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How To Layer Necklaces (Absolutely Everything You Need To Know!)

How To Layer Necklaces (Absolutely Everything You Need To Know!)

Layered necklaces can be a difficult fashion trend to master, but dang is this style cute! When a fashion trend keeps coming back, you know it’s probably going to stick around for quite some time because, yup, it’s now considered classic.

What is classic fashion style?

Classic fashion styles are ones that really just don’t go out of style, no matter how many years have passed since it first came into style (e.g. pearl necklaces, stud earrings and, of course, layered necklaces). Some styles seem to go as quickly as they came (e.g. statement earrings, puka shells or tattoo chokers) — and thank God for that, right? But layered necklaces, thankfully, are here to stay!

If you’re having difficulty knowing how to layer necklaces, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Whether you love the look of a gold layered necklace, layered choker necklace or a silver layered necklace, we can help you layer in style. Not only is it important to know how to layer necklaces, but also how to keep layered necklaces from tangling!! For absolutely everything you need to know about how to layer necklaces, keep reading!! You’ll be rockin’ the style in no time.



If you’re having a little trouble trying to pin down this fashion trend and not sure how to layer necklaces, don’t worry! It can be a little tricky, but there are just a few tips & tricks you really need to know to get that layered necklace style down. Knowing how to wear a layered necklace requires 3 main considerations: the spacing of the necklaces, your particular outfit, and the metals & materials of each necklace.


#1 Consider Spacing

consider spacing

When trying to figure out how to wear a layered necklace or how to layer necklaces, the first thing you should consider is the spacing of your necklaces on your chest. The spacing of your layered necklace look is partially dependent on your outfit or neckline. Consider the above image: on the left, the layered necklaces are relatively close together, with all 4 necklaces between 14” - 18”. On the right, the 2 layered necklaces are spaced out with the first around 18” and the second around 22" - 24”. In addition to your outfit/neckline, the spacing of your layered necklace is mostly dependent on what look you like best.

Consider the pros & cons of each kind of spacing:

Close Together

Spaced Out

-looks great when you combine a couple simple necklaces, chain necklaces, or necklaces without any kind of pendant

-can look clunky if you layer too many complex necklaces too close together

-looks classy & sophisticated

-can showcase 2 or 3 separate necklaces/pendants and really highlight each

-if the necklaces are too spaced out and simultaneously too simple, the overall look can feel a little bland



#2 Consider Your Outfit

consider your outfit

First things first: are you going for classy and sophisticated or casual and bohemian? When trying to figure out how to wear a layered necklace or how to layer necklaces, keep in mind the look of your overall outfit. Are you going out for brunch or out for a fancy dinner? Is it just a normal day or are you celebrating an event?

In addition to the style of your outfit, also keep in mind the colors in your outfit. For example, you don’t want the colors in your outfit to clash with the metals or materials of your layered necklace. For an outfit with bold colors, stick with layered necklaces all in sterling silver. For a muted outfit, go bold: mix and match your metals and styles in your layered necklace look!

Lastly, consider specifically the neckline of your outfit: is it a U shape, V shape, sweetheart neckline, high neckline or strapless? The cut of your top should be a frame for your necklaces: the neckline of your outfit and your layered necklaces should work together in your overall look, not compete for attention and space. For example, if you’re wearing a high neckline, consider a longer layered necklace look that starts at 16”. All in all, when determining how to layer necklaces, you never want the patterns, colors, style or neckline of your outfit to clash with your layered necklaces in any way.



#3 Consider The Metals, Materials & Textures

consider the metals and materials

When trying to determine how to wear a layered necklace, consider the metals, materials & textures of each necklace. This rule is really to get you thinking about your own unique sense of style and what suits you. Some believe you should keep your metals and materials unified, while others say you should play with contrasting materials! Thus, it really is up to you, what looks best with each individual outfit, and your style as a whole.

Consider the pros & cons of each:

Contrasting Metals/Materials/Textures

Unified Metals/Materials/Textures

-creates new & unique looks

-best for relatively plain outfits that need some spicing up

-choosing chains with different weights & textures (e.g. bead, cable, rolo, rope, snake, Venetian and wheat) helps to reduce tangling!

-creates a unified & cohesive look

-tends to look classier and more sophisticated than layered necklaces of contrasting metals, materials & textures

-best for outfits that already have a lot going on



The #1 reason people get frustrated with the layered necklace style and ultimately stop trying to layer necklaces altogether is because multiple necklaces worn together can often tangle. It’s frustrating, yes, but is that any reason to give up on this darling necklace style?

Absolutely not!!

