelry is a beautiful online shop you should definitely check out. What’s more, each jewelry item is handmade by their three dedicated artisans! Sarah Cornwell Jewelry is an online jewelry shop for gemstone necklaces you definitely should not miss.

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Kim Berkley

July 03, 2019

I recently bought a gemstone necklace from Maria Silver Butterfly. It looks good and the clasp is sturdy and hasn’t broken yet unlike the others I got before from other places.

Sincerely Silver

July 03, 2019

Hey Kim -

Thanks for your comment and we couldn’t agree more! Maria Silver Butterfly definitely has some high quality gemstone necklaces and pendants. Love their stuff. Thanks!