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Rose Gold Coordinates Necklace


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Here you see our beautiful rose gold coordinates necklace! This elegant necklace is part of our Everyday Necklace Collection because it can easily be paired with any other style of necklace! Whether you are looking for yourself or for a loved one, this coordinates necklace rose gold will definitely bring joy to the wearer.

With a custom coordinates necklace, you can choose any location in the world that is meaningful to you. For instance, you could choose the location of your family home or the apartment where your best friend lives! Whatever location is meaningful to you, we can help you create a beautiful coordinates necklace that will be cherished.

If you’re wondering how to create GPS coordinates jewelry or if you’re looking for more ideas for your rose gold coordinates necklace, check out our Coordinates Jewelry Collection page and our Coordinates Jewelry blog post.

You can customize your rose gold coordinates necklace with any location in the world. Think of all the possibilities: it can be any meaningful or memorable location! The necklace is made in rose gold and it hangs on an 18" rose gold chain, though you do have the option to request a custom chain length.


--------------------NECKLACE DETAILS--------------------

Size: 1.25" Wide
Metal Rose Gold
Chain: 18" (or a custom length upon request) 



We can engrave the GPS coordinates for any location that has special meaning to you. Please note that the coordinate finder on the order page is just so you can retrieve the coordinates for the address for your order. This does not put the coordinates in your order notes. Please enter the coordinates it gives you in your order notes.



We are committed to providing high end but affordable jewelry. Every piece of jewelry goes through our 3 step polishing process to ensure quality craftsmanship and a beautiful finish. 


Our sterling silver option can be found here:


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