Knowing how to keep necklaces from tangling is a skill that can be mastered, we promise. If you just love the layered necklace look (we get it — we love it too!!), but desperately need to figure out how to keep layered necklaces from tangling, check out these 3 simple tips to keep your layered necklace style on point.

#1 Combine Different Lengths

combine different lengths

When you choose necklaces of different lengths, you ultimately create what is called a Cascade Effect. This means that each necklace can stand on its own and be recognized independently of the necklace collection, as well as part of grouping. If you have a few favorites that are the same length, don’t worry! You can opt for a chain extender so that they can all be worn simultaneously! Still struggling with how to keep necklaces from tangling?

Try combining different lengths!

When you layer necklaces of different lengths, this minimizes the possibility of the two different chains from wrapping around each other. Start with a necklace that lays close to your neck (either 14” or 16” depending on what you have available and what you find most comfortable), and build your layered necklace style from there, getting longer in length with each necklace!

(For more information on necklace lengths, check out our Necklace Length Guide!)

#2 Combine Different Necklace Styles

combine different styles

Half the fun of layering necklaces is being able to mix & match a variety of different necklace styles! Whether you go for a black velvet choker + a 24” sterling silver lariat necklace or a modern 14” pearl necklace + a 20” geometric pendant necklace, there are a lot of different ways you can mix & match!

Want to know the best part?

When you mix & match different styles of necklaces, this helps to reduce tangling! So, not only is it super cute to vary it up, but doing this will also keep your necklaces from intermingling and looking tacky.

Check out these different necklace styles you could mix & match:

Bib Necklaces

Tassel Necklaces

Hemp Necklaces

Choker Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces

Pearl Necklaces

Gemstone Necklaces

Name Necklaces

Cross Necklaces



#3 Combine Different Necklace Shapes

combine different shapes

When you combine different necklace shapes (e.g. horizontal bar, vertical bar, disc and lariat necklaces), you create intrigue. Consider layering a horizontal bar necklace as the middle necklace (around 14” - 16”). A horizontal bar necklace in the middle serves as a great dividing point between necklaces that fall closer to the neckline (“12 - 14”) and those that rest on the chest (18” - 24”).

Additionally, when you combine different necklace shapes, consider where each shape will land on your body. For instance, choker necklaces (12” - 14”) look great as simple chains, velvet or lace. Princess length (16” - 18”) looks great as a bar necklace (horizontal or vertical!) or a disc necklace, depending on what you pair it with. Matinee length (20” - 24”) looks great as a vertical bar, pendant or lariat shape.

For example:

Length: 14” choker + 18” princess + 22” matinee

Shape: horizontal bar necklace + disc necklace + vertical bar necklace

Check out these different necklace shapes:   

Vertical Bar Necklaces

Horizontal Bar Necklaces

Disc Necklaces

Lariat Necklaces



necklace length chart

If you want to know how to layer necklaces and how to wear long necklaces, you have 3 great options:

1. Super long with super short. Matinee (20” - 24”), Opera (28” - 37”), or Rope (37” - 60”) + Collar (13” - 15”) or Choker (15” - 17”)

2. Super long, medium and short. Matinee (20” - 24”) + Princess (17” - 19”) + Choker (15” - 17”)

3. Super long with medium. Opera (28” - 37”) + Princess (17” - 19”)



Now that you know how to wear a layered necklace, how to wear long necklaces and how to keep layered necklaces from tangling, you’re probably pretty ready to dive into trying it out on your own. Before you do, check out these tried-and-true formulas for a layered necklace style! There are definitely right ways and wrong ways to layer necklaces together but, fortunately, we’ve gathered together the top 5 formulas for guaranteed success when it comes to your layered necklace style.

Check it out!!


Formula #1: 14" choker necklace + 16" dainty necklace + 24" pendant or lariat necklace

layered necklace

So, why does this formula work?, you might be wondering. The spacing, the unified metal and the simple pendants create a classy and sleek look.


Formula #2: 14” thick choker necklace + 16” dainty necklace

layered necklace

When you mix materials, the end result is undeniably chic.


Formula #3: 16" dainty necklace + 18" dainty necklace

layered necklace

Same color + different shape + close together lengths = flawless.


Formula #4: two 18" - 20" coin/disc necklaces

layered necklace

Who says you can’t wear 2 disc necklaces of the same length, style or metal?! When you see how good it looks here, you’ll want to try it for yourself.


Formula #5: 14” chunky choker + 16” dainty + 18” dainty + 20” horizontal bar necklace

layered necklace

Close together and mix & match styles is a match made in layered necklace heaven.


And there you have it!

Absolutely everything you need to know about how to layer necklaces. Let us know your favorite way to layer necklaces in the comments!

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